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October 25, 2012 Updates

Stephen A. Smith will not be reprimanded for saying the N-Word on First Take this morning, ESPN has determined. It appears the powers that be huddled for a couple hours this morning, and Stephen A. Smith convinced them that he didn’t say “Nigga please,” even though 99 percent of people who have seen the audio. His non-apology denial is laughable. “I’m a New Yorker! I speak very, very fastly!” (He really said that.) The Big Lead

September 17, 2012 Updates

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Stephen A. Smith, as one of ESPN’s most noisy and visible commentators, has plenty of people out to get him. Enter The Onion, one of America’s most famous – and hilarious – satire factories. Today they published the story entitled “Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument.” Decent enough joke, but what made it really funny is that Stephen A. Smith either didn’t click the link or was not familiar with The Onion. Needless to say, Stephen A. was not happy to hear such lies. The Big Lead

June 22, 2012 Updates

Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was a guest on ESPNs First Take on Friday morning and took a number of shots at the media for the way they cover sports, and took no exception to singling out Skip Bayless, who hosts the show with Stephen A. Smith and Jay Crawford: “It’s not just Skip, it’s sports writers, sports media in general where everything is generalities, ‘excruciating pressure,’ what the hell is that?” “You guys like to talk in complete generalities, where nobody can question you, right? You don’t ever use facts, you don’t ever use substance. [Y]ou have the presumption where people actually care what you say. They don’t.” SI.com

June 17, 2011 Updates

Shaquille O’Neal seems to have embraced the use of Twitter and social media to improve his marketing and personal status in the community. Stephen A. Smith: Shaq knew about social media before there was social media. He is not someone who manufactures his feelings just so he can try to connect with people. I know Shaq a long time. I have a lot of respect for him. Here’s why: He has no problem with me calling him out. When he was good, I said so. But when he played like garbage, I said so. The Big Lead

June 9, 2011 Updates
February 2, 2011 Updates

The mercurial sports personality and journalist Stephen A. Smith has rejoined his former employer, ESPN. Smith, who previously hosted the short-lived television show “Quite Frankly,” will write for espn.com and, in the words of the press release, serve as a weekly “local” radio host for the Los Angeles and New York markets with a concentration on NBA coverage. One show will air on 1050 ESPN in New York from 7-9 p.m. ET and another on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles from 6-8 p.m. PT. Interesting definition of local. Orlando Sentinel

December 22, 2010 Updates

About a year ago, Steve Czaban’s long-running morning show was canceled by FOX Sports Radio and replaced by Stephen A. Smith. The idea was to provide a different sound from the competition in the East Coast morning drive slot. Stephen A. did just that and did it well, but his style was not for some folks. Because of that reason, FOX wisely offered affiliates a second morning show option — the Zakk and Jack show with Dominic Zaccagnini and former Colts QB Jack Trudeau. Tuesday it was announced that Stephen A. would be leaving his morning show and Zakk and Jack will become the network’s morning show. Stephen A. will play the new role of NBA analyst for the network, which likely means guest spots talking basketball. Larry Brown Sports

July 9, 2010 Updates

Smith predicted that Chris Bosh and James would join Dwyane Wade in South Beach during his morning radio show on June 28, saying, “You’re only as good as your sources. LeBron James is going to play with Dwyane Wade in South Beach. Chris Bosh and LeBron James are going to Miami Heat. It’s not official, but I’m telling you LeBron is going to the Miami Heat.” To the dismay of the “Screamin’ A” doubters and critics, 10 days later that’s exactly how the dominoes fell. Sports Radio Interviews

Smith On whether NBA commissioner David Stern likes James’ move: “I think he would be because I think when you look at it for what it’s worth, the fact of the matter is that you’ve got a juggernaut. You’ve got a franchise that everybody’s going to be chasing and everybody’s going to be trying to measure up to. I think that’s incredibly significant, there’s just no way around it. That’s the way I look at it. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan. I like the evil empire. I like the team that everybody’s shooting for, trying to knock them off their pedestal. I think that’s what ultimately made the [NBA] great.” Sports Radio Interviews

Smith On the expectations of the Miami Heat this season: “The Miami Heat, they don’t have to beat the Lakers, but if the Miami Heat don’t get to the NBA Finals or they lose to anybody else other than the Lakers, this season is an abject failure. They must get out of the Eastern Conference, they must be playing in the NBA Finals, and unless they go against Kobe Bryant, they have no excuse to lose in the NBA Finals.” Sports Radio Interviews

July 8, 2010 Updates

Fox Sports Radio sent out a release about how Stephen A. Smith was right. If he hadn't sent an ass-covering tweet just before 9, I'd agree. Twitter

June 28, 2010 Updates
June 24, 2010 Updates

The pay cable channel, which has found critical and ratings success over the past few years with original shows such as "Dexter," "Nurse Jackie" and "Weeds," is in serious talks with Stephen A. Smith, the outspoken sports commentator about hosting a late night talk show. Smith who first rose to prominence as a sports columnist at the Philadelphia Inquirer, is no stranger to anyone who watches ESPN or Fox Sports. Besides being a regular on ESPN's basketball show "NBA Shootaround," he also had his own show on ESPN2 called "Quite Frankly." Smith, who is known for his brash style, hosts a nationally syndicated radio show. Los Angeles Times

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