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July 28, 2013 Updates

"We'll focus on building something that will end in a place everybody will be proud of. If our young players play great, then things will move on quickly. If they don't, then it will move along more slowly," Hinkie said. "It's a little early right now. [Noel and Carter-Williams] are both under contract for four years. That allows you to look around the bend a little bit, and look past a turnover or be patient with an injury." Philadelphia Inquirer

July 25, 2013 Updates

After being urged by 94 WIP-FM personality Angelo Cataldi, new Sixers chief executive officer Scott O’Neil apologized Thursday morning to fans who purchased tickets with the hope of seeing Bynum play. “I apologize on behalf of the Sixers to any fan who invested and thought Bynum was going to be their guy and be the savior,” said O’Neil, while being a guest on Cataldi's radio show. “At the end of the day that’s our apology to every fan – not just to you [he told Cataldi]. “However, we are going to take some chances when we can take some chances. And sometimes, they're not going to work. And sometimes, they are. When they don’t work, we are not going to ever talk about a player negatively. That’s not going to help us or the franchise or the fans. That’s not going to help us recruit. It doesn't help us go out and grab free agents. It doesn’t help us when we are evaluating talent. It doesn’t help us when we are talking to coaches. It just doesn't help.” Philadelphia Inquirer

July 24, 2013 Updates

Noel is also pleased the Sixers drafted point guard Michael Carter-Williams out of Syracuse with the 11th pick in the draft, someone with whom he shares a tremendous rapport. The two were AAU teammates in high school. "Sam [Hinkie] is just a genius," Noel said. "How would you just think of something like that? To have two players that played AAU together. We have a great relationship, from point guard to big man. You've got to really put a lot of thinking into that. A lot of credit goes to him for building that as a foundation for this organization going on into the future." USA Today Sports

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July 19, 2013 Updates

There are varied opinions as to whether or not decision-makers such as Philadelphia's new general manager, Sam Hinkie, are pursuing a sensible strategy. Some doff their caps to the pragmatism, boldness and, most of all, the power of persuasion required by an executive to sell 62 losses to owners who aren't accustomed to losing in life. But others feel as if tankers are overplaying their hands. The thinking goes that tanking is all well and good when you're one of only a select group engaged in the practice (as Oklahoma City was during its construction). But when as many as a dozen teams are participating, the race to the bottom is far more competitive -- and potentially corrosive to the franchise. ESPN.com

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July 8, 2013 Updates

Josh Harris made one thing clear Monday: The 76ers' majority owner is learning from new general manager Sam Hinkie. "We thought we were getting a super-smart, very hardworking, very focused, world-class general manager - and that's what we got," Harris said before the Sixers faced the Indiana Pacers in an Orlando Pro Summer League game. "So I like to say that I was playing checkers and he was playing chess," he added. "He's thinking about five moves ahead. So I am learning a lot about basketball from interacting with him." Philadelphia Inquirer

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