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But with the Lakers completing just over half of the 2014-15 season, has the organization felt frustrated about Nash’s persistent absence while he remains under contract for $9.8 million? “None at all,” Scott said. “From myself and Mitch and guys that have played in this league that had to retire, you know what you go through when you retire. I don’t think any of us feel there is any type of pressure to try to bring him back anytime soon.” Los Angeles Daily News

Since then, Nash has mostly stayed distant with the Lakers. But Scott still expressed optimism Nash will mentor the team’s guards, namely rookie Jordan Clarkson. “I still haven’t given up hope on that,” Scott said. “I would still like for him to come around. If for nothing else, to talk to Jordan Clarkson and help him and tutor him a little bit. But as we’ve been talking all season long, (Nash) has to feel OK about that.” Los Angeles Daily News

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Before the Los Angeles Lakers boarded their charter flight on Christmas Eve to play the Chicago Bulls the next day, they got a surprise visit at the airport from Steve Nash. Nash has been away from the team since Oct. 23 when it was announced that he would be sidelined for the season with a back injury. At the time the Lakers said the door was open to Nash staying with the team in some capacity, but he stayed away. That could change soon. ESPN.com

"I think so," Lakers coach Byron Scott said when asked if he thought this was the first step toward Nash returning to the team in some capacity. "I think so." Scott and Nash didn't talk for almost a month after the point guard was ruled out for the season but have talked since then and Scott said he would like to see Nash come by the Lakers practice facility and be a part of the team if that's something he would like. ESPN.com

"It was great to see him, first of all, and for all the players to see him," Scott said. "It was a great gesture on his part to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. He still has to deal with the fact that his career might be over. That's still something he's wrestling with. I'm still inviting him to come around here for practice and to join in and just be a part of the team and part the coaching staff. That's something that he has to deal with and when he wants to and he feels he's able to do that, whatever time that might be, he'll be welcome with open arms." ESPN.com

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The "Millions March LA" took place on Saturday as a protest against the recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers. Lakers point guard Steve Nash was on hand participating in the march. Sporting News

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Steve Nash is the obvious example of how precarious health is at this point in a long career. Nash, who went from optimistic and healthy to out for the season/career in almost a blink before this year, showed up at the airport Wednesday when the Lakers were leaving—his first time back at a team function—to wish the guys merry Christmas. Still, Bryant’s belief is that he can recharge the old batteries. “I’ll get back to being healthy like I was at the start of the season,” he said. Bleacher Report

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Boston was dealing Rondo in the middle of the season, giving any potential suitors much less time to integrate him. It didn’t have a trade partner with the right combination of sweaty “WE HAVE TO WIN NOW!” desperation and good trade assets. The Lakers can try to sign Rondo this summer, which is why they were planning to cap their offer at Steve Nash, the Houston first-round pick they got with Jeremy Lin (likely to be in the mid-20s), and a second-rounder, per sources familiar with the matter. Grantland

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