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As he has labored tirelessly through back pain for the last two years, Steve Nash all but confirmed the obvious when looking ahead on what the last year of his $9.7 million with the Lakers will mean for his NBA future. “I think this is my last season,” said the 40-year-old Nash in a video posted by Sport TV. But I still love to play, practice and work on my game. I’m going to spend hopefully many many years living this life without basketball. It’ll be nice to play one more year.” Los Angeles Daily News

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And, of course, Nash, might be a reserve. The Lakers would have waived him had they signed Anthony and Gasol, but now they'll eat the final year of his contract in one $9.7-million chunk instead of spreading it out over three years and taking up precious cap space in the summers of 2015 and 2016. Los Angeles Times

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Steve Nash: "Andrew (Wiggins) has shown a lot of interest and right now he not only has a lot of attention on him after a phenomenally trying last year, but his team is also really concerned about him and what he does and what he doesn't. But Andrew has shown interest and the Cavs have shown interest (in him playing for Canada). There's a chance he could be here this summer. I know he wants to be here but right now he has to fulfill his obligations to his (NBA) team." HoopsAddict.com

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Mike Bresnahan: I'm told the Lakers keep Nash for now. They have until September to decide whether to waive him and stretch his $9.7-mill salary over 3 yrs Twitter @Mike_Bresnahan

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A source said the Bulls would hope to engage the Lakers in sign-and-trade possibilities should they get a verbal commitment from Gasol. The Bulls would dangle the expiring $16.8 million contract of Carlos Boozer and likely would have to include sweeteners, possibly in the form of draft picks. Steve Nash has an expiring deal the Lakers have shopped in the past. Chicago Tribune

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Steve Nash has one year remaining on his contract with the Lakers, and has been very honest about his reasons for wanting to try to play next season, despite his recent lingering health issues. But when his playing days are finished, might he have a similar interest in pursuing a career in coaching? “Not really,” Nash said Monday, on a conference call with reporters to promote his annual charity soccer game, which will take place in New York on Wednesday. “I’m not necessarily interested in coaching at this point in my life. I would never say never, but it’s not on my radar right now.” NBCSports.com

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Should the Lakers look to trade Steve Nash before his final season of a three-year, $27-million contract, the veteran point guard would receive a 15% trade bonus. Nash is set to earn $9.7 million for the 2014-15 season — a trade would land him an additional $1.5 million ($11.2 million in total salary). It would be the Lakers' responsibility to pay the 40-year old guard's bonus, not Nash's new team. Los Angeles Times

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And things could really get interesting if the Lakers can find a way to package Nash with the No. 7 pick in a deal -- likely after July 1 -- that doesn't return any salary (say for a future draft pick or a veteran on a non-guaranteed deal) so they clear between $11 and $12 million in salary for this free-agent summer, giving them over $30 million in cap space to work with. That's enough so that if two of this year's superstar free agents -- LeBron, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, etc. -- each took a little less ($15-16 million each) and wanted to play together and alongside Kobe Bryant, they could form a pretty hellacious threesome. It's also plenty of money with which to woo one superstar on a max deal and player in the $10-12 million range, like Luol Deng, or re-sign Pau Gasol. ESPN.com

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So as a Canadian who's long lived in the U.S., who are you pulling for there? Steve Nash: My family's English, so I've always rooted for England. Then secondarily, I'm looking for Brazil. I love how they play. I love Neymar. I'd love to seem them win it in Brazil. Especially with all the protest and everything, I'd really love to see them do well in their home country. Mashable

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