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May 26, 2015 Updates

"I was texting people at home, and asking them what they were saying on TV," Sonya said. "They were texting me, and telling me stuff they were saying on TV, that he was running in the hallways and everything. But these are strong men, and with the adrenaline they'll keep doing stuff just to get out there and to not disappoint their team. I'm still not convinced (that he's ok). I need to talk to him, and I need to just see where his head is. For one, just to assure him that we support him, but also (to tell him to) think long term." USA Today Sports

May 25, 2015 Updates

All eyes are on him, the Warriors franchise is staked to his shoulders, there is a championship on the line, and Curry has never been better ... or more at peace. "It feels normal, really," Curry said from the middle of the media maelstrom before the Warriors' Sunday practice at Rice University. "I feel comfortable. I feel ready for the moment, and able to kind of just block out the extracurricular stuff that could distract you from the focus on the court. "Pretty content with where we are and just hungry to keep getting better and keep doing what we're doing." San Jose Mercury-News

"The beauty of Steph is he is who he is," coach Steve Kerr said. "He's reserved but competitive. He's modest but arrogant. "It's an incredible combination of confidence and humility and the way it manifests itself in the game ... it's really fun to watch." Let's just roll through what the NBA MVP has done in the Warriors' last six games, all victories, all with the stakes increasing each day. San Jose Mercury-News

May 24, 2015 Updates

Curry, who is averaging 29.9 points per game (47.5% shooting overall, 44.8% from three-point range), 6.6 assists and five rebounds per game in the playoffs, admits that he has never put together a hoops meal as tasty as this one. "Yeah, because the moment is bigger," he said. "And anytime you play well in games that matter, in big-time moments, it means a lot more. I'm just trying to be as consistent as I've been, is most important. (It's not) putting up crazy numbers, just consistently trying to help your team win is the biggest thing. USA Today Sports

Marc Stein: The offensive rebound you grabbed yesterday, sneaking inside, outfoxing Dwight to the ball... How proud are you of that? Stephen Curry: Probably my best rebound to date. Just the right place at the right time. He didn't see me coming in. Got the body on him, I was just able to grab it with one hand... In the playoffs, random stuff like that happens, and you just want to try to impact the game in any way you can. ESPN.com

Trevor Ariza‘s nose was practically in Curry’s mouthpiece, but he still got it off — and it still went in. Curry turned to the fan — the look of astonishment on the face of his female companion was the stuff of Deadspin glory — removed his mouthpiece and glared. “I don’t even remember what he said,” Curry said. “A four-letter word I can’t repeat. That’s when I turned and said, ‘Sit down,’ just having fun with him. If they want to talk, hopefully they can take some back.” CBSSports.com

And in a flurry of cold-blooded daggers -- off the dribble, catch-and-shoot and in the corner where one particular fan got under his skin, Curry showed a different side of himself, even if it is still in the formative stages. Steph Curry, villain. "It's fun, playoff basketball, and you get hecklers -- guys up close who paid a lot of money for those seats and want to get their money's worth," Curry said after dropping 40 points on the Rockets in a 115-80 evisceration of Houston that gave Golden State a 3-0 chokehold in the best-of-7 series. CBSSports.com

Saturday, that facade came tumbling down, leveled by bombs Curry launched from behind the arc. The Curry-led Warriors deadened any notion they have an equal in the Western Conference and confirmed what Warriors fans had come to learn all season. This team is historically good. And that dude Curry is on another level. "Steph was Steph," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "He's the MVP. He's had a brilliant season. ... I mean, it was remarkable, just a tremendous performance." Contra Costa Times

"I think it's the ball-handling that leads to the shot," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. "People ask me all the time who I would compare him with. I played with Mark Price years ago. Mark had a skill set that was really fun to watch, great ball handler, quick pull-up on a dime. Steve Nash, although Steve really preferred to make the pass and he was a reluctant shooter, could still shoot off the dribble. "But I don't think we've seen anybody this quick, [with] ability to create space and then pull up and six, seven feet beyond the line, with this kind of fearlessness and confidence. He's really something." NBA.com

May 23, 2015 Updates

Warriors guard Stephen Curry is only one 3-pointer away from matching Reggie Miller's record of 58 for the most from long distance in a single NBA postseason. Curry can break the record in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals at Houston on Saturday in his 13th playoff game this season. Miller, who set the record playing in 22 games in 2000 for Indiana, appeared happy to pass the torch. "As for my record, the great rock band Queen says it best, 'Another One Bites The Dust,' " Miller wrote Friday on Instagram. "Mr Curry, the floor is yours!!" Oakland Tribune

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