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How many people do you support financially in Congo? Serge Ibaka: So many people. I can't really give you a number, but it's a lot of people. I have my mother's family, my father's family... And that's the way it is. That's the way it is in Africa. It's always been like this for me and it's not going to change. Don't you feel a little pressured by the fact that you have to support so many people? Serge Ibaka: Yes, sometimes. I'm going to tell you the truth about it: This makes me suffer a bit. It's a lot of stress, especially when it comes to family. The people I don't know... well, I will help them sometimes or I won't. But with family, it's an obligation. I always try to prevent this situation from affecting me or affecting my play. Is this a problem during the season too? Serge Ibaka: It's not just now. This problem is going to be there for the rest of my life. HoopsHype

Serge Ibaka: People and fans don't know what happens inside the team. I'm going to tell you what's happened with me, for example... I've had a bad ankle all year long. Bad back all year long. It's not just that I got injured late in the season, which everybody knows about... I hurt my ankle with the National Team last summer and it's been bad all year long. I've been taking pills in order to play without pain. That's the kind of season it's been. And it's not just me. Many of my teammates have been through the same thing. It's been incredible. That was the whole problem. HoopsHype

There's been rumors recently about Scott Brooks' job. He's already received endorsements from both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. What's your take? Serge Ibaka: Why are you going to fire him? What has he done? Injuries were not his fault. Why would he go? He has not done anything, he's not responsible for the injuries. He did his best with the team he had. Would other coach do better with a team with so many injuries? What could (Scott Brooks) possibly do about it? The team is with him. You can't blame him for what has happened. HoopsHype

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Serge Ibaka is not on that list. In November of 2013, during a game in LA, Ibaka pushed Blake Griffin as he tried to put up a shot. Barnes raced over, Ibaka cocked a fist, and teammates restrained the pair. Barnes was not impressed. “He just thinks he’s the toughest guy on earth and I don’t see it,” Barnes says. “We can fight on the court or after the game. To me it doesn’t matter. But you’re not going to continue to punch Blake in the balls, or throw elbows, or push me…I’m not having none of that s---. When I put him in his place, not only fans but guys on other teams were happy. They’d be coming up, saying, ‘I hate that f---ing guy.’” Sports Illustrated

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