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October 18, 2011 Updates

Marc Stein: Hearing Yao Ming-owned Shanghai Sharks trying to join bidding for Sebastian Telfair. Jiangsu Dragons said to be offering more lucrative deal. Telfair's agent, Andy Miller, told @Jorge Sierra last week that Telfair, contrary to reports, has not yet committed to sign with Jiangsu Twitter

October 14, 2011 Updates
October 12, 2011 Updates

They can't get into Target Center these days, so NBA stars John Wall, Joakim Noah and DeMarcus Cousins are among those expected to play in Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley's "All Star Classic" at Osseo High School -- of all places -- next week. Beasley's Wolves teammates Derrick Williams, Wes Johnson, Martell Webster, Wayne Ellington and former Wolf Sebastian Telfair are scheduled to play as well in the Friday night, Oct. 21 exhibition game. So, too, are Boston's Jeff Green, Detroit's Greg Monroe, L.A. Clippers' DeAndre Jordan, Chicago's Keith Bogans and Beasley's longtime pal, former Dukie Nolan Smith. Missing from the list -- at least for now -- is childhood buddy Kevin Durant. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

September 28, 2011 Updates

Sebastian Telfair has received plenty of interest from teams overseas, but he’s not considering signing abroad at the moment. Telfair turned down several offers from European teams last week and he’s also passed on offers from Chinese teams. Rather than play overseas, he’ll continue to work out at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas for the duration of the lockout. Telfair has been working out twice a day, seven days a week as he prepares for free agency. HoopsWorld

September 24, 2011 Updates

Apologies for the title of this video, because 28-year-old New York Liberty point guard and four-time WNBA All-Star Cappie Pondexter is most certainly not a girl. No, this is a woman who absolutely took it to journeyman NBA point guard, and 2004 lottery pick Sebastian Telfair towards the end of a pickup game during the Impact Basketball run in Las Vegas on Friday. Yahoo! Sports

September 17, 2011 Updates

Now, Telfair will have the opportunity to decide his own fate once again. Once the lockout ends, he will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time since 2008. The 26-year-old point guard is excited for the opportunity to test the market and find the situation that’s right for him. “When you’re a free agent, you can pick and choose,” Telfair told HOOPSWORLD. “That’s a unique situation for me. I think it’s a very good situation. I’ll be exactly where I want to be and find a place that works for me. I’ll be able to find a team that I know I can help out. I want to go to a team where I know we’re competing for the big goal and everyone is playing for that same reason. I want to help them reach that point. I know I can bring something to one of those teams. I want to be a part of a team that’s really competing. Once I do that, my career will start moving at a faster pace and in the right direction.” HoopsWorld

Telfair’s travels, trials and tribulations have forced him to mature. The wide-eyed kid that entered the league seven years ago is now a battle-tested man, who sees the world in a completely different light. “I’m a whole different person,” Telfair said. “First of all, I’m a better person, especially from a professional standpoint. I understand the business a little bit more. I understand that I have to take my job seriously and I understand all of things I have to do. I definitely have a different mindset and approach to the game as well. I’m going into my eighth season and all of the experiences I went through as a young professional have taught me a lot. I won’t make those same mistakes that I’ve already learned from in the past.” HoopsWorld

Several international teams have reached out to Telfair, but he’s waiting to see what happens with the labor talks before deciding to sign in another league. “I actually turned down an overseas offer from a team in Russia on Wednesday,” Telfair said. “They had been in contact with my agent, but I turned it down due to the fact that I want to wait on the lockout and see where things stand. I know the Chinese league is starting up soon and I’m expecting to get a few offers from teams over there so we’ll see what happens. My heart says to play basketball, but I want to play it in the NBA.” He’s currently playing in Impact Basketball’s Competitive Training Series, which has given him an opportunity to test his game against other point guards such as John Wall, Mo Williams and Chauncey Billups. HoopsWorld

September 16, 2011 Updates

At 26, Sebastian Telfair is now a decade removed from being one of the most hyped high school players of all time. His superstar trajectory never materiaized; Telfair just concluded his seventh NBA season, has yet to make a single playoff appearance and has only played in more than 60 games once in the last four years. A free agent, Telfair hopes all that changes next season. "I sure do have a list of teams in my mind," Telfair said. "Those teams being one of the teams to make a run for a championship or the teams that are fighting every year for a championship. Seeing Dallas win a championship, congratulations to them, but I'm jealous. I'm extremely jealous. Dallas is definitely on my list. They've got the gold right now. It's not a bad thing in this league to want to go where the gold is. If you can compete and help the team win a championship, that's one of the main focuses in the NBA. CBSSports.com

Aside from the Mavericks, Telfair clammed up a little bit as to who was on his radar. "The obvious teams," he finally allowed. "I won't say any teams in particular, but the obvious teams." Asked what he would bring to a championship contender at this stage of his career, Telfair didn't hesitate or elaborate: "I bring myself. I bring Sebastian Telfair." CBSSports.com

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May 15, 2011 Updates

The teenage brother of former NBA player Sebastian Telfair was nabbed with three loaded guns in Brooklyn --and then tried to bribe a cop into letting him go, police said today. Sixteen-year-old Lincoln High School baseketball player Ethan Telfair, also a cousin of former NY Knick Stephon Marbury, was arrested in Coney Island along with Lincoln teammate Shaquile Davis, 15, after cops spotted two guns inside an open backpack that the pair had in a courtyard behind the O'Dwyer Gardens Houses on West 33rd Street near Surf Avenue about 9 p.m. Friday, police said. New York Post

March 23, 2011 Updates

On the day of Team S. Carter's second game, Telfair found himself in the 40/40 Club, awaiting an audience with Jay-Z and Perez. Standing just shy of six feet and about one hundred sixty pounds soaking wet, the baby-faced teenager didn't look the part of an all-world street-ball team savior. "When I walked in, they were like, 'Aw, he's a kid, how's he going to help us?' " recalls Telfair. "I looked at Jay and I said, 'I'm from Brooklyn.' And he just started laughing. But by the end of that night, he knew what exactly I meant when I said, 'I'm from Brooklyn.'" SI.com

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January 6, 2011 Updates

Remember when Sebastian Telfair "accidentally" brought his firearm on that Blazers road trip several years ago? It was whispered among teammates and the coaching staff that it wasn't a mistake at all. That Telfair was carrying because someone in the "Hoop Family" had threatened him. Telfair never confirmed that, but the incident illustrates the distrust many of the Blazers had toward the Hoop Family. Oregonian

January 2, 2011 Updates

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