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April 26, 2015 Updates

Equally devastating from long range and on drives to the hoop, Curry scored 39 points, and the Golden State Warriors took a 109-98 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night, completing a sweep of their first-round playoff series. "I knew he was crafty, I mean, a great shooter," Davis said of Curry, who averaged 33.8 points in the series. "There's nothing you can do. You try to pressure him and run him off the (3-point) line and he'll hit incredible shots in the lane. You back off so he won't drive, he's going to hit a 3. So you've got to pick your poison and he's a tough player to guard. That's why he's (a candidate) for MVP." USA Today Sports

Curry added that the key to the Warriors' first-round success was confidence. Golden State completed its sweep with a 109-98 victory over the Pelicans in Game 4. "Tonight was a little bit different because you had the pressure to close out the series," Curry told Yahoo Sports. "We had a huge 3-0 lead and you want to make it as easy on yourselves as possible. As long as defense travels every night we will be fine. I think that showed tonight." Yahoo! Sports

April 24, 2015 Updates

“I’ve been in the league 25 years, and I can’t go back and say that anyone can shoot the ball off the dribble like Steph can,” Gentry told SI.com last week. There’s evident pride when Gentry describes the sacrifices made by former starters David Lee and Andre Iguodala. There’s satisfaction as he recalls seeing the instant chemistry during team dinners back in the fall. When Draymond Green’s name is mentioned, Gentry chuckles. “We’ve asked him to guard everyone from LaMarcus Aldridge and Anthony Davis, to two-guards. He’s the heart and soul.” And there’s a touch of awe as he considers Kerr’s ability to boost Golden State by 16 wins, a feat that saw the first-time head coach finish second in the Coach of the Year voting to Atlanta's Mike Budenholzer. “It’s like golf,” Gentry mused. “It’s easy to go from shooting 120 to 95. [Kerr] took a golfer who was in the high-80s and he’s got them shooting in the high-60s now. That’s really, really tough.” Sports Illustrated

NBA coaches are usually a little anxious about their players having multiple off nights in New Orleans, a city filled with top-notch cuisine, great music and plenty of opportunities for all-night fun and trouble along Bourbon Street. But don’t count Warriors head coach Steve Kerr among the apprehensive. “I don’t worry too much about our guys,” Kerr said. “They’re in the hotel, watching movies and playing video games. … I don’t think you’ll see anybody at Jazz Fest.” San Francisco Chronicle

April 22, 2015 Updates

How important was it to you that Kerr was so respectful of Mark Jackson and all you guys had done and still were doing? -CURRY: It was important–I guess it would’ve been weird if he didn’t, because there’s no denying the foundation we built the last couple years under Mark and culture change that he was responsible for. I don’t think he could’ve handled it any other way. Especially to the guys that were so openly backing coach Jackson when the whole thing happened. So yeah, he handled it well. San Jose Mercury-News

Are there still some Mark Jackson in this team? Where would that be? -CURRY: That’s a tough question. I mean, we’re the same core guys that he had and the experiences that we went through the last two years are still with us. That’s basically it. He got us to a certain level in the playoffs and we tried to go a little further but we couldn’t get it done. But I think those experiences we went through will help us this year get over that hump. And that’s going to be a big deal. San Jose Mercury-News

April 21, 2015 Updates

Stephen Curry was sprinting through the Oracle Arena hallway into the Warriors locker room, so everybody had to move aside. Even Mark Jackson had to move. Maybe especially Mark Jackson. I didn’t see Curry make any gesture to Jackson or even slow down on his way through the locker room doors before Saturday’s Game 1, which Jackson worked for ABC. San Jose Mercury-News

I saw Jackson’s reaction, though: The former Warriors coach was startled at first, smiled quickly as Curry blew past him, and then walked away with a small shrug. These two men are still friends; Curry still credits Jackson for lifting the Warriors out of the muck; and in fact, Steve Kerr gained credibility with Curry by praising Jackson from the moment Kerr took the Warriors job. San Jose Mercury-News

And Kerr has allowed the Warriors leaders to keep remnants of Jackson’s tenure, including the “Just us!” chant at the end of every team huddle and the poster that remains in the locker room: “mUSt be jUSt about US”. Jackson, of course, never would’ve allowed a slogan from a previous administration in his locker room. But when Curry and others asked Kerr to keep some of these Jackson traces, Kerr quickly agreed. “I guess it would’ve been weird if he didn’t (let the players keep some traditions),” Curry said, “because there’s no denying the foundation we built the last couple years under Mark and culture change that he was responsible for. San Jose Mercury-News

April 20, 2015 Updates
April 19, 2015 Updates

After making waves by previously backing Houston guard James Harden for the NBA's Most Valuable Player award, he didn't make an endorsement Saturday. But Jackson did say that Warriors guard Stephen Curry "very well may be the MVP of this league." In the first quarter, Curry easily drove for a layup around 7-2 backup center Alexis Anjinca on a mismatch, prompting Jackson to say, "That's Steph Curry: incredible basketball player." Contra Costa Times

April 18, 2015 Updates

Can you talk about when you were coming out? It seemed like the Pelicans would chop down leads, and when you came back in you would make a shot to kind of get everything back in order for the Warriors. Did you feel like you had on each of those occasions to do something when you came back in the game the way things were going? STEPHEN CURRY: I was locked in and focused the whole night. I think in those situations you obviously want to get the crowd back into it and there is a weird kind of tension. Especially in the second half is when they made a couple runs. But in the playoffs, you’ve got to expect anything. Whenever you’re on the floor, just try to make an impact. Obviously, if an opening comes or a shot is there and available, they’ll be able to take it. And we knocked down a couple and get us going, and got our crowd back into it, and we fed off that energy. San Jose Mercury-News

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