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“I don’t agree with coach Van Gundy at all,” Silver said. “I just came for locker room spoke to the coach (Brett Brown). It is an insult to the entire league to suggest these guys are going out on the floor and aren’t doing their very best to win games.” Nobody is saying the Sixers aren’t trying to win once on the court. Even Van Gundy didn’t say that. He said the way they gutted the team gives the Sixers little chance to win. So Silver tried to address that issue. “Now if what Stan Van Gundy is addressing is what appropriate rebuilding, which every organization goes though and it’s not just sports,” Silver said. Philadelphia Inquirer

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Redick is one of the first players Clippers coach Doc Rivers targeted when he came to Los Angeles. He had unsuccessfully tried to make deals to get him when he was coaching the Boston Celtics. He knew the Clippers lacked a 3-point threat last season and there was nobody better to stretch the court than Redick. He also knew he was getting something more when he talked to former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. "When I was talking about him with Stan Van Gundy, he said, 'You think you're getting a shooter, but you're shocked that you're going to get so much more,'" Rivers said. "He's a playmaker. He's tough and he's always in the right spots on defense and the best part about him is that he tells everybody the truth, even the coaches, and that's a good thing. ESPN.com

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How important was Stan for you? Marcin Gortat: He was a godfather of my career. He basically taught me everything. He gave me the discipline, he told me the most important things in basketball. He taught me what to do, how to act and how to prepare yourself for the game. He taught me basically everything about the game, this guy is always going to be the guy that I'm going to always appreciate for everything he did for me. If one day he's going to back in the league, I would like to play for him. SB Nation

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The Houston Rockets prove that you don't have to bottom out like the Orlando Magic are doing in order to rebuild into a championship contender. Or so says former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy points to Houston GM Daryl Morey, who has chosen to always try to put a competitive product on the floor while the Rockets have built themselves into a contender. The Rockets have had six straight winning seasons and still have managed to acquire Dwight Howard and James Harden over the last two offseasons to make themselves a serious contender to win the Western Conference next season. Orlando Sentinel

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Jeff Van Gundy had said Erik Spoelstra bound for Hall of Fame I talked to Stan VG & he agrees Spoelstra's reaction? “This is the most ridiculous. “We’re talking summer league,’’ Spoelstra said after the Heat’s summer-league practice Saturday. “The Van Gundys, it’s widely documented that I’m very close to them. I didn’t actually hear that from Jeff, but Stan is one of my closest friends and through Stan I’ve gotten to know Jeff over the years. They’re just great people. The Van Gundys have had a major influence on my coaching career, in particular Stan.’’ Sulia

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