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April 22, 2013 Updates

"I sense the same thing now, but I just don't think physically he would be up to diving back in head-first into coaching,'' Kerr said. "My sense is that Phil wants to get back in in a different position. I don't think he wants to coach. Just the rigors of the travel would probably be too much for him. But I could see him in management, maybe not necessarily as a GM, but in a consultant role, or a vice president, where he's helping put together an organization. That's where I think he'll end up in some capacity.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

April 9, 2013 Updates

When TNT carries the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Golden State Warriors on Thursday (10:30 p.m. ET), the network is hoping that subtraction will end up being a plus. Calling the game that night: Steve Kerr, Chris Webber and Reggie Miller. Not a play-by-play man among the former NBA stars. Kerr says he won't be trying "to be Marv Albert or Kevin Harlan" but will act as "point man leading us to breaks. Maybe a little bit of a traffic cop if the game calls for it. It is more like three former players having a round table (discussion) almost during the game." So has Kerr informed the other former NBA All-Stars that the offense will be running through him Thursday night? "In no uncertain terms," Kerr says with a laugh. "Well put." USA Today Sports

March 30, 2013 Updates

Steve Kerr had left the Phoenix Suns a few weeks before the club elected to let Amar’e Stoudemire walk to New York. But the former Suns general manager agreed with ownership and the club’s medical staff that Stoudemire was a medical risk not worth taking. “Yeah,” Kerr said. “I was on board with it.” As Stoudemire recovers from yet another knee surgery and questions swirl over whether he’ll ever return to his All Star form, Kerr said he feels “sad” for his former player because “Amar’e just loves to play basketball.” New York Daily News

“What I remember is our orthopedic surgeon Tom Carter saying that generally after six to eight years after a player has a microfracture there could be problems,” Kerr told the Daily News. “We calculated he had a couple of good years left and that the back end of the contract could be a problem. “You never know for sure but you go with your experts and in this case it was Dr. Carter.” New York Daily News

March 21, 2013 Updates

As a lead CBS/Turner NCAA men's basketball tournament game analyst, Steve Kerr will be sitting courtside through coverage of the Final Four. But eventually, he might be prowling the NCAA sidelines -- as a coach. "Sure, I'd consider (college) coaching," Kerr tells USA TODAY Sports. "The college game is something I've loved and always been intrigued by, going back to when my dad was teaching at UCLA and I was a ball boy there." USA Today Sports

February 8, 2013 Updates

"I'm not really sure how often a team has dealt with what Houston is dealing with right now," TNT analyst and former NBA player and executive Steve Kerr said. "I respect what he's trying to accomplish and how he's trying to help people. That's important. "Usually what happens is if a guy is tough to deal with, you don't have the energy and resources to handle that with so much else going on. It takes a really, really special and talented player to really want to deal with it." USA Today Sports

January 9, 2013 Updates

Kerr is scheduled to work his first Bulls game for TNT when the Lakers visit the United Center on Jan. 21. But he has watched his former team several times and thinks, in a down year for the Eastern Conference, potential remains. "They have been great," Kerr said. "They have had some rough patches, which is to be expected. But they have been able to tread water, which is the main thing. If they can continue to do that and Rose comes back, whenever that is, and it gives them that boost, they're in a good spot. "The way the East looks, after Miami it's wide open. And Miami has shown cracks. The East is a lot weaker than the West and that plays to the Bulls' advantage." Chicago Tribune

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June 29, 2012 Updates

"We loved Jrue Holiday," Kerr said. "We were ready to make him a promise. We were picking at 14 and the agent didn't want to do the promise. He thought he'd go earlier. Well, on draft day, we thought we had a deal for Steph Curry and the deal hadn't gone through but we were pretty sure we were going to get Golden State's pick, which was seven". Arizona Republic

Steve Kerr: When Curry was available at seven, Golden State took him. We thought we've got a deal. It hasn't been consummated. So at 14, Jrue Holiday is still there and we go, 'Wait a sec, we've got (Steve Nash). We've got (Goran) Dragic, who we really like. We thought we're going to have Curry. We just can't take another point guard. We take Earl Clark, who we love for defensive purposes. Jrue Holiday has turned into a great point guard and Clark is still trying to find his way." Arizona Republic

June 21, 2012 Updates

But the coaching questions stopped there after Kerr quickly mentioned a scuffle with MJ when the two were teammates. "I disagreed with him one time," Kerr said with a chuckle. "I think he punched me in the face." CSN Chicago

June 10, 2012 Updates

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