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I saw an interview with Kobe the other day and he was saying camaraderie was overrated. You guys seem to have the loudest, most involved bench in the league — does that matter? Stephen Curry: Yeah. You gotta have everybody into it and know the five guys on the floor have those guys on the bench that are supporting them, keeping them into it. Everybody's locked in. For a team like we have where everybody plays and contributes, you gotta have that sense of unity. When guys are standing up, clapping and talking on the bench, everybody's engaged, you usually play better. CBSSports.com

You said on Twitter that you don't anticipate getting into coaching after all this. Why not? Stephen Curry: I hope to play until I'm like 38 or something, and that's a lot of years in the game and a lot of travel and a lot of sacrifice on my family's part. That's more what I was thinking about long-term — being able to spend time with my kids that'll be somewhat grown by then, and enjoying life outside of basketball. I want to be involved in the game somehow, but I think just the time commitment of coaching is not very attractive to me if I play as long as I plan to play. CBSSports.com

Can you tell me a bit about your thesis on tattoos? Stephen Curry: Still in progress. But it came about during the lockout. I was taking classes on campus at Davidson. I was in my stats class, my methods and research class — it wasn't my favorite. I was in the car one morning before class, on the way up there, and Carolina Panthers football was the topic on sports radio on the way up there. And they were talking about Cam Newton and his run-in with the owner of the team, Jerry Richardson. They were talking about how the first thing Jerry Richardson asked was, ‘Do you have any tattoos?' And Cam said no. And Jerry Richardson said, ‘Good, keep it that way.' It became a big debate as to why he asked that question, what he was inferring about his background. And, too, basically, limiting Cam's freedom of expression and how that would be being negative right off the jump. So I was trying to figure out a topic a week prior and that one was just like, I'm in the right field to interview people and to get inside stories and background from all sports. I wanted to see where it goes. CBSSports.com

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Looking back, that’s the big takeaway for Field. Though he didn’t play beyond Grade 12, he has these great memories from the year he shared the court with future NBA all-star. “People talk about the basketball side a lot, but what for me stood out was that he was just a really down-to-earth, humble guy. He did not have any big head about it, even though he was clearly the best player in Ontario at the time,” said Field. “He was then, and I’m sure still is, an excellent guy.” Toronto Star

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There are just two games in the NBA today, so the pool is pretty shallow. All of the teams feature upstart offenses, highlighted by Russell Westbrook. He'll eat up 18% of your cap at $9,000, but he has netted at least 45 FantasyScore points in nine of 10 games. He has scored at least 50 in six of those. Stephen Curry ($9,000; 18.0%) came back from an ankle issue with 48 fantasy points Tuesday night, and he's a nightly option as well. HoopsHype

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Warriors guard Stephen Curry is scheduled to speak at the White House on Wednesday in support of the fight against malaria and could meet with President Obama. Curry, whose team plays at Washington on Tuesday, for the past three seasons has donated three insecticide-treated mosquito nets for every 3-pointer he makes as part of the United Nations Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign. Curry traveled to Tanzania in 2013 as part of the campaign to assist in the distribution of 38,000 bed nets, which are designed to be cost-effective in helping families in sub-Saharan Africa avoid malaria infection. San Jose Mercury-News

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Lacob describes Kerr as, “exactly who he sold himself as,” which, says Fraser, is one of Kerr’s best attributes. “There’s no bulls--tting about him,’ says Fraser. “He may be a bit nerdy, but you can’t say he’s not an honest, real guy. He does a good job of explaining and talking, not just commanding.” As for Curry, he says he likes that Kerr didn’t, “try to come in and be the hero and reinvent the wheel when it came to what we were good at.” “He’s very mature for a first time head coach,” says Curry. “To be able to have an awareness of the bigger goals, not just having the best record right now.” Green agrees: “He don’t let us settle for mediocrity in anything.” Sports Illustrated

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