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August 30, 2012 Updates

A former star Georgia Tech point guard and NBA All-Star was sued in Richmond Circuit Court last week for defaulting on a loan on investment properties that included a commercial building in Petersburg. U.S. Bank, which is servicing a bundle of loans originally owned by Wachovia, sued Stephon Marbury and several of his investment entities — one of which is called Starbury GSA — for $3 million. Marbury’s nickname as a high school phenomenon was “Starbury.” Richmond BizSense

August 29, 2012 Updates

The last we heard from Stephon Marbury, he was navigating his new life—a rebirth if you will—in China. Then, just days ago, he reappears in our inbox like an apparition, with news of how everything has panned out: GQ, What's up! How are you? This is Stephon Marbury. I wanted to send you some pictures from China. After winning the championship in China they had a million people vote in a week to build a statue because I couldn't win MVP by the CBA rules. They placed the statue on the lawn of the 2008 olympic basketball arena. I also did a book deal with the Beijing publishing group. I just wanted to share this with you because you saw the turn around from one point to another. Be well and take care. Love is Love! GQ.com

June 27, 2012 Updates

Stephon Marbury has gone from Chinese professional basketball player, to CBA champion, to Beijing city hero, to bronze statue… and now to published author. An autobiography, Wo Shi Ma Zheng Wei (I am Commissar Marbury), will hit Chinese bookstores on June 30th. From a Sina Sports writeup: “From Shanxi to Foshan to Beijing, the book gives the account of an NBA star who was completely ignorant of China and his transformation into a ‘Beijing Boy.’” The book will focus on Marbury’s life story from growing up in Coney Island, his days playing basketball in high school and college, his NBA career and finally three-year journey in the CBA that culminated with a league championship this season in Beijing. It will be sold for CNY 39.80 (roughly US $6.30). NiuBBall.com

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April 27, 2012 Updates

Marbury, who will play against Iverson for the Legends Tour’s first thee games, returned to Beijing yesterday after a short trip to the United States and was immediately supportive of Iverson joining up with a Chinese team next season. “I think [Iverson] will be rejuvenated if he played in China,” Marbury said on his Sina Weibo account (Chinese Twitter). “He would love the fans here if he played basketball here. I hope he can feel the love when he plays here in the coming games.” NiuBBall.com

April 10, 2012 Updates

Within hours, more than 200,000 fans had thrown their support behind the project; within a week, more than 1 million had voted in favor of pushing the statue into production. As of the latest update, dated April 10, the statue — which captures the moment Marbury lifted the CBA championship trophy, shown above — has been modeled in clay, "transported to the Jiangxi Province [and is] ready to start after the bronze work," according to a translation of a post from the HoopChina forums. Hit the jump for some shots of the model, thanks to HoopChina, with a hat-tip to Sean Sweeney at Dime. First, a (just about) full-size look: Yahoo! Sports

April 9, 2012 Updates

A few hours after the buzzer sounded, a "Build Marbury a Statue" campaign was launched at HoopCHINA.com, the largest sports website in China. Uneased by the Final MVP situation, fans started talking about giving Marbury a prize he deserves. In less than a week, 1.02 million fans at HoopCHINA have voted for the idea of building Marbury a life-size bronze statue. It was also decided by voters that the statue should capture the moment he grabbed the CBA championship trophy. Hupu.com

Marbury has tweeted: "I can't begin to thank you for making the gesture of making a statue of me. Words can not explain how I felt when I heard this ... " He has more than 353 thousands followers in SINA Weibo (twitter in China). Hupu.com

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April 3, 2012 Updates

In his own locker room, he’s Ma Dao, the undisputed leader of the team. He is lauded as an on-court coach by head coach Min Lulei. His Chinese teammates point to his positive attitude and work ethic as major reasons this year’s team came together so quickly, going from an eighth seed in last year’s playoffs to champions. Two rookies, Zhu Yanxi and Zhai Xiaochuan, both of whom played critical roles in Beijing’s success this year, were selected to the National Team training camp roster this summer; they credit Marbury with helping them achieve that. NiuBBall.com

April 1, 2012 Updates

Good thing Stephon Marbury's making bank playing ball in China -- because his L.A. mansion was just sold at a foreclosure auction. According to new court docs, obtained by TMZ, Stephon owed $3.1 million on the 7-bdrm 8-bath 8,000 sq. ft. L.A. property -- and the house was just sold to a lucky buyer for $2.275 million. The docs don't say whether the bank plans to go after Marbury for the balance -- or if this settles his debt. TMZ.com

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