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November 4, 2014 Updates
November 3, 2014 Updates

Nike paid Cleveland State University $75,000 to rent the Wolstein Center for LeBron James' two-minute Nike "Together" commercial that debuted Thursday night to coincide with the Cavs' season-opener. Filming took place over 17 hours on Oct. 6 in the center, which was masquerading as Quicken Loans Arena. In addition to James and other Cavaliers players, about 500 extras filled the center. The money was welcome, but won't come close to erasing the annual operating deficit of the arena, which is projected to be more than $900,000 this fiscal year. Cleveland Plain Dealer

October 28, 2014 Updates

Having joined Jordan Brand this summer, reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard will sport his own logo this season whenever he’s finally healthy enough to take the court. It’s a clever take on “The Klaw” gesture his teammates have taken to making whenever Leonard uses his 9 3/4-inch mitts to do something out of the ordinary on the court. Look carefully and you’ll notice Leonard’s initials incorporated into the logo, which will be worn on the retro Jordans that Leonard favored even before joining the brand. It also looks like there’s a small “2″ notched into the base of the index finger. Leonard signed with Jordan this summer to join Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Victor Oladipo and Jabari Parker. San Antonio Express-News

October 24, 2014 Updates
October 23, 2014 Updates

There’s nothing like an NBA ban to send sneakers flying off of shelves. That’s what Adam and Ryan Goldston learned after they received a fateful email from the league announcing the basketball shoe they had engineered in their free time during college was barred from use on the court for providing an “undue competitive advantage.” In the surreal hours and days after that, hundreds of news outlets picked up the story. Their company name, Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL), shot up to become one of the top search terms on Google. Their website crashed for eight hours. The twins, then 23, were thrilled. Fastcompany.com

Though they had once hoped the NBA might endorse the shoe--which uses forefoot compression springs to give players a vertical boost--they now realized a ban carried even more marketing value. “We sold nine months’ worth of inventory in three days,” Adam says. “There are few people who can point to an exact moment when the trajectory of their life changes, but that literally happened for us that day.” Fastcompany.com

October 19, 2014 Updates
October 17, 2014 Updates

It looks like Damian Lillard, he of the $10 million-a-year Adidas sneaker contract, has that signature shoe he's always wanted. On Friday morning, the Portland Trail Blazers All-Star point guard took to Instagram to post a video clip announcing what appears to be – based on his rhyme, his shoutout to people who helped him along the way and the sneaker he hoists at the end of the video – a Lillard signature shoe. "When I was younger, I would dream about having my own shoe. Maniac with my work, so it came when I was due," Lillard says in the video, concluding, "My dreams came true." Oregonian

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October 5, 2014 Updates

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