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Arash Markazi: Speaking of Spencer Hawes, he's going to return to the court and play one-one tomorrow. He could be back as early as next week. Twitter @ArashMarkazi

Melissa Rohlin: Spencer Hawes' "Christmas suit" is very special. He even laughed at himself in the locker room for his pants being so short. Twitter @melissarohlin

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Head coach Doc Rivers said Hawes “can play,” but he was held out Saturday. Hawes had his leg elevated in the locker room prior to the game and said there’s no specific timetable for his recovery. “I think it’s still early,” Hawes said. “We want to figure out exactly what the issue is and try to go forward from there.” NBA.com

Hawes has hurt his meniscus before and said he hopes that’s not impacted. There was obvious pain when Hawes came down on a foot going for a rebound and hurt his knee, but it wasn’t as bad as the uncertainty of what the injury was. “The pain’s one thing,” Hawes said. “That’s kind of like the initial thing. But then you just start thinking, ‘How did I land? What is this? Have I felt this before?’ You start going through your head and thinking eight months down the road what it could mean if it’s one thing, if it’s another. There’s a lot of emotions going through your head when you land awkwardly like that.” NBA.com

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But he has been unable to sway many teammates to his side of the political aisle. "In a league where the average salary is more than $6 million, how can there not be more Republicans?," (Hawes) asks. "I've asked guys before: 'What issue matters more than when the federal income tax went up 4 percent? What issue matters more than money?' Some guys think about it and say, 'That's a good point.' Other guys say, 'I grew up on federal assistance, and this is my way of giving back.' " NBA.com

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