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May 20, 2013 Updates
May 19, 2013 Updates

What is surprising, though, is that the Nets also have put Scott Skiles on their short list. Skiles was fired by the Bucks in January after four-plus tumultuous seasons in Milwaukee. Under Skiles, the Bucks had constant internal issues and qualified for the playoffs just once. Racine Journal-Times

May 7, 2013 Updates

The Nets, who fired Avery Johnson in late December and decided not to re-sign interim P.J. Carlesimo after their first-round playoff loss to Chicago, are expected to turn their attention to the coaching candidates not named Jackson now. According to two people with knowledge of the search, that list includes Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw, longtime NBA coach and current Southern Methodist University coach Larry Brown, and former Milwaukee and Chicago coach Scott Skiles. USA Today Sports

While the Jackson situation has to play out before some of the other candidates will be considered, former Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls coach Scott Skiles is also on the Nets' list, according to that same person. USA Today Sports

May 1, 2013 Updates

Charles F. Gardner: Jim Boylan is out as Bucks coach, source indicates. He went 22-28 at end of season after replacing Scott Skiles. Twitter @cf_gardner

April 21, 2013 Updates

A source close to former Miami and Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy said Van Gundy has no interest in coaching any of the three current openings in the NBA: in Philadelphia, Detroit or Cleveland. Ex-Portland and Seattle coach Nate McMillan might have some interest in the Cavs' job, but if the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle, he'd be earmarked for that position. Former Milwaukee coach Scott Skiles is available. He's hard-nosed and a defensive coach, but he is known to wear down everyone around him with his relentless style. News-Herald

April 19, 2013 Updates

The Cavs also have an interest in former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and former Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles, and Mike Malone is a former assistant under Brown in Cleveland and Miami Heat assistant coach David Fizdale has intriguing ties to Grant. Fizdale and Grant were college teammates at the University of San Diego, he is an up-and-coming assistant on Erik Spoelstra’s staff in Miami and has close ties to LeBron James. Akron Beacon Journal

April 13, 2013 Updates

One major change that happened mid-season was the mutual decision between the team and head coach Scott Skiles that he would relinquish his duties as coach. The Bucks were 16-16 and riding a four-game losing streak when Jim Boylan took over. “Jim’s done a nice job with the team and I think we’re all seeing these situations that have occurred,” Hammond said. “It’s not a rarity in the NBA to have something like this happen. It’s not normalcy, but it’s not rarity by any stretch, so it happens. Most of the times when these sort of things happen, the situation goes south and goes south very quickly, but Jim has done a great job of working with our guys and communicating with our guys and motivating them to play hard. He deserves a lot of credit.” HoopsWorld

February 20, 2013 Updates
February 16, 2013 Updates

Since his ouster in Milwaukee last month, ex-Bucks coach Scott Skiles has been hanging out in Bloomington, Ind., where Indiana University is located. Interestingly, when Skiles became the Bucks coach five years ago, he bought his house from Tom Crean, Indiana’s head coach. Racine Journal-Times

January 16, 2013 Updates

Why do you think Skiles’ attitude toward you changed? Sam Dalembert: We had a talk briefly at a shootaround; I forgot where it was. I think it was in Boston. After that talk, everything went downhill. After the game in Chicago, you said Skiles had attacked your integrity in that talk. Can you elaborate? Sam Dalembert: He told me some different things and I explained to him that I’m a happy person. And the reason I’m happy is I grateful for coming from where I came from, Haiti, and I’m grateful for every single day of my life. I’m grateful to wake up and see I’m able to have a home here, a home there and be able to help so many kids go to school back home (through his foundation) and help my family. For that, it’s a blessing. To me, being a happy person, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Racine Journal-Times

Can you be more specific about what Skiles said that upset you? Sam Dalembert: No, I really don’t want to go into detail. I don’t want to go into it because it really hurt me. I had to express myself. I had to let him know where I’m coming from, the root of who I am today, what is defining me. It’s my country defining me. Anybody who knows me, you can ask any of my teammates, I am the most enthusiastic, happy person coming in the morning. I’m the player where I am always very respectful. I don’t know what happened between us. I’m not going to say that conversation was 100 percent the reason for what happened (not him being demoted) but for some reason there was nothing said to me again and everything went downhill. There was no explanation. There was no conversation. Nothing was said to me. He didn’t say, ‘Hey, this is what I want you to focus on or anything like that.’ It wasn’t just me. Other guys were going through the same thing with him, guys who have been here way before me. So you can only imagine what they were going through. For me, it was new. I never got a chance to know him or what he didn’t like about me. Racine Journal-Times

You may have heard the rumors that it was your fault and not Skiles’ fault for your demotion, that you were reporting late to games and practices, etc. Sam Dalembert: Listen, I’m not the only one who’s ever been late for a game. At some point in an 82-game season, somebody is going to be late. I wasn’t the only one on the team. But that’s not the reason for all of this. That one (where he was allegedly late), there was a cutoff time and I was in the hallway on the phone. I had something important to talk about and then I came back (in the locker room). That’s not being late for the game. But that’s got nothing to do with this. If I was late for one game, it was because of miscommunication. Ever since that time, I’ve never been late. Racine Journal-Times

January 13, 2013 Updates

Dwane Casey knows how changes can be made abruptly in the NBA. So the Toronto Raptors coach was not too stunned to hear that Jim Boylan was replacing Scott Skiles as Bucks coach a few days ago. Boylan's Bucks meet the Raptors in a Sunday matinee, Canadian style. "Nothing surprises me in the NBA," Casey said in his remarks to reporters about an hour before tip-off. "I've been there before, seen it, done it, been in that situation. "That's our league. Not trying to be flippant about it. There's different situations, circumstances or whatever it is. I do know Scott has done a good job with that team. They've got his personality. They play hard; they scratch, they claw. So you're in for a 48-minute fight. "That's what we're going to face today." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

The reality in Milwaukee is that coach Scott Skiles wanted out months ago, putting his house up for sale in the area and banking that he could get the Orlando job. It didn’t happen, and Skiles had no interest in a contract extension with a roster that is a strange combination of aging veterans, solid but not spectacular youngsters, and the backcourt of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, who can score but can’t defend. Boston Globe

January 11, 2013 Updates
January 8, 2013 Updates

Then there was Brandon Jennings, who said he understood the business side but not the way the news was conveyed to him in particular. "Scott Skiles was my coach for four years. He was my first NBA coach. He was the guy who put the ball in my hands as a rookie and just told me to go, so I have nothing negative to say," he said. "I’m real shocked. The only thing was a little bit upset about is I had to hear from him first and not from the team. Scott called me last night and we talked for about 15-20 minutes. He was the first one to tell me that he wouldn’t be coming back. "It was tough on me a little bit, but I slept on it and I know it’s part of the business. So we just have to move on. But he told me to keep in contact with him, and I will. "To go out like this and the fact we’re still at .500 and No. 7 in the Eastern Conference is just a total shock to me. It’s going to be different for me, but I’m going to be ready." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"I mean, the team didn't tell me. Scott told me," he said. "I think that's why I was a little frustrated at first -- just the fact that I had to hear it from my own coach and not from the team. If I'm supposed to be the franchise player, why don't I hear the news first? Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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