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Q: What’s it like to interview with Steve Ballmer? Gillian Zucker: He’s extremely intense. It’s question after question after question. He’s also very specific, and he expects very specific answers. You definitely need to know your stuff to hang with him. But, he’s got this incredible energy, and he’s got a brilliant mind. In one of the meetings we had, he asked me a bunch of questions – kind of a series of questions. And, in his head, he did some sort of calculation and threw out to me, ‘Well then it means this.’ It was the type of thing that most people would need time and a computer – or definitely a piece of paper and a pen to process. He just did it all in his head. I just started laughing, and said, ‘If we’re going to hang together, I’m going to definitely have to carry a calculator.’ Orange County Register

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Steve Ballmer was pretty excited at the first fan rally after he took over the team. He was jumping around, high-fiving fans, giving us chest bumps. The media and the Internet ran with this. They tried to turn him into a joke. Ballmer was everywhere. People cut up his speech into a montage and put it on YouTube. All the players thought it was awesome. Personally, I love that kind of crazy. Ballmer wants to win no matter the cost. Donald Sterling didn’t care if we won — at least if it meant he had to spend money. It wasn’t just about spending money on players. For years, our training staff wanted to buy this sophisticated computer software that would let them scan our bodies and keep track of our progress throughout the season. Sterling wouldn’t sign off on it. The Players' Tribune

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Alex Kennedy: The Clippers' local TV deal only pays them $20 million per year. Some have predicted that number could jump as high as $80 million per year. Twitter @AlexKennedyNBA

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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer purchased the Los Angeles Clippers last month for $2 billion, and now he’s hinting at some changes for the basketball team. Ballmer’s not dropping coach Doc Rivers or any star players, but he is planning to get rid of iPads in favor of Windows. "Most of the Clippers are on Windows, some of the players and coaches are not," explains Ballmer in an interview with Reuters. "And Doc kind of knows that’s a project. It's one of the first things he said to me: 'We are probably going to get rid of these iPads, aren’t we?' And I said, 'Yeah, we probably are.' But I promised we would do it during the off season." The Verge

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Former Microsoft CEO and new NBA owner Steve Ballmer has filed a six-figure counterclaim plus damages against a longtime ex-Sonics assistant he says used his name to defraud investors. Ballmer also contends in the 33-page claim, filed Friday in King County Superior Court, that former friend and ex-NBA conditioning coach Steve “Hat Man” Gordon attempted to extort him into paying off his debts. The billionaire, who bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion in July, says Gordon threatened late last year through his attorney “to make false public statements about Ballmer unless Ballmer promised to pay Gordon money to keep him quiet.’’ Seattle Times

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"This is an important day for this organization," Clippers owner Steve Ballmer said in a statement. "I am excited to work with Doc for a long time as we build a championship culture that will deliver results both on and off the court. Not only is Doc one of the best coaches and executives in the game, but he continually embodies the hard core, committed and resilient character and winning culture that the Clippers represent. It was one of my top priorities to ensure that he was firmly in place as the long-term leader of this team." ESPN.com

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