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“It’s always good to see him,” said Thunder coach Scott Brooks. “He is such an important part of what we do and an important fabric to who we are. And it’s just nice to see him. He has a way about him that makes you feel good about yourself and about the team. It’s unfortunate what happened, but it happened. And just having him around the last few days has been very nice.” Oklahoman

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Royce Young: Scott Brooks says everyone is available for Game 1. "Everybody participated in practice today so we have our full 15 guys to choose from." Twitter @dailythunder

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And while it appears Smith's career has reached a crossroads, Brooks has no doubt there is a place for him in the league. "He's definitely an NBA player," Brooks said. "Sometimes you've just got to keep working and get your opportunities. He's a great kid, he works hard and he has a good skill level. But a lot of times, it doesn't always work out the way you want it to. But he's still here, he still has an opportunity to keep playing and keep improving. I know him. He's a great kid and he's going to continue to work hard. That's what he does." Oregonian

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When the clock ticked inside of what could best be described as a harrowing final hour of contract negotiations between Scott Brooks and the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer, the thing that ultimately kept the team's coveted free agent coach from now pacing the sidelines of the Portland Trail Blazers was a text message. It came from Kevin Durant. “It was like the day before they got something done,” Durant said. “I think that day was the toughest.” Oklahoman

The message moved Brooks, who had been tied up in tense on-again, off-again talks that had put his future with the Thunder in jeopardy. “During negotiations, it can be stressful at times,” Durant said. “One day it looks like something's going to get done and then the next it might not. So I reached out to him and just told him I loved him and let me know what happens.” Oklahoman

The differing attitudes had created a chasm sizable enough to stall talks that had originated before the start of the 2011 -12 season. Numerous reports last summer cited sources that said Brooks had turned down multiple three-year offers in the neighborhood of $11 million. Oklahoman

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So with the kids having grown into men, the potential having developed into superstars, and the little-team-that-might having become a juggernaut, does Brooks ever look back to when he took over as interim coach four season ago and marvel at how this crop grew out of the plains? "You have to stay in the moment. Because if you don't, you lose what you're doing, and you lose the importance of day-to-day experiences. I believe in our players and in our relationships. If you don't have the relationships, what good is what you're doing? I need the players and the players have done a good job of accepting the coaching. "I know what we've done in the past five years has been something I'm proud of. I'm proud of the guys finding areas and moments to find areas and moments through each day, each practice to find ways to get better. There's a lot to be proud of here." CBSSports.com

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Or there’s the third, very popular option: the juuuuuuust-a-split-second-too-late halfcourt heave. You know, give the appearance you’re shooting it but oh darn it, the buzzer went off before I let it go so it doesn’t count. It actually became enough of an issue with the Thunder that Scott Brooks felt the need to address it with the team this season. “We talked about it, about seven weeks ago maybe, couple months ago, and we talked about it,” Brooks said. “I said ‘We have to shoot that shot. There’s still time in the game — shoot it.’ The only time we don’t shoot it is if we’re up and it’s the last seconds because you don’t want to do that. “We had that talk and somebody on our team did not take it that same night, and then we all got on him,” he said. “The next night, somebody made that shot.” DailyThunder.com

So it’s kind of hard to blame a guy for waiting that extra half second to wait for the buzzer to sound. “They know. They know,” Brooks said. “They see that light, that light turns on and then they throw it up.” What about Brooks? Did he shoot it? “Yeah, because that’s a shot attempt,” he said. “I knew I wasn’t going to make it though.” Did he make any? “Yeah, sure I did. You guys aren’t going to look it up, so I made seven of ‘em.” DailyThunder.com

February 3, 2013 Updates

In six of the previous 10 games, Ibaka failed to reach 10 shot attempts. In four of those games, he didn't get up more than eight. Through the season's first 34 games, Ibaka was averaging 14.8 points on 10.9 shot attempts and scored fewer than 10 points only seven times. “Like I tell Serge, ‘You have to do what you do well,'” said Thunder coach Scott Brooks. “And that is rebound, defend and run the floor. And your touches will come. That can't be his only focus, and it hasn't been ... He's going to get anywhere from nine to 12 shots per game on average. Very rarely is he going to get three or four like he had last game ... Because we need it. He's been a 14, 15-point scorer for us.” Oklahoman

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Nick Collison sounded like he was practicing his lines in the mirror before defending Westbrook. As soon as he was asked about the incident, he was ready. “We lost a lot of veteran guys here. We lost Derek (Fisher). We lost Nazr (Mohammed) and Royal (Ivey). And the reason we’ve been able to keep up and go — we made a big trade earlier in the year — is because of what Russell and what Kevin have done as leaders. They’ve been great this year. They’ve grown up a lot, their voice with the team and they’ve done it with their play, too. I didn’t see what happened tonight. But I know those guys deserve a lot of credit, Russ in particular. He’s grown up a lot. We’re going to be fine. He’s had a great year.” Oklahoman

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D’Antoni said Nash gets in trouble if he tries to go one on one — and Kobe Bryant gets in trouble if he tries to go one on two or one on three. But in the Lakers’ past two victories, Bryant has been looking to set teammates up after leading the NBA in scoring most of the season. “That tells you how great he is,” Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said. “He can do so many different parts of the game. Most guys can’t do it all, and he’s one of the few guys in this league that can do it all. he can have big rebounding games, he can have big passing games and obviously he can have 81-point games.” Orange County Register

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