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June 5, 2013 Updates

Pride wouldn't let Jackson accept that, and he admitted as much Tuesday. After showing the initial flash of anger when talking about Popovich, he later said Popovich knows him well, and that the release “was best for me so I wouldn't go crazy.” Or, as Jackson said Tuesday, again smiling, “I wouldn't want me on the team, either.” Still, Jackson insists he was right to not bend, in part, because he was right the previous time he left the Spurs. Then, after the 2003 championship, Popovich was equally blunt. San Antonio Express-News

April 18, 2013 Updates

While some face termination for not working hard enough, former Spurs forward Stephen Jackson said he was dismissed from the team for wanting to give more. “We had a disagreement,” Stephen told Sister 2 Sister about his most recent coach Gregg Popovich. “He wanted me to agree to players being better than me, and I didn’t agree. I’ve been in the NBA a long time, so it’s just something I didn’t agree with and something I have no control over. He’s the coach. He controls who plays, and he controls the team, which I do respect. At the same time, I know what I can do and what I been doing my whole career, and I’m far from ready to hang it up. So, I can’t let one person tell me where I’m at 35-years-old. To me, it just didn’t make no sense.” S2S Magazine

However, the NBA veteran said if the Spurs’ management had either granted him more playing time or released him from his contract earlier, he may have been able to help another team advance to the playoffs. “It was talked about before the all-star break, before the trade deadline…about me not wanting to be here and me going to other teams, but they wouldn’t do it then,” Stephen explained. “If they would have done it then, I would be on another team right now.” S2S Magazine

While he’s not sure what team he’ll end up on, Stephen is confident that he’ll have a lot to offer as he has in the past. “I went to Golden State and helped them get to the playoffs my first year there, and they haven’t been to the playoffs in 13 years. I played in Charlotte…and I got them to the playoffs. So, every team I go to, I make them better,” said Stephen, who considers it a blessing just to be in the NBA…and on the court. “I don’t want to be a guy who’s just sitting on the bench stealing money,” he said. S2S Magazine

April 17, 2013 Updates

McGrady won’t find it nearly so easy back in the NBA, where he averaged 5.3 points last season with Atlanta. There’s some speculation that McGrady’s addition had been the end goal all along. But at this point, the most likely explanation is probably the simplest: The Spurs excised what they viewed to be a cancer, and they needed a warm body to help pick up the slack on a Spurs bench that suddenly isn’t so deep. San Antonio Express-News

April 13, 2013 Updates

Six days before the regular season ends, the playoff-bound San Antonio Spurs surprisingly waived forward-guard Stephen Jackson on Friday. Another team can claim Jackson for the remainder of the regular season, but he is ineligible to play in the postseason because he was waived after the March 1 deadline for waived players to play in the playoffs. USA Today Sports

April 12, 2013 Updates

The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they have placed forward Stephen Jackson on waivers. Jackson, who was in his second stint with the Spurs, saw action in 55 games this season, averaging 6.2 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 19.5 minutes. A 13-year NBA veteran, Jackson has appeared in 849 career games, averaging 15.3 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.30 steals in 32.1 minutes. NBA.com

After recurring disagreements with his coach about his diminishing role, the San Antonio Spurs released forward Stephen Jackson on the cusp of the playoffs, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Spurs had threatened the release for several days, but Jackson was still surprised that coach Gregg Popovich carried through with it on Friday, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

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