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February 3, 2012 Updates

The Bucks released guard Darington Hobson on Friday morning, bringing their roster to 14 players, one shy of the league maximum. But coach Scott Skiles said no move was imminent to fill the empty roster spot. "We're always looking but it's not, right at this moment, leading to anything," Skiles said after the morning shoot-around at the Palace of Auburn Hills. "It's just a decision we made and it does free up a roster spot. "But as of today it doesn't have any relevance on any other move." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

January 18, 2012 Updates

Bucks coach Scott Skiles shook up his lineup in the second half, benching shooting guard Stephen Jackson for the entire half and using starting center Andrew Bogut for just 7 minutes before replacing him with backup Larry Sanders. "If they want to blame it on somebody, I'll take the blame," said Jackson, who finished with two points on 0-of-6 shooting in 17 minutes. "I guess they expected me to spaz out and go crazy, but it's too late in the game for that. I don't know what they were trying to prove. When he (Skiles) didn't play me, my thoughts were to support the young fellas and support everybody out there and try to get this win. "If they want to make it personal, they can. I'm used to it." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

December 17, 2011 Updates
September 27, 2011 Updates

Members of the current Bucks coaching staff also were in attendance, including head coach Scott Skiles and assistants Jim Boylan, Joe Wolf, Anthony Goldwire and Bill Peterson. And Moncrief doubled up as an alum and the newest member of the coaching staff. Nelson hired Moncrief for coaching jobs in Dallas and Golden State and said he was delighted the former Bucks star was back with the franchise. "It was a great hire by the Bucks," Nelson said. "He's worked for me two different times. I cried when he left me, but he had to go to another job because they paid more. But I really enjoyed working with Sid and he's an outstanding coach. "He demands respect because of what he's done, and he's a great leader." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

June 6, 2011 Updates

Scott Skiles: Shaq was a serious worker, competitor, a really serious worker. I don't think he got enough credit for that, and I know that sounds crazy, because he's getting all of this credit now! But Shaq was serious and he really worked hard on his game. For instance, we got to pick him, and he came in. You don't have to be a genius to know that he was a can't miss. But he came in in September, came in early, when we were all playing, and got right after it. He was a hard-playing guy all of his career. At the time we also had Stanley Roberts, who he played with at LSU. He was just as big and really athletic and talented...there were a lot of battles between those two guys. (Roberts) had a silly side and the not-serious side...the first pickup game I ever saw the guy in person, Matt Guokas (then Orlando's coach) was sitting on the side and I came over, and I said '(Bleep), this guy is incredible.' NBA.com

May 20, 2011 Updates
April 27, 2011 Updates
April 16, 2011 Updates

“It’s fair to say we did not have good leadership on our team this year,” said coach Scott Skiles. “But that’s something you can’t manufacture. You can’t just say that guy is a leader. “I guarantee you’d be shocked in all pro sports, when you’re on the inside of something like this and you know the league and players and coaches, and somebody in the media will say, ‘That guy’s the leader of that team’. Often times, it’s so far from the truth that it’s ridiculous. “You can’t manufacture that. It just naturally happens. Some people are just natural leaders. Other people can cultivate it some themselves. And then you need both. If you have good leadership on the team you also need guys that will follow the leader. Chemistry and all those things are very fragile things.” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Regarding the team’s chemistry this season, Jennings said, “There’s always going to be chemistry issues when you have new players so the hardest thing is trying to get guys together. We had little chemistry problems here and there but it wasn’t anything major…guys trying to find their roles and get used to the new system. “It was a challenging season and I will learn from it.” Skiles said that it was “yet to be determined’ whether or not Jennings, Andrew Bogut, and John Salmons could be the foundation of a playoff team. And, as the Bucks move forward, is there anyone on the roster that management would consider to be an “untouchable” when it comes to trades? “How could we?” said Skiles. “That would be foolish.” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Myers has never been an executive, but he has negotiated between "50 or 60 contracts" worth approximately $575 million (including the three-year deal of Warriors small forward Dorell Wright worth $11.5 million last July). He has never made a single draft pick, but he has landed plenty of lottery picks as clients amid a brutally competitive climate. He has never browsed the free-agent market for talent instead of a team, but he has personal relationships with players around the league that could certainly come in handy now that he has switched sides. SI.com

April 15, 2011 Updates

Skiles oversaw a team that finished with a woeful 35-47 record and a non-playoff appearance - an unexpected dropoff from last season when the Bucks went 46-36 and advanced to the Eastern Conference playoffs. Skiles candidly admitted he was as much to blame for the Bucks' demise as anyone. "I failed in my job description," Skiles said. He then added, "I wasn't brought here to win 35 games." Skiles didn't dwell on how he "failed" as a coach this season, but it's no secret he and some of his players had issues during the course of the season. Racine Journal-Times

April 4, 2011 Updates

There is a sizeable faction of the team's basketball operations that is baffled and, if not upset, miffed. Unlike Hammond, Skiles and Weltman, who all received contract extensions last summer, there are more than a dozen Bucks employees who'll see their contracts expire within the next couple of months. That includes all the assistant coaches: Jim Boylan, Kelvin Sampson, Joe Wolf, Bill Peterson, Anthony Goldwire and Jason Staudt. Racine Journal-Times

What's more, some officials claim Skiles indicated to his assistants earlier this season that contract extensions were forthcoming for them. But the assistant coaches aren't the only ones concerned about their future with the organization. Racine Journal-Times

March 28, 2011 Updates

Coach Scott Skiles' teams, after all, strive for efficiency rather than volume. The Bucks want to force opponents into low-percentage shots at the defensive end, take the rebound and properly run through their offensive sets. Every movement is deliberate, methodical and seemingly at odds with their lightening-quick point guard Brandon Jennings. "Of course you'd like to push it," Jennings told HOOPSWORLD. "I've been pushing the ball since I've been in high school, my whole life. I think we play better when we push it and we're just out there making plays for each other." HoopsWorld

For Jennings, who battled through foot problems for much of the season, it may be time to play his game. "I don't think I take advantage of [my speed] like I did last year," he said. "Last year I had [the ball] in my hands a lot and I was really taking advantage of that. This year, I've been more kind of standbackish, so a lot of it is on me. I'm not being as aggressive as I was last year." HoopsWorld

March 14, 2011 Updates
February 21, 2011 Updates

Michael Redd said he was so happy to be back at the Cousins Center on Monday that he planted a kiss on the practice court. After more than 13 months away following surgery on his left knee, Redd rejoined his Bucks teammates and took part in the first portions of practice. The Bucks returned from the all-star break and went through a spirited session with everyone in attendance, according to coach Scott Skiles. "It's one of the happiest days in my career," Redd said as he toweled off after practice. "To be on the court again is a blessing. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

February 11, 2011 Updates

The Bucks are preparing to meet a Memphis team that has won seven of its last 10 games and handily beat Milwaukee earlier this season at the Bradley Center. The Grizzlies (28-26) are just one game behind Portland for the eighth and final Western Conference playoff spot. And if it appears the Bucks are at a crisis stage, so be it. They have lost five of their last six games, including a 100-85 defeat at Washington on Wednesday night. "That's an embarrassing game," Bucks coach Scott Skiles said. "You fall behind by over 20 points in a game where going in, we felt like we should have won. It's embarrassing. We keep fingers crossed and try to stay positive that at some point we're going to respond to something like that. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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