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June 17, 2014 Updates
June 16, 2014 Updates

Mills, 25, has always been on the Knicks radar for this summer but he could have zoomed to the top after his playoff performance. The speedy 6-foot point guard with a sweet 3-point shot delivered the knockout blow to the Heat in Sunday’s Game 5 clincher. New York Post

Popovich was acutely aware the Spurs needed to retool around their other tower, the dominant Duncan. But he didn’t think Parker was the answer. Parker had already worked out for the Spurs, jet-lagged and tired after arriving from France. Popovich dismissed the workout and the player, labeling Parker soft and “just another little skinny guy.” R.C. Buford, Popovich’s assistant general manager, had watched Parker in Indianapolis. The Americans could not bottle him up. Grantland

“I thought that Jason Kidd being there, being the mentally tough person that he is and with his skills, would be the greatest education for Tony Parker,” Popovich told the New York Times. “And Tony can go play the 2; he was a scoring guard, anyway. As Jason gets older, let him move over to the 2; let Tony take 1. Brilliant, brilliant. Let’s go get this thing done.” “Tony did not love that idea at all,” he said. “We still tried to do it. And Jason didn’t come.” Grantland

Leonard has been touted because of his NBA Finals performance, which featured one of the all-time turnaround. Leonard scored nine points each in Games 1 and 2, only to go on to produce 23.7 points over the final three games and end the series with averages of 17.8 points and 6.4 rebounds. OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant saw that performance as more of a system-based result, and he said as much in a casual Twitter debate. Sporting News

But Diaw’s dream was dashed in Atlanta, where Woodson employed heavy isolation sets and the ball stagnated. It’s a great system when you have a transcendent scorer and leader to whom teammates will defer. It’s not so pretty when Al Harrington or Antoine Walker are jacking up jumpers to their hearts’ content. Diaw’s game suffered. Parker called almost every day to console his friend. “He went to Atlanta and it was not a good fit for him, because they don’t play as a team, and he’s a team player,” Parker said. “For you to see Boris at a high level and to appreciate his game, he needs to play with unselfish guys. So it was very hard for him in the beginning. I just told him to stay positive, and hopefully something good will happen.” Grantland

Silas was a popular figure, having already coached the franchise from 1998 to 2003. As a player, he’d won two championships in Boston and one in Seattle. “We initially had a good relationship,” Silas said of Diaw. “When I got the job, I talked to him about where he came from and what he wanted to do. I asked him did he want to be an All-Star and he said, ‘Not really.’ It didn’t upset me, but I wondered why he would say that.” Grantland

Diaw considered his two most viable options. “I was thinking of going to Boston, or coming here, and I was wooed before Boston split up, so that was when Garnett and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were still there,” Diaw said. “It was definitely weighing in the balance that Tony was here and I would come to familiar faces, and I felt the team was fitting me most. And I felt like I knew the team, I knew where it was going, because I’ve been friends with Tony all these years, and so I knew the way they were functioning inside this team.” Grantland



The big stars from the Gregg Popovich years crowd the top of the list.


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