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There’s a chance former All-Star small forward Danny Granger, a nine-year veteran with an expiring contract who was acquired from the Indiana Pacers, along with a draft pick, for Turner and Allen, may never play for Philadelphia. Only NBA players released before March 1 can appear in the postseason with another team. But a release would cost Granger his Bird rights and the Sixers any sign-and-trade possibilities involving the Pacers’ one-time franchise player this summer. “Danny, I hold in really high esteem,” Sixers GM Sam Hinkie said. “It’s going to be interesting. I think we’re going to sit and just talk like men, and say, ‘What is it that you want out of the rest of this year?’ If you want to talk about shellshock, he’s been in one place his whole career and has had a heck of a career already and I think has a good bit to go, so we’re going to sit and talk with him about what it is he wants and kind of the role he sees on our team and vice versa, and where that goes I don’t exactly know.” Courier-Post

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Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie has reportedly discussed the possibility of dealing Hawes and fellow veterans Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young with every team in the NBA as the trade deadline looms at 3 p.m. Thursday, though a source close to the situation has said there's a "good chance" nothing happens. Perhaps that's because the Sixers, who have more available space under the salary cap than any team in the league, are asking for a first-round draft pick as compensation for any of those three, and because Turner and Hawes are in the final season of their contracts. USA Today Sports

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The following is a statement from Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Sam Hinkie regarding the status of Sixers center Nerlens Noel. “Since his arrival in Philadelphia, Nerlens' capacity for work both in his rehab and in our weight room has been incredible. Our sports performance and training staff have been extremely complimentary of his efforts thus far during this methodical rehab process. After careful consideration and numerous discussions with our medical and performance teams, the consulting physician and rehabilitation staff, and Nerlens' representatives, some of the restrictions on Nerlens have been lifted and he is now able to participate in limited on-court work. NBA.com

"There are several benchmarks Nerlens still must meet, and during that time we will closely monitor his progress and regularly evaluate his status. Our goal remains the same, which is to give Nerlens every opportunity to ensure a long, productive NBA career." NBA.com

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One guy in sweats walked into the coach’s office, followed by one in a business suit, followed by another in team warmup attire. Who knows, other than those three men, what was said Monday within those four Barclays Center walls. But the visual of 76ers coach Brett Brown heading into his office, trailed by general manager Sam Hinkie and small forward Evan Turner, seemed suspicious. “Nothing much right now,” Hinkie responded, when asked about what’s new on the trade front. Daily Local News

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Hinkie is essentially treating this season as a big experiment to see if he can find players capable of being in the rotation as the Sixers (theoretically, at least) improve. If they are extremely fortunate, maybe the Sixers can uncover an impact player along the way. So don’t be surprised if Hinkie waives some players and signs other ones in his search, similar to what he recently did by releasing Darius Morris and Kwame Brown, and signing young guys Eliot Williams and Lorenzo Brown. He could do it again numerous times prior to the mid-April end of the regular season. The Intelligencer

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NBA general manager: "I'm not one of those GMs that subscribes to the tanking theory. You can lose all the games you want, but you're still not guaranteed to get the top pick. Not since 2004 has the team with the most losses won the top pick. The moment you intentionally start trying to tank, and that philosophy gets in your building, it's hard to get it out. Teams that have done that over the years in trying to get the top pick have ended up being in the lottery for nine, 10 years straight. It's one thing if you're doing that in the NFL, where if you've got the worst record you're guaranteed to get the first pick. I could go along with that a little bit. "But what I would expect Sam Hinkie to do is to get on the phone and try to move his last good veteran pieces that are playing well. I'm sure [agent] David Falk is trying to get Evan Turner out of there. But I don't know who takes him because Turner is in the last year of his contract, and Falk is trying to get a lot of money for him. And the problem is that a guy like Thaddeus Young is hard to move because of his contract. So I don't know who would trade anything of value for him. As far as beginning to believe in the guys they have and thinking they can build around them, [the current Sixers regime] won't do that because then they would be validating the [front office] guys who were there before you.'' ESPN.com

"It's hard to tank, though. It's one thing if there wasn't a lottery like the NFL. But because there's never anything guaranteed, tanking is a hard thing to do. It's easy to say you're going to do it, but when you're going through the dog days of January and you're 5-30 and there are 4,000 people in the stands, it's painful. The other thing is that while Andrew Wiggins is a good prospect, he's not the next LeBron -- or even Kobe when he came out back in '96. He's not that. He's a very good player, but it's not like when Tim Duncan was coming out of college.'' ESPN.com

"Would I start to think I've got a nucleus to build around if I were Hinkie? Hell, no. There is no part of me that thinks they have something to build around. Come on, look at that roster. I'm not saying they're horrible, but it's just not realistic at all. They will probably try to trade Evan Turner, but that's going to be tough. David Falk is going to ask for the world [in Turner's next contract]. He's a tough agent. Everybody's thinking that. Turner's qualifying offer is $8 million. I don't see him as a star player. I think Carter-Williams could be. But regardless, believe me, this start is nothing. Three games in the NBA is nothing.'' ESPN.com

NBA executive No. 1: "I would think about moving Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. And that's only if this winning continues. I don't know how long it can. This is the time of year when the poor teams -- if they're going to win games -- win a few because the guys on the team still believe they can win. Midway through the season, they won't have the same amount of confidence once they realize they're not a good team. So I would be stunned if they can sustain this. Besides Michael Carter-Williams, Turner, Hawes and Thaddeus Young, they've got nobody. There is no way, if I were Hinkie, I would begin to think this is a nucleus I can build around. No way. Not right now. I thought before the season they were going to win less than 10 games. Their bench guys weren't even that good in college. ESPN.com

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If the product on the court isn't all that impressive just yet, at least the 76ers appear to be putting together a very strong front office. Yesterday the team announced that Brandon Williams, who most recently served as the NBA's associate vice president of basketball operations, has been hired as the general manager of the Wilmington 87ers, the Sixers' NBA Development League team. Williams spent the past eight seasons in the league office, also serving as director of player development in the community and player programs department, helping players prepare for the rigors of being a professional athlete. "Brandon will be a big help for our organization, a terrific mind who has experience with the league," general manager Sam Hinkie said Philadelphia Inquirer

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