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December 19, 2013 Updates

I watched Perry Jones III hand his gift card to the family he was with, pull out his own wallet and say, “I got it.” (Sidebar: Steven Adams was definitely the best player to tag along with. His kid wanted a certain Lego that came in a specific color. So Adams turned around and asked the Target employee with them if they had it. When she said no, Adams didn’t hesitate. “Oh, well I bet Walmart does.” Then he proceeded to try and haggle with her on the $39.95 price.) DailyThunder.com

December 18, 2013 Updates
December 12, 2013 Updates

Early in the fourth quarter of the Thunder’s blowout win in Memphis, rookie center Steven Adams came down awkwardly during a rebound attempt, twisting his right ankle. Oklahoman

November 30, 2013 Updates

The Thunder played the second half without Kendrick Perkins, who suffered a dislocated finger. That's usually no big deal, except Gran Torino teamed with Ibaka to let the Warriors have little in the paint. Golden State took advantage of rookie center Steven Adams, who played in Perkins' stead. “There's no question they're an exciting team and they're tough to guard,” Brooks said. “Whoever plays either team is going to have their hands full.” Oklahoman

November 22, 2013 Updates

Adams, who was selected with the 12th pick of this year's draft and is fast making a name for himself on one of the NBA's best teams, got physical with Bogut in the match, won 116-115 by the Warriors. They had to be separated on occasion as referees threatened technical fouls against the pair. It all comes back to the underarm delivery, with New Zealand tailender Brian McKechnie needing an unlikely six off the last ball for a famous victory. The wounds haven't healed. "They cheated us from winning," Adams, the brother of Olympic gold-medallist shot-putter Valerie Adams, told reporters. "So from then on it just doesn't matter how nice you are - if you're an Aussie, we're not going to like you. "I search out Aussies and make it my job to make their lives miserable." SportsFan

The Thunder beat the Clippers 105-91 last night. At the end of the game Steven Adams of the Thunder tried to high-five Byron Mullens of the Clippers to say ‘good game’. The only problem for Adams was that Mullens was not interested in his high-five so had to high-five himself. Sportando

November 13, 2013 Updates
November 8, 2013 Updates
November 7, 2013 Updates

Carter got tangled up with Thunder rookie center Steven Adams under the basket with 4:01 to go in the third quarter. Adams instigated the tussle when he delivered a shove to Carter's neck area. But Carter, who has been in the league 16 seasons and usually keeps his cool, unleashed a sharp forearm or elbow to the neck and head of Adams. Carter got a flagrant foul, penalty two, for the play and was ejected from the game. Further penalties could be coming from the league office, which reviews all flagrant fouls. A suspension is not out of the question. Afterward, Carter was upset with his emotional lapse. Dallas Morning News

"I just want to apologize to the fans of both sides," he said. "There's no need for it. They're trying to clean up the game and make it fun for fans to watch. It was one of those things where I got caught in the moment and reacted to a reaction that was done to you. My intentions have never been that way. It's just one of those things." Asked if he thought the league would suspend him, Carter said: "It is what it is. There's nothing you can do. I hurt my team giving up free throws and points, so, I just have to deal with the consequences and move forward. It happened. Sometimes when you do something like that, you wish you could take it back. It was a physical game. We have a lot of history. All of them have been chippy and edgy." Dallas Morning News

After a physical loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki gave the Thunder's rookie center Steven Adams a new nickname: "the white Kendrick Perkins." Nowitzki's comment was in regard to Adams' willingness to mix it up down low, a trait that has earned Thunder center Kendrick Perkins a notorious reputation around the league. Adams was involved in an incident in the third quarter in which he and Mavericks guard Vince Carter exchanged elbows, with Carter being ejected from the game for his blow. Dallas Morning News

October 21, 2013 Updates
October 18, 2013 Updates

But Brooks said at practice Friday that the team doesn’t really have a plan to send Adams to the D-League, at least right now. Rather they’re going to just play things by ear and see what happens. “It’s something that we never talked about,” Brooks said of Adams and the D-League. “We just focus on what we do here. If players go down and play in the D-League in Tulsa that decision is made during that time. But right now, I’m not even going that way with any of our guys. We like to have our guys here because they need to understand what we do and how we do it and it’s great for them to have a chemistry with the new guys or the guys trying to make the team.” DailyThunder.com

September 12, 2013 Updates
September 5, 2013 Updates
August 13, 2013 Updates

Adams will also make an announcement on his international availability for the Tall Blacks and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that the news should be positive. In June Adams became the first Kiwi to be picked in the first round of the NBA draft when the Thunder selected him at No 12. He is unavailable for the Tall Blacks' series against Australia but is taking a short break from training in Oklahoma to make a string of appearances in New Zealand. Stuff.co.nz

July 18, 2013 Updates

Hopes of Steven Adams pulling on a Tall Blacks singlet against Australia next month have been dashed with the Oklahoma City Thunder saying he will remain in the United States to continue his NBA education. Basketball New Zealand had raised some optimism after declaring they were willing to stump up the $25,000-plus to cover Adams' insurance costs. The Tall Blacks play Australia in a home-and-away series which opens on the North Shore on August 14. But a Thunder spokesman told The Dominion Post that: "Steven will remain in the States to continue his training here during that time." TVNZ

July 14, 2013 Updates

When the ball is thrown up and it's time for business, it's hard to tell that Steven Adams is still two weeks shy of his 20th birthday. You also wouldn't imagine how laid back he is off the court. Food is one of his biggest fetishes. “He loves food,” said Liggins. “He goes crazy about food. Any food. He wants food.” Less than three minutes after Liggins revealed that information, Adams walked around the corner with a plate piled high with food. He was the only Thunder player to emerge from the locker room with a plate. “Food is amazing,” Adams said. “I love food. It's good. It's from my family, I guess. My family is quite big and we all eat a ton so I think that's where it came from.” Oklahoman

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