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May 29, 2014 Updates

Per 48 minutes, Adams is averaging 3.85 blocks this postseason, more than Jordan (3.58), Ibaka (3.42), Hibbert (2.44) or anyone else that’s played substantial time. Adams had five in one game in the Memphis series. He had seven against the Clippers. He had four in 28 minutes against the Spurs on Sunday night, victimizing Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. “It's something I just kind of picked up now,” Adams said. “I'm big, so that helps with the tall guys, but in terms of timing, yeah, it's gotten a lot better. … I picked it up off Serge.” Oklahoman

May 23, 2014 Updates

Allen, still seething over what he thought was a series-altering altercation and proceeding suspension, was asked how much he hated Adams -- a hard-nosed rookie who has already become known as an agitator -- on a scale of 1-10 "Oh, man. I’m almost over that, man," Allen told the station. "I’m like 50, I’m like 50 right now. Because that’s one of his tactics. You don’t have to just play. That’s a measly guy. You don’t have the shine to do that, you guys up throwing cheap shots, things of that nature." Oklahoman

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May 9, 2014 Updates

There is an unvarnished naïveté about Adams’s muscular style, which may explain why Adams himself has not been ejected from a game. “He acts like he grew up on the farm chasing hogs,” Thunder center Kendrick Perkins said. Caron Butler, another teammate, referred to Adams as Tarzan. “When you play hard, a lot of guys don’t want you to play hard,” Oklahoma City Coach Scott Brooks said. “This is a competition, so you have to be ready to play against Steven Adams because he’s going to give you everything he has.” New York Times

At 13, he had two life-changing events. His father, who was in his 70s and whom Adams lived with on a farm in Rotorua, died. He acted out, skipping school, which he never saw as a means to an end, until his brother Warren, who lived in Wellington, took him in. It was then that he committed to basketball. “I just played it by ear,” said Adams, 20. “I played basketball seriously at 13, but I didn’t know where it would take me. I thought I’d be a rugby player. It turns out I’m not.New York Times

Adams can get under the skin of opponents, but he seems to have found the good graces of his teammates. He has two clear endearing qualities: a quirky sense of humor and an absence of pretension. He once auditioned for a theater production of “The Hobbit” in Wellington. “Sometimes you’re mad, and when you see him you start to smile because he cannot stop making people smile,” said Serge Ibaka, whose disposition is not always so sunny. New York Times

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December 23, 2013 Updates

Is it really as bad as it seems? "Yes," Ford said via email. "Really, only Victor Oladipo and Michael Carter-Williams are proving to be valuable starters at the moment. A few others like Trey Burke, Mason Plumlee, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Steven Adams have been solid. Giannis Antetokounmpo looks like he might be a big star down the road. But all of those players except Oladipo weren't even in the conversation for the No. 1 pick." Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 19, 2013 Updates

I watched Perry Jones III hand his gift card to the family he was with, pull out his own wallet and say, “I got it.” (Sidebar: Steven Adams was definitely the best player to tag along with. His kid wanted a certain Lego that came in a specific color. So Adams turned around and asked the Target employee with them if they had it. When she said no, Adams didn’t hesitate. “Oh, well I bet Walmart does.” Then he proceeded to try and haggle with her on the $39.95 price.) DailyThunder.com

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December 12, 2013 Updates

Early in the fourth quarter of the Thunder’s blowout win in Memphis, rookie center Steven Adams came down awkwardly during a rebound attempt, twisting his right ankle. Oklahoman

November 30, 2013 Updates

The Thunder played the second half without Kendrick Perkins, who suffered a dislocated finger. That's usually no big deal, except Gran Torino teamed with Ibaka to let the Warriors have little in the paint. Golden State took advantage of rookie center Steven Adams, who played in Perkins' stead. “There's no question they're an exciting team and they're tough to guard,” Brooks said. “Whoever plays either team is going to have their hands full.” Oklahoman

November 22, 2013 Updates

Adams, who was selected with the 12th pick of this year's draft and is fast making a name for himself on one of the NBA's best teams, got physical with Bogut in the match, won 116-115 by the Warriors. They had to be separated on occasion as referees threatened technical fouls against the pair. It all comes back to the underarm delivery, with New Zealand tailender Brian McKechnie needing an unlikely six off the last ball for a famous victory. The wounds haven't healed. "They cheated us from winning," Adams, the brother of Olympic gold-medallist shot-putter Valerie Adams, told reporters. "So from then on it just doesn't matter how nice you are - if you're an Aussie, we're not going to like you. "I search out Aussies and make it my job to make their lives miserable." SportsFan

The Thunder beat the Clippers 105-91 last night. At the end of the game Steven Adams of the Thunder tried to high-five Byron Mullens of the Clippers to say ‘good game’. The only problem for Adams was that Mullens was not interested in his high-five so had to high-five himself. Sportando

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