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May 13, 2015 Updates

Kerr also claimed to be unaware of the constantly changing narrative as this Western Conference Semifinals series between the Warriors and Grizzlies plays out. The latest is that the Warriors, said to be in trouble entering Game 3, have gained a big edge by winning that game. "It's chatter, 24 hours of chatter," Kerr said. "I don't know any of this. Honestly, I don't read anything during the playoffs. That's why I didn't know about Monty." CSNBayArea.com

May 12, 2015 Updates

Q : When you put your staff together, did you have a dynamic that you wanted to get, and has it met that expectation? Steve Kerr: Yeah. I wanted experience on either side of me. And then I wanted this, right here, what you’re seeing. I wanted guys like Luke or Jarron who had just finished playing, who could get out on the floor and be more physical with the players. This is really important. Luke and Jarron, any time we have injuries like we have today–McAdoo rolled his ankle, so he can’t scrimmage. For those guys to jump into a 3 on 3 is huge. For them to be able to go to one of our players and say, ‘When I guarded Dwight Howard, this is how I approached it.’ You need some hands-on experience from guys who have actually done it. But I also needed the wisdom of experience that Ron and Alvin bring. San Jose Mercury-News

Q: Alvin is focused on the offense, Ron on the defense. But do they bring different general viewpoints to the game beyond that? Do they balance off of each other? Steve Kerr: There’s given and take with all of us. But they really see the game totally differently. Alvin sees it from an offensive perspective; Ron sees everything from a defensive perspective. I believe Ron would like to win a game 4-2. And I don’t think Alvin would mind winning 138-130. So it’s good to have those two different looks and approaches. They balance each other out and they complement each other. San Jose Mercury-News

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May 10, 2015 Updates

Tim Kawakami: Asked Steve Kerr what he thought about this Tweet. He smiled and said: "Don't care." / Phil Jackson: NBA analysts give me some diagnostics on how 3pt oriented teams are faring this playoffs...seriously, how's it goink? Twitter @timkawakami

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May 6, 2015 Updates

Thompson embodied the Warriors offense, which looked very much like the old Warriors The home team managed just 90 points in its first loss at Oracle since January. They shot 41.9 percent -- something they'd only done five times during the regular season -- and missed 20 of 26 3-pointers. MVP Stephen Curry was 2 of 11 from 3. "It's been a dream season," Steve Kerr said. "It's the playoffs. This is kind of how it works. I thought we lost our poise tonight. We were in the middle of the second quarter and it felt like we were in desperation mode." San Jose Mercury-News

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April 21, 2015 Updates

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was named the NBA’s Coach of the Year, the league announced Tuesday. Budenholzer, in his second season with the Hawks, led the team to a franchise-record 60 wins and the top seed in the Eastern Conference. He guided the team to 38 wins and a playoff berth last season in his first year. The 22-win improvement garned him 513 points, including 67 first-place votes. The Warriors’ Steve Kerr was second with 471 points, including 56 first-place votes. Jason Kidd of the Milwaukee Bucks was third with one first-place vote and 57 total points. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jeff Zillgitt: Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer named 2014-15 NBA coach of the year, edges Warriros coach Steve Kerr by 42 points Twitter @JeffZillgitt

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