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November 5, 2013 Updates

Stephen Curry: Great start to the roadtrip. That man @Andre Iguodala was em fuego tonight. #dubnation Twitter @StephenCurry30

November 4, 2013 Updates

But two days after committing a career-high 11 turnovers in a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, Curry turned the ball over seven times in Saturday's win over the Sacramento Kings. "That's unacceptable to me as his coach," Jackson said, according to CSNBayArea.com. "But more importantly, he knows it. So there is no sense in me beating him upside the head." ESPN.com

Jackson, who dished out the third-most assists in NBA history during his 17-year playing career, told CSNBayArea.com that he has not considered benching Curry. "What will not happen is (me) taking him out," Jackson told the web site. ESPN.com

November 3, 2013 Updates

I recently calculated the probability of reaching the N.B.A., by race, in every county in the United States. I got data on births from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; data on basketball players from basketball-reference.com; and per capita income from the census. The results? Growing up in a wealthier neighborhood is a major, positive predictor of reaching the N.B.A. for both black and white men. Is this driven by sons of N.B.A. players like the Warriors’ brilliant Stephen Curry? Nope. Take them out and the result is similar. New York Times

October 31, 2013 Updates
October 17, 2013 Updates

Neither side wants negotiations to linger too long into the season, which opens Oct. 30 for the Warriors, so they expect some type of resolution to come quickly. Either Bogut will sign a three-year extension with the Warriors, or he'll use this season as an audition for the other 29 teams in hopes of landing a four-year deal in July. "For sure, it's good to hear that they're talking," point guard Stephen Curry said in a phone interview from Shanghai on Wednesday. "We kind of hoped that this would take place, sooner rather than later. He's a guy who has put in the work to get healthy and has shown how important he is to our team. Hopefully, this all works out." San Francisco Chronicle

October 13, 2013 Updates

Stephen Curry: Once we finished practice, we grabbed some box lunches and took a two-hour bus ride to the Great Wall. It’s a pretty severe walk up the hill to get to the cable car lift to take you to the top, so guys got a good workout even after practice. We got to a stop along the Wall and got some good photo ops and then we walked about 500 meters from one tower to another. We got a photo of everybody in black Global Game sweat suits, and (owners) Joe (Lacob) and Peter (Guber) were right in the front with a great background. It’s going to make a nice picture for everybody’s Christmas card. San Francisco Chronicle

October 11, 2013 Updates
October 10, 2013 Updates

It's Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry going to Tanzania and delivering mosquito nets to families trying to prevent malaria, the leading killer of children in Africa, according to the grassroots organization Nothing But Nets. Or it's Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol visiting Syrian refugees in Iraq. Or it's Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving traveling to South Africa on behalf of UNICEF and the NBA's Basketball Without Borders program to help transform lives through education. Or it's Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez going to Africa with the Clinton Foundation to help provide clean water to developing communities. "It warms my heart because we talk about the values of sports and the fact is our players have outsized influence on youth around the world and for them to recognize that and to use that in a positive way is spectacular for the kids and causes and good for the NBA," NBA Commissioner David Stern told USA TODAY Sports. "It's also wonderful for the growth of our players as well. We couldn't be happier and we don't push them into many of these things. They just do it." USA Today Sports

Curry spent 2½ days in a refugee camp in northwest Tanzania, home to 66,000 Congolese refugees. It was Curry's first time in Africa. "It's really, really heartbreaking. It's tough to see but I'm really glad I went and could bring that story home," he said. "I wanted to see the faces of the people we were helping and hear their stories. and it drove home the point of why I've been involved for so long. So many people need those nets." USA Today Sports

October 7, 2013 Updates

Me: What is your challenge to Steph this year? MJ: My only thing with Steph, and he knows it, is that he has to do a better job taking care of the basketball. I asked him before camp started, what's the biggest thing for him in camp? And he said 'taking care of the basketball.' And I said, no. And he looked at me like I was crazy. And I said, no -- coming out of camp healthy. That's the biggest thing. So I don't want to put any demands on his body, or doing crazy stuff in the middle of practice, trying to split two guys and spin. Take care of the basketball, continually get better, and stay healthy. That's our biggest thing, anyway. We've got guys who was here a month early. So I don't have to run 'em crazy or go two a days five times. We did it twice the first two days, and in those situations, our night practices were moreso dummy offense, no contact. So there was no need. They came here early. I'm not going to punish them. They should get rewarded. NBA.com

October 6, 2013 Updates

Iguodala revealed in an interview with ESPN The Magazine that his decision to sign with Golden State was due to more than simply getting the chance to play alongside Stephen Curry. It turns out Iguodala is a lot more shrewd with his money than people might have assumed, and that he is already preparing himself for his post-playing career. “I thought the Bay Area would be a great spot for me,” Iguodala told Sam Alipour. “There are just so many opportunities out here. I’ve got my mind on tech funds and venture capital funds. That’s what I want to get acquainted with. In fact, my financial team has already started laying some of that groundwork.” NESN.com

Curry's ankles are fine. He didn't do much, totaling less than 15 minutes in the first half, but did provide one of the highlights of the night. After a first-quarter steal set up a breakaway, Curry looked as if he were ready to throw a lob to Barnes. But Barnes conceded, giving Curry the breakaway. He threw down a one-hand dunk. San Jose Mercury-News

October 1, 2013 Updates
September 27, 2013 Updates

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry has left Nike to become the centerpiece endorser for Under Armour, sources told Yahoo Sports. Curry, 25, has developed into one of the NBA's best players, its most devastating outside shooter and one of its most coveted endorsers. Yahoo! Sports

September 26, 2013 Updates

Tim Kawakami: Stephen Curry signs with MoGo mouthguards, also repped by Colin Kaepernick. Wouldn't be surprised to see them in an ad together soon. Twitter @timkawakami

September 23, 2013 Updates
September 6, 2013 Updates

"I'm 25. Still young. But I know the drill. I know the expectations," Curry said in a chat with local media after working out at the team facility Thursday. "For me to have the same coaching staff, the same leadership, for three straight years is big. ... We have the stability for us to make that move (to another level), and I hope to lead that charge." Certainly, Curry's not alone in leading the locker room. David Lee and center Andrew Bogut share the leadership load, and Andre Iguodala figures to eventually emerge as a leader. But not even Curry's reputed humility can help him escape the pedestal on which he is now perched. Oakland Tribune

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