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November 6, 2012 Updates
December 31, 2010 Updates

How to scout an NBA season. This comes anonymously from an NBA advance scout. I'm going to break this extended interview into three parts, so come back next Friday for Part II: "Each year, I do 100 games during the regular season where I'll go to an arena to scout other teams. In addition, I'll be at about 20 of my own team's games, so I'll wind up going to 120 games over the course of this season. "What I generally try to do -- and most other scouts do the same thing - is to go see a team live twice before our team is going to play them for the first time. Then the next time you play that team, I'll try to go see them another time before my team plays them again. If it's been a long time since we've played them -- maybe they've had a coaching change or a major personnel change -- then I might try to see them twice again to get myself ready for the new things they're doing. SI.com

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