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April 10, 2015 Updates

A sampling of activities for which Barnes has been suspended and/or fined while treating his teammates like family: Fighting Rafer Alston (2008), chucking a ball in the stands (2009), criticizing referees (2010), escalating a fight between Jason Terry and Steve Blake (2011), fighting Greg Stiemsma (2013), failing to leave the court in a timely manner (twice; 2013), kicking a water bottle into the stands (2014) and talking to fans/cursing at Suns owner Robert Sarver(2015). Amount in fines Barnes estimates he’s paid to the NBA during his career: About $500,000. What Barnes thinks would have happened if it had been him, and not James Harden, who “accidentally” kicked LeBron James in a sensitive region of the anatomy in a game in February: “I’d be put in jail. Or at least suspended for several games.” Sports Illustrated

March 14, 2015 Updates

There's a simple explanation for Stotts' lack of familiarity with Blake's statistical output. It's never happened before. Ever. The Blazers veteran point guard recorded seven assists and no other statistics in a 118-99 win over Detroit. Blake finished with seven assists, no points, no rebounds, no steals, no blocks, no turnovers and didn't attempt a shot or a free throw in 15:25 off the bench. Oregonian

Since 1985, only Jose Calderon has approached a stat line similar to Blake's. Calderon had scoreless game in which he didn't attempt a shot, grab a rebound or come away with a steal or block with the Raptors in 2005. But even Calderon managed to turn the ball over twice in 17:29. Blake's night was historically strange, but he insists it wasn't by design. "If I'd gotten an open shot I would've taken it," Blake said. "But I always looking to pass first though." Oregonian

February 25, 2015 Updates
February 24, 2015 Updates
February 19, 2015 Updates

The greatest No. 25 in Trail Blazers history left us Wednesday night, Jerome Kersey succumbing to a blood clot that traveled into his lung, and when news reach Steve Blake, the sadness went a little deeper, and had a little more meaning. Blake, the Trail Blazers top reserve, felt a special connection with Kersey that none of us can imagine. Blake, you see, wears the No. 25 that Kersey made so famous in Rip City. "It was always an honor to wear that number, knowing what he meant to the organization and the fans here,'' Blake said. Oregonian

By the time practice had ended, the word had come in: The NBA is allowing Blake to switch jerseys. Starting with Friday's game in Utah, Blake will now wear No. 5. Oregonian

January 6, 2015 Updates

Blake said he “absolutely” had interest in signing with the Lakers as a free agent this offseason. He reported the Lakers talked at the beginning of free agency, though they stayed in a holding pattern because of James and Anthony. “As soon as the Blazers made me an offer, I took it pretty quickly,” Blake said. “There were a lot of questions for the Lakers to answer before they could get around to someone like me. I wasn’t the first option. A lot of those things didn’t clear themselves up until it was too late.” Los Angeles Daily News

October 24, 2014 Updates
October 21, 2014 Updates

The Trail Blazers will be down a point guard as they navigate a preseason-ending three-game trip through Colorado and California. Steve Blake did not travel with the team because of an upper respiratory illness and will miss the final three games of the exhibition season. The Blazers' backup point guard is expected to be ready for the regular season opener, but his illness opens up minutes for a host of players hoping to make a last-second impression. Oregonian

October 4, 2014 Updates

Head coach Terry Stotts, meanwhile, was quick to point to the differing-yet-valuable intangibles each bring to Portland's tight-knit roster. "Steve is a consummate professional," Stotts said of Blake. "He's one of the hardest playing guys that I've been around and leads by example. He's very competitive." In Kaman, Stotts noted the value the veteran big man offers to Portland's younger centers, particularly in using size and spacing on the floor. "What he offers Joel (Freeland) and Meyers (Leonard) is some mentorship, as well as veteran knowhow." Oregonian

July 14, 2014 Updates

Lillard says the pickup of Steve Blake was “big” and added that he’s looking forward to playing alongside him. But he admitted that it was a bit difficult to wrap his mind around the fact that his “brother” wouldn’t be around anymore. “I was disappointed because that’s my brother,” Lillard told CSNNW.com. “He’s always been there for me. When I did something wrong, he was the first one showing showing me how I should have done it. “When I did something good, he was the first person telling me how proud he was of me. When I’m alone on the road, he’s the one that’ll come hang with me. That’s my guy. I thought he would be coming back, but I understand this is a business.” CSNNW.com

July 11, 2014 Updates

Essentially, the trade is both one big deal and three parallel smaller ones at the same time. The need to trade something for something is satisfied in the overall deal and thus does not need to be satisfied in each parallel smaller one. The relevant passage in the memo suggests that it is this practice that may be under threat. However, in the trade that the quoted passage above was in reference to (the MarShon Brooks/Steve Blake trade from the last deadline day), provisions were not circumvented. Provisions were not defeated. Things were worked around, yes, specifically Golden State's inability to aggregate Brooks's salary in trade. But the Warriors and Lakers (mainly the Warriors) did all their finagling within the rules set forth by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. They did not do anything here other than what they were permitted to do, and even if they had done, the league still approved the trade. Sham Sports

If the NBA feels that manoeuvring in the manner of the Warriors and Lakers above is contrary to the spirit of the Traded Player Exception and specifically to the use of non-simultaneous trades, then, fine. It pretty much is - on all but the most technical of levels, Brooks and Bazemore were traded for Blake in one deal, with only minutiae stating others. But it was also perfectly allowed by the very clauses the league signed up to in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. And if this is not the kind of matter that this passage of the memo refers to, then we will have to see what it is, because I have no other guesses. Nevertheless, whatever it is, this could be an interesting thing to watch develop. The NBA may be seeking to outlaw a practice it simultaneously permits. We shall see over time where the new boundaries lie. Sham Sports

July 10, 2014 Updates

But Blake said he does not have any lingering bitterness from being dealt twice, which he said was no deterrent to him from joining a team that made the second round of the Western Conference playoffs last season. "It's part of the business of basketball, it's part of the way things are run," Blake said. "So I never took it too personal. I think it's one of the reasons I can come back. I know it's a different general manager, different coaches, but even when I got traded away, Kevin Pritchard traded me, he brought me back the next year. It's interesting. But as long as you're a good person, you never know what can happen." Oregonian

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