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Do you miss television? Kerr: “I don’t miss Marv Albert at all. Let’s make that clear (laughs). You know, I loved it. I loved my job at TNT. As soon as they fire me I’ll probably be back there. But I think it was the right move at the right time for me. A TV gig allowed me to raise my kids and still be part of the game. Now that my kids are older and pretty much out of the house this is the perfect time for this move. I’m really happy.” Oklahoman

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"It's always that kind of uncertainty, what it's going to be like," Curry said. "He did a great job over the summer of reaching out to every single player, getting to know us, talking about what his expectations were, which made us a little more comfortable, for sure. But we're all grownups. We all can kind of compartmentalize your relationships, knowing that in situations Coach Kerr's coming in prepared for the job and trying to take us to the next level, and our job is to go out and play. He did a great job during training camp of keeping it light, keeping it fun, doing some things that are different." NBA.com

They go through center Andrew Bogut more than Mark Jackson did. And after thumping the Lakers Sunday night, the Warriors are 8-2 and two games clear of the Clippers for the Pacific Division lead. "We still want to push the ball -- I think we're number one in the league right now in pace of our offense, getting the ball up the floor," Bogut said. "Last season, the issue for us was when that wasn't there. What now? And it was usually one pass [and] iso. We have a lot of things in place where he wants to get ball movement and move the ball side to side, and he's emphasized that, and that's probably a key to our turnovers early in the season, because we're trying things that we're not used to. But I think it's going to get better and better." NBA.com

The Warriors are second to only the Sixers in turnovers per game, throwing the ball all over the building when at their worst. For a team that shoots as well as Golden State does, those empty possessions are often the difference between an easy game and stress-building, one-possession games. "Most of those turnovers are coming in the first two passes of a possession," Kerr said. "So it's the decision making. It's not that we're passing so much that we're overpassing. Most of our turnovers are just rebound, throw it out of bounds, or one dribble, and throw it off somebody's foot. So we're just trying to get better execution-wise, and it's going to come." NBA.com

Kerr implemented Carroll's practice of playing loud music during practice for the Warriors. "What I found in my career was, there's 82 games, hopefully more," Kerr said. "Every day can't be the same. Phil Jackson was great with that, and Pop. You didn't know what to expect each day. So I learned that from Phil and Pop. There was some music playing in Seattle [at practice], and I talked to Pete about that. He said, 'You know, it's food for the soul, and the players love it.' "And if you can do it at the right times, where they can still focus, that's important. Because the game is not played in a silent gym. It's played with pressure, and with noise. So the music can serve as a stimulant, as a motivator, but also as a distraction. Can you focus through that?" NBA.com

Most days rap wins the day, though Wednesdays are reserved for rock and heavy metal (and thus called "White Boy Wednesdays"). "I have to get on him a little bit to widen his arsenal of music," Bogut said, laughing. "No one will like it [but] I want my day. I listen to a lot of old rock and roll, old school rock and roll, some late '70s, '80s rock, [Bruce] Springsteen. And I listen to a bunch of Croatian music. I definitely can't put the Croatian on, because people will stop practicing and leave the gym. But I think the rock might pass." NBA.com

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But after choosing to spurn Jackson and what he’s trying to build at The Garden to instead choose to replace Mark Jackson and coach Stephen Curry and the Warriors, Kerr hasn’t looked back and hasn’t considered what it would have been like to work for one of his mentors. “I’ve been so busy, and I’m so happy here that I don’t give it much thought,” Kerr told The Post after practice Friday at the team’s Oakland, Calif., facility. “At the time, I knew my heart was here, in Golden State and in California.” New York Post

“My family is all here,” Kerr said. “New York would have been a world away from my family, from my roots, and really the attraction was to work with Phil. “That’s what made it such a difficult decision, but ultimately I knew, in my gut, that this was where I belonged, and I haven’t looked back.” New York Post

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