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February 1, 2013 Updates

Nick Collison sounded like he was practicing his lines in the mirror before defending Westbrook. As soon as he was asked about the incident, he was ready. “We lost a lot of veteran guys here. We lost Derek (Fisher). We lost Nazr (Mohammed) and Royal (Ivey). And the reason we’ve been able to keep up and go — we made a big trade earlier in the year — is because of what Russell and what Kevin have done as leaders. They’ve been great this year. They’ve grown up a lot, their voice with the team and they’ve done it with their play, too. I didn’t see what happened tonight. But I know those guys deserve a lot of credit, Russ in particular. He’s grown up a lot. We’re going to be fine. He’s had a great year.” Oklahoman

January 28, 2013 Updates

D’Antoni said Nash gets in trouble if he tries to go one on one — and Kobe Bryant gets in trouble if he tries to go one on two or one on three. But in the Lakers’ past two victories, Bryant has been looking to set teammates up after leading the NBA in scoring most of the season. “That tells you how great he is,” Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said. “He can do so many different parts of the game. Most guys can’t do it all, and he’s one of the few guys in this league that can do it all. he can have big rebounding games, he can have big passing games and obviously he can have 81-point games.” Orange County Register

January 27, 2013 Updates
January 21, 2013 Updates

But the Thunder ran out of miracles in overtime despite Kevin Durant (37) and Westbrook (36) having finished with a combined 73 points. Their six-game winning streak came to an end and they fell back into a tie with the Los Angeles Clippers for having the NBA’s best record at 32-9. “I’m good,’’ Brooks said after the game about how he was doing emotionally. “I’m good. I’m thankful. I’m good.’’ FOXSports Florida

Brooks did not want to talk much about the death of the mother who raised him and six other children in Lathrop, Calif., after their father, who is now deceased, had abandoned the family when Brooks was 2. He explained his decision for coaching Sunday in a statement released before the game by the Thunder. “I appreciate the thoughts and prayers that are with my family," Brooks said. "I know my mom would want me to coach tonight's game and I do so to honor her memory and all that she meant to me as a mother and as an invaluable role model." FOXSports Florida

January 20, 2013 Updates
December 11, 2012 Updates
November 28, 2012 Updates

The Thunder have the third-most effective offense in the league thus far, even with ESPN.com's John Hollinger tearing at the inefficiency in their starting lineup last week. "After the trade, it was come in and do your job," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. "We said, 'This is what we need from you guys,' and they've done that." ESPN.com

November 19, 2012 Updates

Thunder coach Scott Brooks said he currently has no plans to insert Kevin Martin into the starting lineup but left the door open for that to change down the line. “At this moment, no, I don't see it changing,” Brooks said. “You never know. It's a long season. A lot of things can happen. But we have a pretty good track record with our starters. They understand their role and they do a good job. Kevin, we're building him to be that guy off the bench that can give us what we need that particular game.” Oklahoman

November 10, 2012 Updates

“Serge is as good a mid-range shooter as we have. And the reason why is because he spends a lot of time with coach [Mark Bryant] working on that,” Scott Brooks said. DailyThunder.com

November 9, 2012 Updates
November 4, 2012 Updates

There was a certain tightness, an incredible closeness between the Thunder's young core and losing a key piece like Harden should obviously disturb some of that togetherness and chemistry. The hole left by Harden's departure might be unfilled -- Kevin Martin's locker is well away from Harden's old digs -- but Scott Brooks has no choice but to move his team forward and focus on the goal. “James [Harden] was a good player,” Brooks said. “Don't get me wrong. But he wasn't Dr. James. He wasn't helping the group stick together. All the guys do. Russell, Kevin, down the line, Perk, Nick. All the guys. That's what makes good teams.” CBSSports.com

He also isn't James Harden. He wasn't the franchise's first draft pick in Oklahoma City; he wasn't part of a group that grew into a contender; he wasn't one of the three players standing in Miami with his arm draped around the other watching the final seconds tick off their season. He can't replace Harden in those ways. It's natural that this is a process for the young Thunder to overcome, for them to redevelop a new chemistry with a player on the court. “I've never once went into a practice or a game thinking ‘Oh my gosh, I'm really worried about our chemistry tonight,” Brooks said. “[Chemistry] was never a question. It really wasn't. I think when you talk about chemistry with our group and if you question it, I don't think you've been around our group as long as I have." CBSSports.com

October 17, 2012 Updates

Maynor had seven assists and just one turnover in 19 minutes against the Bobcats. Ten points on 3-of-5 shooting. Even had five rebounds. “Really good to see him out there,” Scotty Brooks said. “He's solid, as we all know. He makes good decisions. He facilitates the offense. He gets everyone involved. “I thought we passed the ball as well as we have all training camp. The passing was contagious.” Oklahoman

October 16, 2012 Updates

Brooks on the battle for 15th and final spot: “Guys are very competitive in practice and the individual drills and the team drills. And in the scrimmages they’re really going at it. It’s a tough decision to make when I have to make that decision. But you want that. Our guys brought in a bunch of guys that can compete at the NBA level and they’ve all done a good job. It’s going to be a tough decision.” Oklahoman

October 3, 2012 Updates
September 19, 2012 Updates

Sure, they eliminated the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs, doing so in five short games and, OK, their three stars — Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden — are still younger and more athletic than most. But, come on, the suddenly rebuilt Lakers are the Lakers again. They're the Lakers. Surely, Brooks, and the rest of the NBA, is ready to take a knee. "They were a good team before," Brooks said. "With Howard, he's one of the best players in the league. ... The league will have its work cut out. But you have to play the games. Nobody in this league is going to give anybody a game." Orange County Register

Perkins is an unpleasant type who isn't great at scoring or rebounding but is very accomplished at hating, just ask Pau Gasol. The Lakers power forward, however, shouldn't feel special. Perkins is quite open and generous when it comes to being ornery. "He gives us an edge," Brooks said. "He hates his opponent. He's not happy unless he's unhappy. His teammates love him. He's always in a bad mood. I love guys who go out on the court and compete. He's not shaking hands and trying to be buddy buddy. He respects them, but he's going to try to beat them and then move on." Orange County Register

July 3, 2012 Updates

Brooks was rewarded with a four-year contract that is believed to be worth more than $16 million. The deal puts Brooks in the top third of NBA coaching salaries and ends weeks of speculation that both Brooks and the team were possibly headed for a split due to a discrepancy over compensation. But the truth is that talk of a breakup between Brooks and the Thunder always was hard to believe. “I think everybody values coach Brooks and knows how important he is to what we've done here,” said Thunder forward Nick Collison. Oklahoman

“I believe in players. I believe that you have to figure out ways to get them better, and you have to look at their weaknesses and address their weaknesses but you don't focus on all their weaknesses,” Brooks said. “You focus on what they do (well) and you bring it all together. I've always felt the best coaches that I've had are the ones that empowered me, that think that I was a little bit better than I was. I've always felt that if you're able to do that, the players are going to give you more than they think they can give you.” Oklahoman

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