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February 25, 2014 Updates

About 90 minutes before tipoff Monday night at Madison Square Garden, Leon Rose met Knicks general manager Steve Mills on the court. The two men walked under the stands and disappeared. Thirty minutes later, Rose emerged and shook hands with Knicks executive Allan Houston. They strolled together through the tunnel leading toward the Knicks' locker room. These meetings involving the highest levels of the Knicks' brass and Carmelo Anthony's agent came after two straight excruciating losses. CBSSports.com

January 22, 2014 Updates

It was around that same time that Chandler was spotted at the Knicks’ practice facility eating lunch with team president Steve Mills. That’s hardly a crime and not necessarily uncommon. But according to a source it was yet another reason for Woodson to be paranoid. Mills was hired to replace Woodson’s friend and former college teammate, Glen Grunwald, and Mills has not been overwhelmed by Woodson’s job performance. The Daily News reported last week that both Dolan and Mills would like to see Woodson hold the players more accountable. That edict was followed by Woodson when he benched J.R. Smith against Charlotte for insubordination. New York Daily News

January 16, 2014 Updates
January 2, 2014 Updates

J.R. Smith broke his silence on his brother Chris Smith getting cut Tuesday, saying he’s “over it.” Smith revealed he was called into a meeting the day before the official waiver where president Steve Mills broke the news to the two of them. The Knicks cut Smith to open a roster spot for big man Jeremy Tyler. “I wasn’t happy, but I couldn’t do nothing about it,” J.R. Smith said Thursday. New York Post

December 7, 2013 Updates
December 4, 2013 Updates

According to league sources with knowledge of the team's talks with potential trade partners, president/GM Steve Mills' management team has also cited Mike Woodson's coaching as one reason for Shumpert's poor play. "They're saying that Shumpert's a better player [than he's shown] but Woodson isn't using him right," one league source said. ESPN.com

November 22, 2013 Updates

A few days before training camp you changed general managers; why do that so close to the start of camp? Did something change from the start of summer to the end? James Dolan: I didn’t time it, per se, like that. I’m surprised other folks were surprised about this. The general manager’s work doesn’t really occur at that time of year. If you’re going to change general managers that’s probably the right time to do it. The next available trade date is Dec. 15. You’ve just finished free agency and all that. It’s a lull period. The timing didn’t really have much to do with that. It was more about an initiative I have going on with both teams that I hired McKinsey & Company [a Manhattan-based global management consulting firm] for, because as I’ve gotten to look at both our organizations, it’s become apparent that we really need to reprocess both teams. We were using a lot of — not old, but “classic” methods and now with technology, and what’s available to a team to help improve, I didn’t think we were taking advantage of those things. New York Post

So in evaluating these business solutions you came to the conclusion Glen Grunwald was lacking and Steve Mills a better fit? James Dolan: I hired McKinsey in the summer, and Glen is more of a “classic” GM, and he just wasn’t the guy to lead this initiative for the team, and it had to be someone in that position who could do it because I wasn’t going to do it. It needed someone behind it, someone who understood it, and that just wasn’t Glen’s forte. I think he was a good general manager, he’s got a great eye for talent, he knows basketball well, but the job description changed. New York Post

November 7, 2013 Updates
October 30, 2013 Updates

“In terms of an edict, we try to win every year,’’ Mills said before the Knicks opener vs. the Bucks on Wednesday night. “Our goal is to try to win the championship and be as competitive as we can possibly be.’’ There was an ESPN report stating Dolan told his coaches he “expects’’ to win it all — even after he fired Grunwald. However, one person said Dolan simply was expressing extreme confidence in his players. New York Post

Mills added he doesn’t have immediate plans to add another body to the front office but will “restructure’’ some of the positions. Assistant GM Allan Houston, player personnel director Mark Warkentien and pro scouting directors John Gabriel and Mark Hughes work under Mills. New York Post

October 28, 2013 Updates

Knicks president and general manager Steve Mills is now occupying Glen Grunwald’s seat and during Friday’s preseason finale against Charlotte, Allan Houston was seated to Mills’ left. No surprise there. But conspicuously seated to Mills’ right was Mark Warkentien, who could emerge as an important figure in Mills’ administration. Warkentien currently holds the title of player personnel director but, according to sources, he is regarded as a top candidate to become Mills’ top lieutenant. Mills’ strength is on the business side and his preference is to hire or promote an executive who will assist him in the day-to-day operations. “(Jim Dolan) felt in today’s environment of the NBA with the punitive nature of the tax structure and the salary cap that he wants to have an organization that is the best in the NBA,” Mills said last month. “He felt it was time to bring someone in who can take a look at every aspect of running a basketball business.'” New York Daily News

October 25, 2013 Updates
October 12, 2013 Updates
October 11, 2013 Updates

By all accounts a savvy businessman, Mills has a new job, perhaps his most pressurized position to date. As president and general manager of the Knicks, Mills will need to please a lot of hard-to-please people, including two in particular: James L. Dolan, the team’s capricious owner, and Carmelo Anthony, who can opt out of his contract next summer and become a free agent. It will be a high-wire act. “It’s a unique opportunity,” Mills said in an interview this week. “It’s about as close to being on the court as you can get, and that’s what I love about it.” New York Times

Unlike Mills, Grunwald had plenty of experience as a general manager when he took on that job for the Knicks in 2011. He acquired Tyson Chandler, toed the company line by generally avoiding interaction with reporters and coped with an onerous payroll (see: Amar’e Stoudemire) by surrounding Anthony with effective role players. “Well, I’m a big fan of Glen,” said Mark Bartelstein, a prominent agent. “I thought he did a good job, so I’m surprised from that standpoint.” New York Times

October 2, 2013 Updates
October 1, 2013 Updates

Steve Mills, the newly installed president and general manager of the Knicks, finally addressed his recent hiring and demotion of Glen Grunwald on Monday. While Mills revealed little of the back-room dealings involving the Garden that led to his hire, he did disclose plans to hire more people to work under him, immediately sparking speculation that he might find a position for Isiah Thomas. It was Mills, after all, who suggested that Jim Dolan hire Thomas as president of basketball operations, leading to one of the most tumultuous periods in Garden history. “I’ll definitely take an entire look at the organization, think about where there are holes and where I need to add people,” Mills said. “I would anticipate bringing additional people in.” New York Daily News

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