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December 14, 2014 Updates

“It definitely helped being a GM, seeing the other side of it from being a player,” Kerr said. “You’re trying to figure out the pieces fitting and also seeing up close the daily ritual the team and coaches have. You feel it as a player, but it is different as a GM and now as a coach.” Kerr once worked televised games with Flip Saunders. Now they’re working opposing NBA sidelines. “You could tell there was no question he had a mind to be a really good coach and that was something he was going to eventually veer toward,” Saunders said. “It was just a matter of his kids growing up a little bit.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

December 12, 2014 Updates
December 11, 2014 Updates

Pete Carroll: It’s a big endeavor. It’s not just coaching X’s and O’s, and getting guys going, it’s trying to help people find their way at being the best they can be. And when you do that, we’ve created an atmosphere and a culture to kind of raise our guys in and support them, that needs a lot of flexibility and a lot of care and understanding and stuff, as well as the hard work and the push. So we try to mix all of that together. It made sense to Steve on some levels, and I was mostly just supporting him to be himself, find his voice and be the way he felt strongest and most confident, and that would be his best way. So whatever he’s done, it’s working out great. San Jose Mercury-News

December 9, 2014 Updates

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, informed of Barkley's "one big man away" comments following Monday's victory at Minnesota, took the criticisms in good humor. "First of all, knowing Charles' history with prognostications, that makes me feel great," Kerr said with a chuckle. "I feel better about our chances now if Charles said we are going to lose. "But as far as not being a low-post team, he's right," Kerr added. "We get a little bit of low-post scoring from Bogues. I'm really looking forward to getting David Lee back because he's our best low-post player and I think he'll provide some of that. But look, the strength of our team is our backcourt and our defense. That's who we are." Contra Costa Times

Golden State arrived at Target Center on Monday with a 17-2 record and a franchise-record winning streak that had reached 12 games, which was the NBA’s best record and best season start in team history. So did the Warriors do right when they refused to trade young shooting guard Klay Thompson to the Timberwolves last summer in a deal that would have brought them Kevin Love? “Apparently,” Warriors new coach Steve Kerr said slyly. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Warriors in October signed Thompson to a max contract extension, four months after they passed on Love to keep Thompson and Stephen Curry together on a team that reached the playoffs the past two seasons by winning 47 and 51 games. “These kinds of discussions happen all the time in the NBA, the difference now is they’re always public,” Kerr said about a trade on the verge of happening around draft time until the Warriors backed away. “You can’t have private discussions about anything. For me as a new coach, what I saw was maybe the best backcourt in the NBA and a chance to keep the group together. That’s pretty powerful, especially when you know you’re already pretty good.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

December 8, 2014 Updates

The Warriors responded to the imbroglio between Joe Lacob and Mark Jackson on Monday, a day after the team’s co-owner issued an apologetic statement for ripping the former head coach. “I think it’s unfortunate that it’s a distraction from what’s going on right now,” point guard Stephen Curry said before the team played Minnesota. “Obviously, we’re playing well. You can nitpick what’s different between this year and last year, but you’re talking about two great coaches. I feel like Coach Kerr is doing his job great, and Coach Jackson did his job the way he thought was right. Obviously, there was a lot of success with it.” San Francisco Chronicle

Curry seemed to appreciate Lacob offering the apology. “For him to apologize, it’s a big gesture,” Curry said. “My whole thing is not to discredit anything Coach Jackson did, because he was such a great coach for us and elevated a lot of our individual games. I’m proud of that and appreciate that. “Obviously, it’s a new era and a new experience that we’re in right now and that we’re enjoying.” San Francisco Chronicle

At a luncheon for venture capitalists on Dec. 3, Lacob said, referring to Jackson's firing, that "part of it was that he couldn't get along with anybody else in the organization. And look, he did a great job, and I'll always compliment him in many respects, but you can't have 200 people in the organization not like you." Lacob apologized on Sunday via email to Bay Area News Group. ESPN.com

Of Lacob, Curry said: "For him to apologize is a big gesture." "My whole thing is not to discredit anything Coach Jackson did because he was such a great coach for us and elevated a lot of our individual games, and I'm proud of that and appreciate that. And obviously it's a new era, a new experience that we're in right now, and we're enjoying it." ESPN.com

The Warriors will play Monday at Minnesota, which was involved in offseason talks regarding a trade that would have sent Kevin Love as part of a deal in exchange for Golden State guard Klay Thompson. Love ultimately was traded to Cleveland, and with Thompson averaging 21.2 points per game, the Warriors are 17-2. "Ultimately, here we are, and this is what we wanted," Kerr said of Thompson, who rather than being traded was signed to a contract extension through the 2018-19 season. "This is what we decided on, and it's worked out. "I think that's fair to say we all preferred to keep him. He's here." San Jose Mercury-News

December 7, 2014 Updates

Unlike some of the coaches who came in after Phil Jackson and bragged about ditching that triangle offense. Right, the one that helped win 11 titles? “The key thing I wanted to do was keep going what they’ve done and how good they’ve been,” said Kerr, who reached out individually to every player last summer. “I didn’t want to be the know-it-all-guy who came in and said, ‘We’ve got to change this, we’ve got to change that.’ This thing was already building and the foundation was already set. My whole approach coming in was ,’Let’s take what you have already done and let’s try to keep it moving forward; let’s try to get better.’ You can’t come in and be a know it all. You’ve go to come in and respect what guys have done individually and as a team and find out how can we get better. We have great guys, all very receptive. I found out they were incredibly coachable and willing listeners and good guys. You could feel right away this was a team that would have good chemistry.” NBA.com

“The way I’m coaching is the totality of my experience under a lot of different people,” Kerr said in an interview Friday. “Not just Phil and Pop (his coaches in Chicago and San Antonio, where he was on five title teams). Cotton Fitzsimmons and Lenny Wilkens and Lute Olson; you sort of take a little from each person. But what they all told me was to be yourself. They said you have to be yourself, that players will know if you are trying to do something that is not you. “I like humor, I like keeping things loose,” said Kerr, noted for his wry and sarcastic view of the world. “The thing I took from Pete (Carroll, Seattle NFL coach and a friend) is we do play music during practice at times, which I think is great; gets us going, players like it, puts a bounce in their step. Mostly, I’m just trying to incorporate my own ideas and beliefs into basketball and bonding wise; it’s easy to do when you have guys so willing to embrace and who were blossoming before I got here. And are that good.” NBA.com

"He's unique in the sense that he can look at it from a lot of different angles. From the perspective of a player, from that of a general manager, and now a coach. I think he's prepared well for this. He's one of those guys, I think anything he chooses to do he'll be successful at," Thibodeau said. "He's got a good team, a great staff and he's doing an unbelievable job. "I think the experience of being a general manager served him very, very well. So he had a chance to watch, to look at it from that angle, which is totally different from that of a player. And I think because of what he had to do to survive in the league, I think that's helped him as a player." CSN Chicago

December 6, 2014 Updates

While crediting Jackson for changing the Warriors' culture, Lacob said he didn't think the team "could be great" without removing a coach he characterized as unwilling to hire better assistants and disliked by many in the organization. "Right now, (Kerr) looks great," Lacob said at the Western Association of Venture Capitalists/National Venture Capital Association luncheon Wednesday. Oakland Tribune

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