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The Chicago Bulls are one of the teams that reached out to the veteran guard, but Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has said that there is another team gauging interest in D-Wade. According to Smith on Friday night’s SportsCenter, the Dallas Mavericks have reached out to Wade. FanSided

July 7, 2014 Updates

Speaking on First Take, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said the Knicks and Sixers have had conversations about a deal that would send Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert to the Philadelphia. Although what the Sixers would send back isn't clear, it likely wouldn't be much more than a draft pick or non-guaranteed contract player, as the Knicks would do the deal to clear cap space. Newark Star-Ledger

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ESPN personality and First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith has long been an outspoken New York Knicks fan. Needless to say, he was not pleased after the Knicks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Indiana Pacers on Saturday. Here’s what he posted on his Twitter account Sunday morning: I'm DEPRESSED right now, Ladies and Gentlemen. Not going to lie. Can't sleep. Won't eat. Don't wanna work! But I'll be on FIRST TAKE in AM. For The Win

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Stephen A. Smith on ESPN radio: Then this past weekend, at All-Star weekend – I haven’t’ seen anyone report it, so I guess I’ll be the first. Coach Gregg Popovich dropped a few f-bombs in Dwight Howard’s direction, during All-Star break. Now why is that guys? Because during the timeout, Gregg Popvich drew up a play for Dwight Howard, in the game… except when it was time to run the play, Dwight Howard wasn’t in the game, wasn’t paying attention, was on the bench in his warm ups chillin out socializing with folks, and Gregg Popvich almost went ballistic, and basically was cussing at him according to numerous people I spoke to since this weekend. So, all of that speaks to the focus, or lack there of, that the Kobe Bryant’s and others have alluded to with their comments over the last few months. You can’t have something like that. It’s an All-Star game and you have Gregg Popovich upset at you. beyondthebuzzer.com

October 26, 2012 Updates

During a discussion about Kobe Bryant’s foot injury on ESPN First Take Thursday morning, Stephen A. Smith said something that has the internet buzzing. It wasn’t completely audible so we cannot say for sure, but it certainly sounded like Stephen A. said “n**ga please” in the middle of one of his rants. The video was called to our attention by The Big Lead, and they are unsure of what they heard as well. We’ve seen him flip the bird during discussions on TV before, so you can’t completely rule out that Stephen A. had a slip of the tongue. It’s also not the first time he has been accused of using the “N” word on TV. Larry Brown Sports

October 25, 2012 Updates

Stephen A. Smith will not be reprimanded for saying the N-Word on First Take this morning, ESPN has determined. It appears the powers that be huddled for a couple hours this morning, and Stephen A. Smith convinced them that he didn’t say “Nigga please,” even though 99 percent of people who have seen the audio. His non-apology denial is laughable. “I’m a New Yorker! I speak very, very fastly!” (He really said that.) The Big Lead

September 17, 2012 Updates

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Stephen A. Smith, as one of ESPN’s most noisy and visible commentators, has plenty of people out to get him. Enter The Onion, one of America’s most famous – and hilarious – satire factories. Today they published the story entitled “Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument.” Decent enough joke, but what made it really funny is that Stephen A. Smith either didn’t click the link or was not familiar with The Onion. Needless to say, Stephen A. was not happy to hear such lies. The Big Lead

June 22, 2012 Updates

Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was a guest on ESPNs First Take on Friday morning and took a number of shots at the media for the way they cover sports, and took no exception to singling out Skip Bayless, who hosts the show with Stephen A. Smith and Jay Crawford: “It’s not just Skip, it’s sports writers, sports media in general where everything is generalities, ‘excruciating pressure,’ what the hell is that?” “You guys like to talk in complete generalities, where nobody can question you, right? You don’t ever use facts, you don’t ever use substance. [Y]ou have the presumption where people actually care what you say. They don’t.” SI.com

June 17, 2011 Updates

Shaquille O’Neal seems to have embraced the use of Twitter and social media to improve his marketing and personal status in the community. Stephen A. Smith: Shaq knew about social media before there was social media. He is not someone who manufactures his feelings just so he can try to connect with people. I know Shaq a long time. I have a lot of respect for him. Here’s why: He has no problem with me calling him out. When he was good, I said so. But when he played like garbage, I said so. The Big Lead

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