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August 25, 2013 Updates
August 22, 2013 Updates

When I asked Stoudamire whether the team was still behind Dunleavy, Pippen sprang like a panther. The next thing I knew, I had Coors Light spittle in my face. "You haven't been around long enough to be poking around like you are!" Pippen screamed. I said something along the lines of people deserved to know what was going on, but in truth, I was trying to maintain my composure while trying to stand my ground. Somewhere between Pippen's first words and my retort, Stoudamire bailed. It was just me and the 6-foot-8 legend and his booming voice. And boy did he let me have it. Oregonian

The next year, Dunleavy was gone, Maurice Cheeks was hired and the dysfunction continued. During the height of the Blazers' frequent run-ins with the law, I appeared in a segment on a national NBC halftime show, which chronicled the team's problems and fall from grace. The team watched the segment on the flight home from their game, and Pippen became enraged. He informed the media relations staff that I was not to be allowed access to him. Despite the warnings, the next game I did what I always did: Popped my head through the media scrum around Pippen's locker and asked him about the game. Pippen gave me a cold stare, looked around for the media relations director and blurted, "I told you to keep him away from me!" before abruptly ending the interview session after three questions, much to the chagrin of the gathered reporters. Oregonian

August 13, 2013 Updates

Pippen especially liked the Bulls' acquisition of veteran swingman Mike Dunleavy Jr. Pippen played for Dunleavy's father, Mike Dunleavy Sr., during his time in Portland, and knows his son will bring a unique work ethic to this year's Bulls squad. "I think Mike Dunleavy was definitely a great pickup," Pippen said. "He’s a kid that I’ve been able to watch grow up in my years out in Portland. I know he’s a gym rat. And he’s definitely going to put in his time and do a great job for us this season." CSN Chicago

Pippen also discussed Tom Thibodeau's opportunity to be an assistant coach for USA basketball going forward. The 47-year old applauded Thibodeau's efforts thus far in Chicago, but was also excited for Thibodeau's opportunity to learn from other coaching greats. "He’s really done a great job here with our team; and now I think this is just going to give him more exposure and an opportunity to learn from some other coaches as well," Pippen said. "Coaching with Coach Krzyzewski, hopefully one day the opportunity to coach the USA basketball team will fall in his hands. It’s a great opportunity and a great experience to learn about international basketball." CSN Chicago

"I’m excited [about the upcoming season]. I think going forward we really have a great opportunity to put ourselves among the elite teams in the game," Pippen said. "With the emergence of Jimmy Butler—I’ve seen him in the gym this summer—I know that kid is really preparing himself to be a better player. CSN Chicago

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July 13, 2013 Updates
July 12, 2013 Updates

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is being sued over a fight with an autograph-seeker at an upscale Southern California restaurant. Attorneys filed the $4 million lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. They say Camran Shafighi asked Pippen for an autograph for his girlfriend's son and instead got a "brutal and unjustified" attack. ESPN.com

July 5, 2013 Updates

In late June, it emerged that NBA great Scottie Pippen was involved in a fight at a Malibu, Calif. restaurant that left a man unconscious, having to be taken to the hospital via an ambulance. That much of the story is fact, but the details beyond that are unclear. Although Pippen left the scene after the incident, he did later talk with police. Later, it was reported that the man in question had been harassing Pippen for an autograph, at one point calling him the N-word. Not many new accounts of the incident have emerged since then, but TMZ has obtained the phone call between police and the 911 operator who received the initial call. In the phone call, the operator says that the “suspect fled” the scene. NESN.com

June 27, 2013 Updates

Scottie Pippen's brawl with a fan outside Nobu in Malibu was totally unprovoked -- so says Scottie's alleged victim, who tells TMZ, he never ONCE said the n-word ... and simply asked for a photo. The 48-year-old -- who didn't want to be named -- tells us, he first spotted Scottie inside the restaurant on Sunday while waiting for a table. TMZ.com

June 25, 2013 Updates

Investigators said a violent argument broke out after an autograph-seeker took photos of Scottie Pippen, 47, and his family. The unidentified man was later taken to a hospital with a head injury, investigators said. But a source said Pippen was the real victim. The fan started the tussle, spit on the ex-athlete and screamed the called him the N-word, the source said, adding that Pippen was holding his 4-year-old daughter at the time. New York Daily News

“Can you imagine, you’re out to dinner with your wife, your four kids and your mother-in-law, and someone calls you the N-word and starts to get physical?” the source said, calling the alleged victim’s story a “crock.” “When Scottie left, this guy had no injuries,” said the source. “Scottie is very upset about the way this has been portrayed.” Several witnesses described the fan as intoxicated, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said. New York Daily News

June 24, 2013 Updates

Former Bull Scottie Pippen turned himself over to police to be questioned about his involvement in a fight outside of a tony Malibu sushi restaurant over the weekend that sent a man to the hospital, officials said. Pippen had been at the Nobu Malibu restaurant on the Pacific Coast Highway when a fight broke out between him and the man around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, said Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County sheriff's office. "He came in to be interviewed, he's been cooperative," said Whitmore. Chicago Tribune

By Monday afternoon, Pippen had been questioned by police and was cooperative, said Whitmore. Pippen was allowed to leave without being charged, said Whitmore. "Mr. Pippen will not be arrested, there's more here than meets the eye," said Whitmore. Chicago Tribune

Scottie Pippen has just been arrested for felony assault ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us, Pippen turned himself in to authorities in Malibu moments ago. He's being booked for felony assault with intent to commit great bodily harm. TMZ.com

Pippen allegedly brutalized an autograph seeker outside Nobu restaurant Sunday night. The man was knocked out after Pippen allegedly punched him in the face and kicked him repeatedly. TMZ.com

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department tells us ... Pippen has since been named as a suspect in a report for assault with a deadly weapon -- the deadly weapon being his shoes. We're told Pippen repeatedly kicked the 50-something-year-old victim when he was down. As one source put it, "He beat the f*** out of him." TMZ.com

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