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March 4, 2013 Updates

Clippers forward Matt Barnes launched (and made) a three-pointer from the corner, which pulled the Clippers to down three as the Thunder's big lead melted away. Griffin got position on Ibaka, who dropped his hand into the front of Griffin's shorts to drop the All-Star. "I didn't see it to where it was like that flagrant. (Griffin) took (Ibaka's) arm and knocked him down. The dude (is) known for flopping anyway, so that's what it is," Thunder's Kendrick Perkins told USA TODAY Sports' Sam Amick after the game. "I was (angry). The (Clippers') reaction after that was kind of like Serge Ibaka against Blake Griffin. USA Today Sports

"He ain't going to get the benefit of (the doubt) or what's really happening down there. You ain't seeing all the stuff that other people are doing. Serge ends up getting the bad end of the stick. I didn't like the whole thing — period. I thought it should've been a double foul." USA Today Sports

March 3, 2013 Updates

Now, he is battling for a rebound there, and he is trying to get his arm. But he has to know, making that motion, what he's doing. You know that if you swing your arm between a guy's legs what you're going to hit. There's no accident here. The officials hit Ibaka with just a Flagrant 1, though, allowing him to stay in the game. He then drew a foul on Griffin, scored on an and-one -- and blocked a late shot by the Thunder. So, you know, good job as always, guys. This one will unquestionably will be reviewed by the league. It would be more of a surprise if he wasn't suspended for this one. CBSSports.com

February 8, 2013 Updates

The one concern shared by all three was whether the Thunder has enough inside scoring and rebounding to make Miami pay for playing small. “To me, the key to that team is going to be (Serge) Ibaka,” Barkley said. “(Russell) Westbrook and Ibaka are the keys. Westbrook has to get better at making people around him better. He has not done that. He's already an All-Star. Now comes the point where he (needs to be) like, ‘Oh, I've got to make the guys around me better.' “But Ibaka to me is the guy. The only way to beat the Miami Heat is down low. And Ibaka shoots a lot of jumpers. He's got to post up and punish Chris Bosh down low.” Oklahoman

February 3, 2013 Updates

In six of the previous 10 games, Ibaka failed to reach 10 shot attempts. In four of those games, he didn't get up more than eight. Through the season's first 34 games, Ibaka was averaging 14.8 points on 10.9 shot attempts and scored fewer than 10 points only seven times. “Like I tell Serge, ‘You have to do what you do well,'” said Thunder coach Scott Brooks. “And that is rebound, defend and run the floor. And your touches will come. That can't be his only focus, and it hasn't been ... He's going to get anywhere from nine to 12 shots per game on average. Very rarely is he going to get three or four like he had last game ... Because we need it. He's been a 14, 15-point scorer for us.” Oklahoman

January 28, 2013 Updates
January 25, 2013 Updates
January 6, 2013 Updates

Ibaka's biggest offensive impact comes from offensive rebounds and springing free for mid-range jumpers when defenses crowd Durant and Westbrook on the pick and roll. It's a shot Ibaka has mastered over the past few years, taking dozens of them at the end of practice. "He's a machine," Collison said. "He's been that way since he's been here. He works and he puts in as much time as anybody. He's very serious about his work and it shows. He's improved a lot since he's been here." NBA.com

January 5, 2013 Updates
December 18, 2012 Updates
December 13, 2012 Updates

Jackson said getting back on the court will help him move past the controversy in which he embroiled himself last week by tweeting hostile comments aimed at Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka. The Spurs and the NBA jointly fined Jackson $25,000 for the ill-considered remarks. “It happened,” he said. “I apologized for it. I paid my fine. I’m ready to move on. I spoke my mind. It wasn’t right, and I knew it wasn’t right. I dealt with the consequences, and that’s about it. “I’m ready to get back to playing basketball.” San Antonio Express-News

December 11, 2012 Updates

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