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November 25, 2014 Updates
November 24, 2014 Updates

How about Brandon Jennings, the league’s worst shooting point guard the last few years, now blaming Stan Van Gundy in comments to Detroit media: "If you ask the question about why we're not making shots, we don't shoot. We don't shoot in practice. We haven't really had a chance to work on our games or anything. When we do have shootarounds, we're not able to get up shots like we should. I just think if you're going to have shootaround in the morning, I think it's good that you get loose and you should work on shots that you're going to take in the game. Even before, after practice, we've got to start getting in the gym, just working on our game more." Who’s stopping him? NBA.com

November 22, 2014 Updates

Brandon Jennings didn't have the greatest of weeks but the Detroit Pistons point guard said Friday that his team's errant shooting may be reparable with repetitions. "If you ask the question about why we're not making shots, we don't shoot," Jennings said after Friday's 99-89 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. "We don't shoot in practice. We haven't really had a chance to work on our games or anything. When we do have shootarounds, we're not able to get up shots like we should." Booth Newspapers

November 20, 2014 Updates

"Caldwell-Pope got it and you know he doesn't have any heart, so we knew he was going to miss," Morris said. Van Gundy wasn't going to let such an insult slide. "I'm not quite sure - maybe he knows - I'm not quite sure what Markieff Morris has accomplished in the league that gets him to the point of mouthing off," Van Gundy said after today's practice. "I mean, I don't like the mouthing off anyway. "It seems to me you should at least participate in a playoff game before you do. But maybe not, maybe that's not the standard anymore." Detroit Free Press

"I wouldn't use the words that I feel sorry for them, because it's not that type of game," Van Gundy said, "but I have empathy for those guys who finished and how hard they played and everything else, the effort they gave to try to get that done." Booth Newspapers

November 15, 2014 Updates

Jennings is shooting 49.3 percent (37 of 75) over the last five games, including 53.1 percent (17 of 32) on 3-pointers. He scored 32 points in Wednesday's loss at Washington, then 29 more in Friday's win at Oklahoma City. "You look at his shooting percentages, particularly over the last five or six games, you look at his assist-to-turnover ratio, and he's only 25 years old and he's starting to get it now," Van Gundy said after the Pistons' 96-89 overtime win at Oklahoma City. "He's starting to play efficiently, not just throwing up a lot of shots and getting points. His shooting percentages are going up." Booth Newspapers

November 11, 2014 Updates

So he preached what he has preached with regularity lately -- transition defense, blocking out on rebounds, adhering to defensive game plans, setting good screens -- at his post-game press conference Sunday and again at his pre-game press conference Monday. He then watched the Pistons fail at every single element as Chicago took a 60-44 halftime lead. "We didn't guard anybody," Van Gundy said. "They had 60 points, they had 12 fast-break points, at halftime. We didn't guard anybody. We didn't compete." Booth Newspapers

November 3, 2014 Updates

Van Gundy said Martin is feeling better and Meeks can now begin some more aggressive conditioning work. Even Gigi Datome is in the mix, he said. And he blamed himself for not getting Jonas Jerebko--a 3-point threat from the power forward position--in Saturday'’s game while playing Josh Smith 44 minutes. "“I didn’'t find minutes for him and I think that was a mistake,"” he said. "“As I told these guys today, we are truly in this together. They'’ve got to get better at some things, but it'’s not like I’m laying it all on them. There are some things where I'’ve got to get better and one of them is, at some point here in the near future, I'’ve got to do a better job with our rotation and who we’re going to play.”" NBA.com

November 2, 2014 Updates

Gores conceded: "Business is not always fun. Being successful is not always fun." But he added, "Stan has made me a better owner." He said they exchange text messages daily, meet frequently in person and talk on the phone when they can. "We should be at the forefront," Gores said of his franchise. "We have a history. We have a legacy." Booth Newspapers

Brooklyn's Joe Johnson didn't help him find any, scoring 14 points of a decisive 16-2 fourth-quarter run, and 34 for the game, but it's the offensive end where the Pistons have struggled even more. They are averaging 86.7 points and shooting 21.9 percent on 3-pointers. "I just don't have a great handle on our team, especially at the offensive end," Van Gundy said. Defensively, tonight, we got tuned up by a great player. But offensively, I've got to get a better handle, and I will. I'll keep working my butt off and we'll get it figured out. But I don't have it figured out right now. We'll get it rolling at times and not at other times." Booth Newspapers

October 31, 2014 Updates

"We just absolutely melted down, hung our heads, and basically, the group on the floor were willing to let the game go. They were willing to let the game go," Van Gundy said. "We got five guys in there who weren't willing to let the game go and we got back in it. "But that was very, very disappointing. That was the first adversity we hit this year and we failed the test badly." Booth Newspapers

October 26, 2014 Updates

The Pistons move on with Stan Van Gundy as head coach and president of basketball operations, and Laimbeer is optimistic he will succeed in Detroit. "I think he's going to be successful. He's the coach and the head of the operations so the players can no longer go around the head coach as they have for the past 10-12 years in that franchise," Laimbeer told Foster. "That in itself is a positive. He brings a new fresh air of competitiveness. There's some rebuilding to do with the fan base, no question about that, but he's a grinder and he'll get through it." Detroit Free Press

October 23, 2014 Updates

Stan Van Gundy took a question about the Detroit Pistons' vote on NBA draft lottery reform and turned it into a compelling lobby against maximum individual salaries for NBA players, which he deemed anti-competitive for elite players and teams alike. "They don't say to Bruce Springsteen, 'You can only get 25 percent of the proceeds and 75 percent's got to go to the E Street Band.' I mean, that's not the way it works," Van Gundy said Wednesday. Booth Newspapers

"If it were more of a free-market system, I think things would change," Van Gundy said. "I think you'd see greater parity in the league -- especially having the (salary) cap and no individual max." Booth Newspapers

October 22, 2014 Updates
October 14, 2014 Updates

Yes, he openly can discuss trades with other teams' personnel bosses, and consults daily with Pistons president of basketball operations and head coach Stan Van Gundy about ways to improve the roster, including trades. "That question is asked a lot," Bower said, referring to his trade empowerment. "But no matter what the structure is, the G.M. isn't going to make a trade without his head coach, his understanding of it, his involvement, his buy-in with it, because it won't work without that. In this case, we all have ideas about things. I'll have ideas that I'll take to Stan; Stan will give ideas to me, and scenarios that he'd like to look into. It's a constant exchange, back and forth." Booth Newspapers

October 13, 2014 Updates

What did the time off from coaching give you that you're using now? Stan Van Gundy: It gives you a little perspective to think about things. But quite honestly, it's not like I spent my two years off thinking about what I was going to do next. I was enjoying the hell out of it, quite honestly. I didn't even know if I'd go back to coaching. I just knew if I did, it would be a situation where the organization was very unified, where there wasn't front office and management pulling against coaches. The one thing I did do in the two years off was talk to coaches. NBA.com

Stan Van Gundy: So you're talking to all of these guys, and you realize it's a pretty rare situation in this league, to have a front office and a coaching staff that are truly aligned. Obviously, if you ask any of them, they all say they are. But when you talk to coaches, you realize it's a pretty rare situation. I knew I didn't want to go back to being in one of those situations. I didn't know what would happen. But that was the thing that appealed to me about the [Pistons] job as it was. Number one, that's what Tom Gores was looking for -- as he called it, at the very first meeting, he wanted more synergy between the front office and the playing court. That was music to my ears. People asked me, did you want control? It had nothing to do with that. I wanted the same thing he wanted. This is a pretty good model to get that, at least. I think because of the setup, we've got 40 people in basketball operations, and everybody is in the same direction. NBA.com

October 2, 2014 Updates

When Van Gundy replaced Joe Dumars as the top name on the basketball operations masthead, it was yet another change in a career full of them, but short on victories. Although the Pistons offered him a sizable contract, slightly larger than Smith's deal, Monroe turned down the security, preferring to take a one-year deal to have his freedom next July. "It's no disrespect to the people working here but it was just tough for me to agree to another four years with new people," Monroe said. "Honestly, if you were to ask the average person would they do that in the arena they're in, they'd say no." Detroit News

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