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And this week, at last, I got my chance. Seeing the Washington Wizards these days usually means, first and foremost, that you're there to check out the fast-blossoming Bradley Beal, but my mission was finding out how Cassell feels about the $15,000 fines this month dished out to Brooklyn's Andray Blatche and Milwaukee's Caron Butler. "Obscene gesture?" Cassell bellowed, shaking his head disapprovingly. ESPN.com

July 13, 2013 Updates

Otto Porter hit his first two shots of the Washington Wizards' Summer League opener against the Golden State Warriors ... and then hit one of his last 13, often disappearing from the offense in an ugly 56-52 loss. Afterwards, multiple people with the Wizards noted that they wanted to see him find ways to be more aggressive. "He's got to be more assertive. He's got to find some of his own offense sometimes on the court. I could run plays for him, get him shots. But if those don't work, now what?" Wizards summer league coach Sam Cassell said. "There are things he's got to do himself. He did it at Georgetown, and he can do it here." Bullets Forever

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The ever-brash Cassell broke into the league more than a decade before Livingston and played extrovert to Livingston's introvert. They once shared the court in a game against Utah. Livingston took the ball out of bounds and nearly drew a five-second violation before signaling for a timeout. "I ripped into his ass," said Cassell, now an assistant with Washington. "He didn't speak to me for a couple of days because of the tone. I verbally went at him. I told him, 'I'm not going to be wide open with eight seconds left in a game. You've got to get the ball to me.' He took it personally. He didn't speak to me, but I didn't care. I've seen the change right there in him: getting guys in the right position, running the offense, not having to rely on me to bring the ball up when guys are on him. I just saw him start to take off from there." Grantland

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Sam Cassell (Assistant coach, Washington Wizards; recruited to Florida State by Williamson): I was playing at a junior college, San Jacinto. He came down there and our coach at the time had what he called talking time, a talk period where D-1 coaches could talk to you. Eggman came down and coach told him, '15 minutes, Kenny.' He said, 'boy, you can come to Florida State.' I didn't know anything about Florida State basketball. You couldn't tell me what conference they was in. But he said 'you coming to Florida State. I've got a situation that's perfect for you.' I said, 'if I do come to Florida State, what would be my role?' He said, 'how many points do you score now?' I said about 22, 23 a game. And he said 'I want you to try average 22 points at Florida State. And we're moving to the ACC next year. And you can play on Tobacco Road for eight games.' That did it for me. I didn't tell him that, but that did it. NBA.com

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“The only reason I didn’t play was because my knee was sore,” Lewis said. “No argument. No argument at all. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe we because we haven’t won a game yet somebody is trying to make up stories. I guess point the finger at somebody I don’t know.” Washington Post

“Everybody knows Sam. Sam’s a loud talker, regardless of what he’s talking about. If he’s talking to you in a friendly manner, he’s just a loud talker. I don’t know. Somebody must have took it and thought that me and Sam were arguing,” Lewis said. “Maybe we was just talking. I know at one point, he was talking about how he was playing with the Clippers and I played in Seattle and he busted up [Minnesota Timberwolves point guard] Luke Ridnour and was bragging and talking noise. Maybe somebody took it out of [context, that] we was arguing, when he was talking about how he killed us when he was playing for the Clippers and I played for the Sonics. I have no idea what’s going on.” Washington Post

December 28, 2011 Updates

He also spent a considerable amount of time going to the movies, not at some fancy theater in Tinseltown but in his home. "At the time I got hurt was the evolution of Chris Paul and Deron Williams as point guards and Steve Nash was at the top of the totem pole for point guards," Livingston said. "I told the video coordinator of the Clippers to give me all the film he had on those three guys, just to see why they were so effective. "And I also watched film of Sam Cassell to see why he was so effective. I was interested to see how he, even as an older player, could be so effective. "From watching those guys, from studying those guys, my basketball IQ got a lot better." Racine Journal-Times

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