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July 7, 2014 Updates

Serbian point guard Vasilije Micic, whom the Sixers drafted 52d overall last week, will not participate in either of the summer leagues. The 6-5, 203-pounder will not play for the Sixers this season. Micic will stay overseas and play for Mega Vizura of the Serbian League for at least one more season. Philadelphia Inquirer

June 27, 2014 Updates

Dangubic is still under contract with Serbian team Mega Vizura, but as Sportando indicated, his owner has a policy of an NBA opt-out once the NBA team is ready to bring him to the states. So with Dangubic being 21 years old and being drafted 54th in the second round, he’s likely to be a draft-and-stash project like so many of the other prospects the Spurs have around Europe. ProjectSpurs.com

June 6, 2014 Updates
May 16, 2014 Updates

Aleksander Djordjevic was presented as a Euroleague legend at Milan, but he is also the coach of the Serbian National team. That’s why we had to ask him about what the situation of Ognen Kuzmic. Djordjevic was really carefull in his choice of words, however one thing is for sure: Expect to see Kuzmic in Spain 2014 playing for the Serbian national team. As he said: “We are informed about the situation and the wish of the player. That’s why we are in constant contact with him and also with the Golden State Warriors. Still, nothing can be considered finilized yet”. EuroHoops.net

May 13, 2014 Updates

Ognen Kuzmic wanted a long time ago to play for the Serbian national team and he will probably do it this summer at Spain in the upcoming FIBA World Cup. The center of Golden State Warriors denied last year to play for Bosnia, though he’s born in Doboj declaring that his wish is to play for Serbia. EuroHoops.net

February 10, 2014 Updates
February 8, 2014 Updates

Pavlovic will continue his career in Serbia with Partizan Belgrade. Pavlovic and the Serbian powerhouse reached an agreement that will be signed in the coming hours. Sportando

February 6, 2014 Updates
February 3, 2014 Updates
January 22, 2014 Updates

Crvena Zvezda officially announced that Charles Jenkins extended the contract with the team for one more season. The American has an NBA out he could use by July 31. Jenkins moved to the Serbian powerhouse last summer and he is the second American in Crvena Zvezda's history to extend the deal with the club after DeMarcus Nelson. Sportando

August 19, 2013 Updates
August 12, 2013 Updates
July 30, 2013 Updates
June 28, 2013 Updates
June 21, 2013 Updates
June 4, 2013 Updates

Derrick Rose, who missed the entire NBA season after the torn his ACL, will be in Serbia from July 7 to 10. Former MVP will spend three days in Chicago with his sponsor, Adidas, as reported by Mondo. Sportando

May 22, 2013 Updates

Few weeks ago Divac was admitted to the Clinic Center of Serbia in Belgrade, because of the problems with his ulcer, and his condition was stabilized there. According to Twitter message of his wife, Snezana Divac, the president of the Olympic Committee of Serbia Vlade Divac has been again admitted to the hospital because of the repeated problems with his ulcer. In Serbia News

April 1, 2013 Updates
November 21, 2012 Updates

His desire to help his loved ones is the reason why he left them in the first place at the age of 13. Milicic grew up the son of two parents with little knowledge of basketball. Sports and athletics were not a priority for the family in Yugoslavia. They were trying to make it each day in a war-torn country. "My parents did everything they could to survive," Milcic recently told CSNNE.com. "They did a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff. My mom was working a lot of jobs in her life, my father too. My father also worked on the side to make money." CSNNE.com

The 13-year-old would have to live on his own and learn how to support himself. Milcic made the move. "[I lived] by myself," Milicic, now 27, said. "I was making money then playing basketball, I signed a contract when I was 13. It's easy [to support yourself] because we go through a lot of [stuff] as young guys back home, so we are by 13 already grown. You can go by yourself. It wasn't hard for me. During the bombings we went through a lot of [stuff]. For me, it was good to play basketball. I didn't think about [being on my own] because it was just two hours from home." CSNNE.com

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