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March 16, 2015 Updates

Thunder coach Scott Brooks doesn’t know how Serge Ibaka injured his right knee – whether it was an accumulation thing or a one-play accident. But however it happened, the right knee soreness forced the Thunder’s high-flying power forward to miss a second straight game on Sunday, sitting out OKC’s 109-100 win over the Bulls. “Still going to continue to monitor his right knee,” Brooks said. “Still experiencing soreness.” Oklahoman

February 20, 2015 Updates

In the locker room, the divide was growing. Injuries to Durant were keeping the team from finding a rhythm, and without the band-aid of winning to heal wounds, the Thunder's chemistry was suffering. The cliquish aspect was impossible not to notice. Jackson, Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb all had lockers together on one side; Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka were on the other. Jackson, Lamb and Jones are close, shooting pregame together and often leaving the arena together. All three had also fallen out of favor with Brooks. ESPN.com

February 12, 2015 Updates

Ibaka took a nasty elbow to the nose in the Thunder's 105-89 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, but returned to the game with some stitches and strong defense. Ibaka posted a photo to Instagram Monday with good news. "Thank god it's not a broken nose... Thanks everyone for your support! #stillAvecclasse," Ibaka said. Oklahoman

January 30, 2015 Updates

It’s allowed defenses to trap and contain Westbrook and Durant more on those not-as-deadly pick-and-pops, feeling far less fear that Ibaka will burn them on the back end. “I don’t know the answer to that,” Brooks said when asked why he thinks Ibaka’s efficiency has eroded. “Hopefully that trends the other way.” Some of it may have to do with fatigue, though the prideful Ibaka would never admit it: “You take whatever you have and you go with that,” he said when broached on the subject. Oklahoman

January 24, 2015 Updates

Michael Lee: Russell Westbrook didn't talk after OKC lost to #hawks. This exchange with Serge Ibaka was intense. vine.co/v/OIE77aLXpOg Twitter @MrMichaelLee

January 22, 2015 Updates
January 9, 2015 Updates
December 30, 2014 Updates

Morrow, by the way, can be added to the above list. He’s also averaging more fourth quarter points than Ibaka. The first-year Thunder sharpshooter is averaging 3.8 points in the final period. “My first job always is defense here on this team,” Ibaka stressed. “Some games I’m going to shoot 15 (shots). I don’t really worry about the shots. All I can do is keep working when the opportunity comes.” Oklahoman

November 23, 2014 Updates

Ibaka has already tied a career-high in both makes (23) and attempts (60) from deep. He’s taken as many as nine in a game. He’s made as many as four. It’s become a thing. And if you ask Scott Brooks, it’s not going anywhere, even when the stars return. “I think it continues,” Brooks said. “He doesn’t necessarily have to live out there and shoot 10 a game. But three or four a game is a good number for him.” Oklahoman

November 11, 2014 Updates

No amount of applause, no trophy or title could ever eclipse a father’s love for his baby girl. From the moment they met, Serge Ibaka’s heart grew whole. Ibaka said, “It’s a different love. Just the best love ever.” The Thunder star was only 17 when he became a father. It’s not unusual in Congo, where love blossoms early and teen pregnancy is rampant. KFOR

Ronnie Ibaka lives in Congo with her mom, but Serge is very much a part of her life. He visits frequently and supports his family financially. Ibaka told us, “I give her the best, everything because everything I do right now is for her.” KFOR

November 7, 2014 Updates
October 31, 2014 Updates

An anonymous NBA scount dishes his take on the Thunder's outlook with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook sidelined. "They are going to have a hard time scoring. You know they are not going to rush KD back because that’s not what they do. The entire offense was funneled to Westbrook and Durant. You can run the same sets but how effective is it going to be without two of the top 10 players in the NBA? But that’s probably what they are going to do. Reggie Jackson is like a mini-Westbrook. He’s going to get a lot of shots. It was the Perry Jones Show against the Clippers, so he will get looks too. Serge Ibaka isn’t a post presence but they might try to do more to get him more baseline jump shots. These are band-aids though. In this conference, they can easily lose 10 or 15 games over the next month and be in a deep hole when Russ or KD comes back. This injury could knock them out of the playoffs." Sports Illustrated

October 17, 2014 Updates
October 15, 2014 Updates
October 13, 2014 Updates
October 10, 2014 Updates

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