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He had improved over the summer, he was doing what he thought the coaches asked, but the results weren’t translating on to the court as much as he had expected. A few days later, the coaches met with him again. There was more going on with Green than his skills. “A part of that was I was coming into a contract situation. It’s normal for that to be on your mind,” Green said. “(Kerr) and Gentry sat me down and they said listen, ‘We know the situation you’re in. We know you’re in a contract year, and you better believe we’re going to do everything we can to help you in your contract year.’ Coach Kerr said, ‘I’ve played in this league 15 years, I’ve been a GM, I understand all that stuff.’ That kind of helped me settle down. It was like, alright don’t go out there worrying about that. It’s the completely wrong thing to be worried about.” Basketball Insiders

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Kerr's first move spoke volumes: He assembled a first-class coaching staff, with lieutenants (Alvin Gentry and Ron Adams) who were better versed than him in critical aspects of the game. He never felt threatened by the players' fondness for former coach Mark Jackson and allowed them to keep several traditions from the Jackson era. He gained Curry's trust, inspired disillusioned center Andrew Bogut, managed David Lee's reduced role and convinced veteran Andre Iguodala, a longtime NBA starter, to come off the bench. "You're a huge reason why we're here today," Curry said as he turned to Kerr during the MVP acceptance speech. "Thanks very much for being you." Contra Costa Times

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Kerr also claimed to be unaware of the constantly changing narrative as this Western Conference Semifinals series between the Warriors and Grizzlies plays out. The latest is that the Warriors, said to be in trouble entering Game 3, have gained a big edge by winning that game. "It's chatter, 24 hours of chatter," Kerr said. "I don't know any of this. Honestly, I don't read anything during the playoffs. That's why I didn't know about Monty." CSNBayArea.com

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Q : When you put your staff together, did you have a dynamic that you wanted to get, and has it met that expectation? Steve Kerr: Yeah. I wanted experience on either side of me. And then I wanted this, right here, what you’re seeing. I wanted guys like Luke or Jarron who had just finished playing, who could get out on the floor and be more physical with the players. This is really important. Luke and Jarron, any time we have injuries like we have today–McAdoo rolled his ankle, so he can’t scrimmage. For those guys to jump into a 3 on 3 is huge. For them to be able to go to one of our players and say, ‘When I guarded Dwight Howard, this is how I approached it.’ You need some hands-on experience from guys who have actually done it. But I also needed the wisdom of experience that Ron and Alvin bring. San Jose Mercury-News

Q: Alvin is focused on the offense, Ron on the defense. But do they bring different general viewpoints to the game beyond that? Do they balance off of each other? Steve Kerr: There’s given and take with all of us. But they really see the game totally differently. Alvin sees it from an offensive perspective; Ron sees everything from a defensive perspective. I believe Ron would like to win a game 4-2. And I don’t think Alvin would mind winning 138-130. So it’s good to have those two different looks and approaches. They balance each other out and they complement each other. San Jose Mercury-News

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Curry’s carefree confidence stands out among this group of ultra-assured elite athletes. It’s a linchpin of a game that’s casually daring. It may partly be due to his NBA upbringing, but he’s famously at ease on the big stage. “I don’t think this is a confidence issue at all,” Steve Kerr said of Curry, after a Sunday film session. “I think it’s more, 'Let’s figure this out; let’s get better shots, let’s be more patient, let’s use our fundamentals.' That’s the part that he has to sort through. But it’s never a confidence issue for him.” ESPN.com

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