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November 19, 2012 Updates
November 14, 2012 Updates

I know that some of you, because you have been glued to League Pass, are behind on watching episodes of “Go On,” the NBC sitcom with Mathew Perry where he’s a sports talk radio host (Tuesdays at 9 ET, 8 CT). That means on Tuesday night you missed a Chris Bosh cameo. NBCSports.com

November 8, 2012 Updates

It has been well chronicled that 60% of NBA players are broke five years after retirement. Is the reason for this due to the fact that they do not save, do not plan adequately, are not advised properly, a combination of everything, or maybe that they just do not understand the numbers involved to keep up their lifestyle? Let’s take a look at the numbers and see if your clients comprehend the effort it takes to support their current lifestyle. Assume the following: A) A 23 year old, B) Current salary of $4,000,000, increasing by 3% annually until age 31, C) Saving $500,000 the first year, increasing by 4% annually, D) An inflation rate of 3%, E) An investment return of 5% as well as a post retirement investment return of 5%, F) Income replacement at retirement of only 25%, and G) A retirement age of 32. Figuring the individual would easily live a minimum of 40 more years (until age 72), the client will run out of money by age 38. Hence, the support evidencing why players are broke five years post-retirement. Sports Agent Blog

November 1, 2012 Updates

Uncle Drew has returned. Kyrie Irving’s brilliant Pepsi ad campaign has added Kevin Love to the “hustle street ballers dressed as old men” game. It is again well-executed and amusing. I just hope that the guy Kevin Love leveled with a screen got an autograph. Bill Russell even makes a cameo, telling Kyrie, “This game has always been – and will always be – about buckets.” The Big Lead

October 30, 2012 Updates
October 19, 2012 Updates

Plans for NBA Superstar Kevin Durant's restaurant gets seal of approval. The restaurant will be located in lower Bricktown between Earl's Rib Palace and Toby Keith's. The Oklahoma City urban renewal authority approved plans for the restaurant Wednesday morning. Architects say the restaurant will feature a patio overlooking the Bricktown Canal and contemporary elements. KOKH FOX 25

October 18, 2012 Updates

Turner Sports analyst and former NBA all-star Chris Webber and Emmy-winning director/producer Peter Gilbert are launching Webber Productions, a multimedia production company that plans to produce a series of feature films and documentaries focusing on the intersection of sports, culture and society. Company plans a diverse content portfolio, including live events, cultural exhibitions, music and film projects relevant in the U.S and abroad. Variety.com

October 15, 2012 Updates
October 12, 2012 Updates

“The Mindy Project” — it’s not just that show on after “New Girl.” It stars that girl from “The Office.” Yea, Mindy Kaling, that’s her. This week’s episode featured NBA players Amar’e Stoudemire, Baron Davis and Danny Granger hanging out in a club. You need to really skip ahead to the 3:00 mark to get to the good stuff, like the guys talking about romantic comedies and the like. You know, exactly what you want to know about Baron Davis. NBCSports.com

October 9, 2012 Updates

While there is nothing uncommon about athletes and celebrities showing up in car commercials, it is somewhat surprising when the endorser actually matches up with the product he or she is endorsing. Houston Rockets' point guard Jeremy Lin and the Volvo XC60 can both be labeled smart, underrated and overlooked, which makes them a great pair for Volvo's latest ad campaign, "The Unexpected Ones." Autoblog

October 1, 2012 Updates
September 26, 2012 Updates
September 25, 2012 Updates

Lately, (Penny Marshall) has been working on a documentary about the basketball player Dennis Rodman, some of which she has been shooting via Skype. That came up because a) Ms. Marshall is a big sports fan. ("You can yell and scream at a game and no one's taking you away in a white coat.") And b) "I have a little radar to the insane," she said. "They seek me out. Dennis and his agent asked if I would do a documentary." Wall Street Journal

September 24, 2012 Updates

Kevin Durant's feature-length movie, ‘Thunderstruck,' will be released on DVD on Dec. 4 online and in stores across the country. The movie, which was released in select theaters Aug. 24, features Durant playing himself and mysteriously switching talent levels with an uncoordinated high school kid. Oklahoman

September 23, 2012 Updates

Hopefully they get VH1 in China ... 'cause ex-NBA'er Stephon Marbury's super hot wife has been tapped to be on the next season of "Basketball Wives." Sources close to the production tell us ... Tasha Marbury is in final talks to join the show -- a much needed cast replacement after Royce, Jennifer and Kesha were all axed. We're told producers approached Tasha for two main reasons ... she's actually a basketball wife (she and Stephon married in 2002) ... and secondly she's already friends with some of the other "wives." TMZ.com

September 22, 2012 Updates

Kobe Bryant has jokingly suggested an exchange deal between LA Lakers and Barcelona involving himself and Lionel Messi. The NBA superstar travelled to Europe this week to shoot a commercial for Turkish Airlines together with the Argentina international, and he would be happy to trade places with the 25-year-old for a week. "It would be fun if I spent one week with Barcelona and Messi played one week with the Lakers," Bryant told reporters. "What the commercial will be like? Probably Messi will play football and I will play basketball..." Goal.com

September 21, 2012 Updates
September 19, 2012 Updates

Lakers point guard Steve Nash is doing his best to carry the colors for his new team. Tuesday night he appeared on The Tonight Show and when Jay Leno asked about the team's top competition for the upcoming season Nash mentioned the defending champion Miami Heat. He then took a shot at Leno and his hero worship of Dwyane Wade. USA Today

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