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June 14, 2012 Updates

Alex Kennedy: Sonny Weems will return to the NBA next season. He's a restricted free agent. Celtics, Pistons, Cavaliers and Clippers have shown interest. Twitter

April 4, 2012 Updates

The European experience of Sonny Weems is over. The American player reached an agreement with Zalgiris Kaunas to part ways after the season-ending ankle injury he suffered a few days ago. Weems signed with Zalgiris Kaunas last summer a one-year deal without NBA out and he showed his potential in the four competitions he has played this season. Sportando

March 26, 2012 Updates
February 28, 2012 Updates

Sonny Weems might have his eye on a return to the NBA, but can he leave Lithuania? Weems’ team has been eliminated from Euroleague title contention, but his coach says he expects Weems to stay with Zalgaris Kaunas through the end of the domestic Lithuanian league and the regional VTB league seasons. “I do believe Sonny will remain through the rest of the season,” Zalgiris coach Aleksandar Trifunovic said after Maccabi Tel-Aviv knocked off Kaunas 70-66 to clinch a spot in the Euroleague playoffs. SheridanHoops

February 9, 2012 Updates

Sonny Weems will not be allowed to leave Euroleague team Zalgiris, owner Vladimir Romanov has told RIA Novosti. Weems joined Zalgiris during the lockout, but wrote on his blog Tuesday that he would seek to leave unless Zalgiris beat Barcelona on Thursday to keep alive the Lithuanian team’s hopes of reaching the Euroleague Top 8. “I don’t know what Weems is writing, but he will serve out his contract to the end and will be going nowhere from this club,” Romanov said Wednesday. RIA Novosti

Weems, 25, has not responded to Romanov’s comments, but wrote Tuesday that he had had talks with Romanov, who also owns Heart of Midlothian football club in Scotland. “I've been in discussions with my agent Roger Montgomery and owner Vladimir Romanov and see where the future lies. We've had strong discussions with the owner to see what can we do if we don't make it [to the Top 8], but I don't think I will stay around for the end of the Lithuanian League,” Weems wrote. RIA Novosti

February 8, 2012 Updates

Sonny Weems: I've been in discussions with my agent Roger Montgomery and owner Vladimir Romanov and see where the future lies. We've had strong discussions with the owner to see what can we do if we don't make it, but I don't think I will stay around for the end of the Lithuanian League. I want to keep playing with Zalgiris and make the Top 8. We'll see if I stay playing the Lithuanian League and the VTB League, which is competitive but it's not like the Euroleague. I came over here to play the Euroleague and there's no more Euroleague... If we don't make the Top 8, I will probably go back to the NBA, but you never know. We'll know in about two weeks or so. HoopsHype

Sonny Weems: Some people ask me about the Raptors. Well, Toronto is not my team. They don't mention me in their future plans or anything like that. A couple other NBA teams are really interested in me and that's what I'm looking for. I'm not just focused on Toronto because you read articles about the team and my name never comes up. I'll just focus on finishing this season and find the best possible team. I have some overseas teams also interested, but my main goal is going back to the NBA. If it's not possible, I'll stay in Europe. HoopsHype

January 30, 2012 Updates
January 11, 2012 Updates
December 23, 2011 Updates

What are your plans for the next season, considering that now that you are adapted to European basketball? You might look for a spot in a top european team as CSKA, Barcelona, Panathinaikos. Sonny Weems: "After this season, I will be going back to the NBA unless I get an offer in Europe that I can't refuse". Is it better to be a go-to-guy player in an Euroleague club or a role player in the NBA with limited minutes? SW: "Go to player in Europe is cool, and a role player in NBA is too. When I go back to NBA I hope that my experience in Europe will help prepare me to be a full time starter and closer. I wanna be on the floor at the end of games. When I came overseas I wanted to work on my 3pt shot, half court game, and my decision making. I have gotten better in all those areas. Europe is great for being able to work on your game". Sportando

December 7, 2011 Updates
November 23, 2011 Updates

Sonny Weems: Strange days over here, though. After one of my best games so far, where I finished with 22 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists against Brose Basket to win our first Euroleague game, I had a terrible surprise when I went back home. I got robbed! I had never been robbed in the States. I was like, “Man, what is going on? What is the world coming to?” They took some money and a couple of electronic things… Nothing serious, but there is something I was really sad about: They took my XBox! I paid like $500 for this one and now it’s gone. And they left the videogames! HoopsHype

Sonny Weems: Guess the NBA guys that decided to go overseas are looking smart right now. I’m still over here collecting checks while others are looking for a job at BestBuy. But hey, sometimes I wish I was in the States watching some football games… My Arkansas Razorbacks might win a national title this year! HoopsHype

August 29, 2011 Updates

How did you feel when you heard that Sonny [Weems] was heading to Lithuania for the season because of this lockout? DeMar DeRozan: I was definitely happy for him because he’ll get an opportunity to play, but it’s funny. Last night my cousins were playing a game and I had realized like, man, if the lockout is over I’m not going to have my man Sonny out there playing with me. I think it hit me just last night that. Like, that’s not my teammate, I probably won’t be playing with him. You know what I mean? It was definitely crazy. It was crazy stuff. My cousins were playing a [video] game and they were playing with the Raptors. And it was just funny because it was like, ‘Hey, next year my man ain’t going to be on the team with me anymore.’ The Score

August 19, 2011 Updates

The Raptors have lost another player, but this one will come back if the NBA season gets played. Guard Leandro Barbosa has signed with Brazilian club Flamengo. Barbosa’s deal has an NBA out that will be activated whenever the lockout ends. Swingman Sonny Weems has already signed to play in Lithuania for the entire season, with no lockout provision. "I'm delighted to play in Brazil after so much time, 'cause Brazilian basketball improved a lot in recent years," Barbosa said. "I had proposals from China, Turkey and other countries. But I was sure I'd be happy here." Toronto Sun

August 15, 2011 Updates

The reality of the NBA lockout is hitting home as the Nuggets' point guard Ty Lawson — one of the team's top players — said today he has signed to play with a team in Lithuania called Zalgiris Kaunas. Lawson said agreed Sunday to play for this team, which also features former Nugget teammate Sonny Weems. "It's the best situation for me to go out there," Lawson said by phone. "Being at home, I'm not saying I'm a lazy person, but I want to be in the gym. And plus, it's a new experience going out to Lithuania, so why not? It was a no-brainer. "And as soon as the lockout ends, I can come right back and be with the Denver Nuggets." Denver Post

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