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May 23, 2012 Updates

The scuttlebutt was that Skiles was going to agree to a buyout on the one year remaining on his contract for approximately $4.5 million. If that was indeed the case, the buyout presented by Bucks officials wasn’t to Skiles’ liking. Skiles, as his close friends will attest, doesn’t like leaving money on the table. So, as it stands, Skiles will be the Bucks’ coach next season, a lame duck one at that. It’s a position that could be highly combustible for Skiles, especially considering several of his minions aren’t fully supportive of him. Racine Journal-Times

May 22, 2012 Updates
May 4, 2012 Updates

But the Bucks owner said he is confident the team can take the steps necessary to become a playoff team. Milwaukee finished the past season with a 31-35 record and was eliminated from playoff contention in the final week. "Scott is one of the best coaches in the league, and I'm very pleased he's going to be with us next year," Kohl said at the team's Cousins Center training facility. "It's true about John Hammond. It's an outstanding team, I believe. "This is a results kind of business we're in, and you measure at some point, we all do, we measure ourselves by our results. We were supposed to be in the playoffs. We didn't get there. We should still be playing. We're not still playing. "So if you want to know whether or not we're happy, no we're not happy. Why should we be happy? But we're planning for next year, and I think with this continuity and the ability of Scott and John, as well as the staff and our players, there's a lot to be enthusiastic about. "And it's on that basis that we're going forward." Kohl said "we're looking for good and great results and a long and happy relationship." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

May 1, 2012 Updates

Scott Skiles will return to coach the Milwaukee Bucks next season. Skiles told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday that he would be back as the team's coach. His agent, Keith Glass, confirmed the decision in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. Glass said Skiles would not necessarily receive an extension before next season. Skiles has a year left on his contract, which was extended in 2010. ESPN.com

April 28, 2012 Updates

Bucks coach Scott Skiles also could size up the situation quickly. "We need size everywhere," Skiles said. "Most games, right at the jump ball, when you look at the two teams, the other team is noticeably bigger than us at almost every position on the floor. "It's just something that has to be addressed. The guys know it, too. They know we need to get bigger." Hammond said he wants the team to become more athletic, and he hopes to add size at the center position. "Whether that's a guy who could start for us, or a guy who could fill in as a rotation player, or maybe a guy you don't even need every single night," Hammond said. "Because you look around the NBA, not every team has a center." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Jennings said he was concerned about the possibility Skiles would not be back next season. "Personally, for me, yes," Jennings said. "Just the fact that he's been my coach for the first three years and I'm used to a system. That's a guy who I've played for. "Just his mentality, his will and approach to the game. The fact he expects you to play hard every night. He expects you to do the little things to be a better player. That's kind of grown on me since I've been here, so that's basically all I know." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

April 27, 2012 Updates

It’s no secret that Bucks coach Scott Skiles is on the hot seat. A report circulated that Skiles, who has one year remaining on his contract for nearly $5 million, is interested in reaching a buyout with Bucks owner Herb Kohl. Skiles and Bucks general manager John Hammond wouldn’t comment on the matter. But Keith Glass, Skiles’ representative, told me Thursday afternoon, “That’s news to me. I haven’t talked to anyone about that. I’d be surprised if that was true.” Racine Journal-Times

April 23, 2012 Updates

Shake up in Milwaukee coming? "Based on the conversations I've had, you just don't know what's going to happen. I would imagine the Bucks are going to make some major moves. Scott Skiles, John Hammond, I think they're both under the gun at this point." Would Hammond bring director of scouting Billy McKinney and assistant GM Jeff Weltman to Portland? "Those guys are joined at the hip. Billy McKinney and John Hammond grew up together in Illinois. They've been best of friends since they were kids. So that's a given. Weltman has been with John for the last five or six years so I can definitely see that as a scenario." Blazers Edge

April 19, 2012 Updates

Of course, that will be easily forgotten if the Bucks reach the playoffs, which has always been Kohl’s primary goal for his GMs and head coaches. By making the playoffs, Kohl would also save himself an exorbitant amount of money. Skiles and Hammond each have one more season left on their contracts: Skiles for around $5 million and Hammond for around $2 million. At the same time, nobody should be startled if Kohl swallows one or even both of those contracts. After all, Kohl is fully cognizant of the Bucks’ rapidly deteriorating fan base. Last season, the Bucks managed just four sellouts at the Bradley Center; this season, they’ve have had only two. The Bucks’ average attendance this season is 14,747, a franchise low. Racine Journal-Times

April 2, 2012 Updates

Nelson coached the Bucks from 1976-87 and compiled a 540-344 record. That is easily the most wins in Bucks’ history and his winning percentage of .661 is the best among the 11 coaches in franchise history. Current Bucks coach Scott Skiles began his pro playing career in Milwaukee in 1986 under Nelson. Skiles said Nelson made an impact on him and felt it was inevitable before Nelson would be accorded the game’s ultimate honor. “It seems obvious to me,” Skiles said of Nelson’s selection. “He’s won more games than anybody else. He did it with different franchises. He was a three-time coach of the year (in 1983, 1985 and 1992).” Racine Journal-Times

March 20, 2012 Updates

Skiles and Bogut continued to be odds at various times this season. In a game against Denver at the Bradley Center, Skiles benched Bogut for all but seven minutes of the second half. In that same game, Skiles benched Jackson for the entire second half. After the game, Jackson, who has never been bashful about expressing his feelings, verbally lashed out at Skiles. And it wasn’t for benching him; it was for benching Bogut. In Jackson’s opinion, Skiles disrespected a veteran and the team’s best player. Racine Journal-Times

March 14, 2012 Updates

The 7-foot center said he did not have a falling out with Skiles, his coach for the past four seasons. "Definitely not," Bogut said. "We got into it like anybody else. It's ridiculous. I never came out and said anything along those lines (of a rift). Skiles knew my value and that by defending you helped the team. "We got along for the most part. I demanded the best of him; he demanded the best of you. So be it." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

March 13, 2012 Updates
February 17, 2012 Updates

Now, a month later, Jackson's relationship with Skiles seemingly has disintegrated. In an interview with Rod Burks of Channel 4 (NBC) in Milwaukee, Jackson said: "We don't have no relationship like I've had with other coaches and I don't expect to have one. Too much stuff has happened." Racine Journal-Times

Considering the strained relationship and Jackson's limited playing time and productivity, it's a given the Bucks will try to unload Jackson before the March 15 trading deadline. That won't be easy, though. Jackson is being paid $9.2 million this season and is guaranteed $10 million next season. That's a lot of money for a 33-year-old reserve player. Yet, there are some NBA officials who believe Jackson could be traded if he was part of a package, perhaps with talented young forward Irsan Ilyasova or perhaps with talented young point guard Brandon Jennings. Racine Journal-Times

February 3, 2012 Updates

That's why Bucks coach Scott Skiles pulled sardonic out of his toolbox for a pregame chat in Chicago the other night. The topic was luck, which he and his team know about in the same way the 99 percenters know about wealth. "We're all pretty foolish if we don't realize the effects of luck in life," Skiles said. "Pretty lucky the Bulls got Derrick Rose when you look at the percentages [in the 2008 Draft lottery]. That's very, very lucky. Very lucky that David Robinson went down that year ... that allowed the Spurs to get Tim Duncan [in 1997]. So there's always things out of people's control. "We've been on the wrong end of that and it's obviously hurt us. We're the type of team, we need all of our guys healthy and able and playing well to win our share of games. It is a little tiresome to always have to overcome guys being out. But it is what it is -- that's exactly what we have to do, try to overcome it." NBA.com

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