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June 2, 2014 Updates

Scott Brooks says he's not worried about his job security. Should he be worried? Nope. Not unless the Thunder do something completely out of character and start taking their cues from the Twitterverse on who can and can't coach. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that won't happen. I'm going to suggest it's far likelier that the Thunder, who preach culture-building and continuity more than any team in the league outside of San Antonio's city limits, will continue to back Brooks. Strongly. ESPN.com

After a meteoric rise from a team with potential to perennial title contender, the Thunder have had the weight of expectations placed squarely upon them. And at the front of that is Brooks. "I've had a lot of valuable lessons from my mother, and she's always told me this: 'You do your job every day and live with the results,' " he said. "They say you can't worry about what 'they' say. You never even meet those people. ESPN.com

Knicks coaching candidate Derek Fisher finally revealed his desire to be a head coach. He said it’s his “calling’’ during an emotional 20-minute press conference Sunday, the day after his Thunder were eliminated by the Spurs from the Western Conference finals. During what sounded like a farewell chat with the media at the Thunder’s practice facility, the 39-year-old Fisher acknowledged the timing isn’t perfect in terms of jumping into the coaching fray but added, “That’s how the world works nowadays.” He said new Knicks president Phil Jackson’s involvement adds “layers’’ to his decision. New York Post

Brooks: "I have many stories I could tell you about my mom, and that's one of them. Don't worry about them. Those are the people that told me I wasn't going to make it as a 4-11 freshman in high school, my dream of being an NBA player. I don't listen to 'they.' I always focus on what I do and try and do it to the best ability I can. I'm not looking from nobody other than doing my job and living with the results. I love what I do, and I love the team I'm with. I know I have to get better and I know the team has to get better." ESPN.com

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The Spurs took the opener 122-105 Monday night because they took full advantage of Ibaka's absence, racking up a staggering 66 points in the paint against a Thunder team that simply couldn't find enough counters. Derek Fisher's long-range game kept them within striking distance early, when Thunder coach Scott Brooks spent so much time flipping through his playbook, now missing the crucial Ibaka pages. USA Today Sports

"We're a no-excuse team," Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said. "Serge is out. He's not coming back. We have to play better. We have to play better. If we expect to beat one of the best teams in basketball, and a very good offensive team, we have to play and we're not going to make an excuse." USA Today Sports

Collison said he would understand if Brooks wants to go small with the lineup and put him back in his reserve role. "If coach doesn't feel like that lineup is good or whatever, then that's up to him," he said. "But for me personally, I'm just trying to get in there and do what I do well and try to get to the right spots and make the right plays." USA Today Sports

Collison will find out on Tuesday if his tooth that was pushed back toward his throat will need to be glued back in place. The Thunder, meanwhile, have a repair job of their own to get to work on in time for Game 2 on Wednesday. "We weren't good enough," said Collison, the always-classy veteran who only played 15 minutes and missed all three of his shots. "Offensively, we've got to be better too. But it's not necessarily like, 'Serge is gone, replay Serge (and his role).' It's like, whoever is the five who are out there have to really play at a high level. The Spurs are great at moving the ball, finding the open man and eventually getting to the paint. We've got to be able to cut that stuff off so they're not getting in the paint and we're making them shoot jumpshots over a hand instead of letting them get to the basket so much." USA Today Sports

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Scott Brooks is said to be safe in Oklahoma City, where he has two years left at $4 million per and works for the supremely patient GM Sam Presti. New York Daily News

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