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July 13, 2012 Updates

"He's a guy that has quickness at his size and fits in with his length and versatility," said Thunder general manager Sam Presti. "And what we've seen at this point is someone who has been excellent in terms of coming in and showing that he is a willing and active learner." NBA.com

June 29, 2012 Updates
June 28, 2012 Updates

The Oklahoma City Thunder have added a fourth year to a contract extension offer to coach Scott Brooks, but the two sides still have significant differences on salary, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Brooks’ contract expires on Saturday, and he could immediately become a candidate for the Portland Trail Blazers , sources said. Thunder GM Sam Presti and Brooks’ agent, Warren LeGarie, have had conversations this week, but there is still a gap between the sides. Yahoo! Sports

June 27, 2012 Updates

The chances of a playoff team getting Beal are slim, but Finals runner-up Oklahoma City has invested quality time figuring out a way to get up high enough to land Beal. Beal told ESPN/ESPN.com Wednesday that Oklahoma City general manager Sam Presti told him during an interview in Chicago that he was interested in trying to move up to draft him. The Thunder's first-round pick currently isn't until No. 28. "He told me he was going to decide what they're going to do and considered getting up there," said Beal. Beal said Denver, which picks at No. 20, also made a similar statement. ESPN.com

Presti has seriously considered finding a way to get to Beal. A number of sources said that Presti spent three days in Gainesville during the lockout watching the Gators practice, a fact that Beal confirmed Wednesday. A source also said that Florida coach Billy Donovan met with Presti in Dallas when he took his two nephews to the Oklahoma City-Dallas first-round playoff series in May. Presti and Donovan have had multiple conversations on the phone about Beal, as well. ESPN.com

June 24, 2012 Updates
June 23, 2012 Updates

Extending Harden is probably the first order of business and by the way he spoke Saturday, it doesn’t seem to be a concern. “I’m just leaving it up to my agent and Sam,” Harden said. “They’ll do a pretty good job of working it out. I’m focused on several other things right now. But when the time is [right], they’ll figure it out and it’ll be done.” DailyThunder.com

Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks says he hopes to meet with team chairman Clay Bennett and general manager Sam Presti in "the next couple of days" to discuss a new contract. Brooks pointed out Saturday that no one has had down time since training camp started in early December, following the lockout that condensed the season. NBA.com

June 22, 2012 Updates
June 17, 2012 Updates

What's more, Brooks is still working to solidify his own future as Oklahoma City coach. GM Sam Presti wants him back when his contract expires at the end of the Finals, but league sources say Presti has offered a three-year deal worth just under $11 million that Brooks and his agent weren't willing to accept in the past. They've set aside talks for the playoffs, and compromise could come with a guaranteed fourth year. The Thunder needed to see Brooks take one more step with this young team before committing too far into the long term, and Brooks delivered with a conference final victory over the San Antonio Spurs. Yahoo! Sports

It isn't beyond possibility that Brooks tries to use the Portland and Orlando jobs as leverage at season's end, but it's hard to imagine him walking away from this Thunder core – with or without a title. And for all the Thunder's bluffing, let's be honest: Who are they going to hire? Presti is controlling in the way he runs the Thunder, and there are a lot of strong-minded, opinionated coaches who'd never fit into his culture. Eventually, the Thunder and Brooks will find their way to a long-term commitment. Yahoo! Sports

June 7, 2012 Updates
May 26, 2012 Updates

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