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July 7, 2013 Updates

Jared Zwerling: Source: No new news on Elton Brand. #Knicks still in play. ... On a side note, hearing that Telfair might not be in play for NY. Financial. Twitter @JaredZwerling

July 5, 2013 Updates

The Nets and Knicks have both been rumored to be courting Telfair, and Telfair made a bit of a splash on Friday afternoon when he tweeted “I’m heading home!!!!” Speculation immediately began that Telfair has agreed in principle to sign with one of New York’s NBA teams, but a source on Friday confirmed to SNY.tv that the Nets will not be signing Telfair. SNY Nets

July 4, 2013 Updates

Alex Kennedy: The Knicks continue to pursue Sebastian Telfair, according to sources. Not only did they reach out to his camp, they spoke to him directly. Twitter @AlexKennedyNBA

July 2, 2013 Updates
July 1, 2013 Updates
March 22, 2013 Updates

On the surface, Telfair’s would be an example that proves there is some merit to the insistence on a year of college. For all of his gifts with the ball, he has never developed a jump shot, connecting just 39% from the floor for his career. Accordingly, he has now bounced around the league, playing for eight different teams. “I definitely don’t regret it in any kind of way,” Telfair said. “I wish I could go back and have that experience, because I know, the older that I get, that experiences mean a lot. They define who you are at the end of the day. But I know a couple of guys who were in my same position who went to school and never got to the NBA. I’m here, and this is the ultimate goal, no matter what route you take, especially if you’ve played as long as I’ve been playing.” National Post

March 14, 2013 Updates

In 2006, the Blazers fined Telfair after he left a loaded gun on the team's plane. One year later, at the end of his season with the Celtics, he was arrested on a gun possession charge in the early morning after he was pulled over for speeding on a suspended license. Wyc Grousbeck, the Celtics' managing partner, removed Telfair's nameplate from his locker and all but promised that the team would cut ties with him. Telfair admits that he couldn't begin to understand the mistake he had made. "I was stupid," he says. "I was thinking, I'm not trying to hurt nobody, I'm not going to kill nobody, rob no bank ... you don't understand what you're doing wrong, and as a basketball player, certain things are just not accepted. Certain things society is not going to accept from a basketball player. So if you can't take that, you can't be a pro. I really haven't had any trouble with the law, and then I got in that situation. And it put me in a bad situation. It took a lot for me to dig myself out of that." Why did he have the gun? "For no particular reason or particular situation," he says. "Just having it, being dumb. ... If I was thinking about, I want to make sure I'm getting a contract and be an All-Star, [then] for no reason would I have a weapon, at no point in time." SI.com

Did the arrest have a meaningful impact on his life? "I learned a lot from it, but I could have done without it," he says. "I didn't get much out of that, other than playing for a lot less money than I should have, and ending up not getting in better situations as far as teams that would want you. "It follows me around. I kind of ruined my career with that. It was a bad move all around. But I don't beat myself up about it too much. If I was beating myself up about it too much, I wouldn't be sitting here right now." SI.com

At the same time, the alternative universe is impossible to ignore. "I look at situations like that," Telfair says as he thinks about not having the gun, and not behaving as if he'd achieved success already. "And maybe it's Rondo that goes in that trade instead of me. And I would have had a chance to play with Paul [Pierce], Ray Allen, and KG. I look at situations like that also." SI.com

Throughout his career it has been as if he was playing off the wrong foot -- too young to be the star he was supposed to be. At 6 feet, he needed to become a better shooter, and over these last three seasons he has converted a respectable 34.3 percent of his three-pointers. "I wanted to get a simple situation where I'm a part of a team, I'm helping them win every night," he says. "I just wanted to be part of a team that achieves something." That's why he signed with the Suns to be Steve Nash's backup for $1.5 million last season. "Getting an opportunity to be around him, seeing how he prepares for the games, seeing how serious you have to take it -- I think last year for the first time I was being consistent on how I prepare for the games," Telfair says. "My approach changed last season. Last year was my first time in the NBA when I wasn't on a rebuilding team or a young team." SI.com

February 26, 2013 Updates

Well, Sebastian Telfair, acquired before Thursday’s trade deadline, is happy to be a Raptor. He has already seen dysfunction this season. “This is my ninth year in the league so I definitely don’t want to go through anything like we were going through in Phoenix,” Telfair, who will suit up for his first game as a Raptor on Monday against Washington, said. “You’ve got a goal to win and if you’re not winning you at least want to be out there competing at the highest level. We weren’t doing that over there in Phoenix this year. I’m happy to be a part of a team that got a goal for themselves and night in and night out they’ve got something to achieve.” National Post

February 21, 2013 Updates

Arash Markazi: Haddadi had hoped a trade to Phoenix would work. He'll have to hit up the Persian Room in Scottsdale when he gets there. Twitter @ArashMarkazi

Shams Charania: Raptors appear close to landing Sebastian Telfair, who'll provide depth but isn't expected to immediately supplant John Lucas III as backup. Twitter @ShamsCharania

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