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July 27, 2013 Updates
July 26, 2013 Updates

Some in the crowd wonder if Brett Salap will ever shut up. Most accept that he’s part of an eclectic scene in Las Vegas. His sideline antics are met with curious smiles, quizzical looks and, sometimes, annoyed expressions. But the NBA junkies quickly fall in love. A dad tells his son to get a photo with him. "This guy knows everything!" Salap has attended every single Las Vegas Summer League since 2004. For most in attendance, summer league is a stop on the line, a step in the process, a window of opportunity. For Salap, it's the only place where he can truly feel comfortable watching the game he loves, and since the beginning, his act has always been the same. If he sat quietly, merely observing the action, you wouldn't know Salap from any other jersey-wearing aficionado. But he’s not quiet at all. Sitting in the first row, he’s the gym’s self-appointed play-by-play guy. Salap calls the game out loud with vivid accuracy, and is missing only a color analyst by his side. ESPN.com

He announces the result of a referee’s whistle before the call makes its way to the public address system. If points are accidentally assigned to the other team by the scoreboard operator, it doesn’t get past Salap. A call doesn’t go the way he sees it? He will give his opinion otherwise. But it’s not just the action unfolding in front of his eyes, Salap has an incredible ability to pull context out of thin air with his encyclopedic knowledge of pro basketball. Salap has Asperger's syndrome, which, according to the Mayo Clinic website, is a "developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others," and where the person has "an all- absorbing interest in specific topics." ESPN.com

Salap is 32 years old. His mother, Sharon Foster, takes care of him full time. He is capable of holding down a job, but his condition doesn't make it easy. He worked at a movie theater in Las Vegas at one point. ESPN.com

July 23, 2013 Updates

Last year’s list was topped by LeBron James, and bottomed out by Eddy Curry. Golden State Warriors swingman Kent Bazemore, at the time a unheralded perimeter worker probably assumed to be training camp fodder by ESPN’s voters, finished 499th on the list. Considering that there are 30 NBA teams and 450 available roster spots, this probably came off as an affront. This is why Bazemore has the number “499” stitched into the tongue of his shoes, a nod to those that thought he was 49 spots worse than the worst potential NBA player heading into 2012-13. CJ Fogler glommed onto the screengrab on Monday: Yahoo! Sports

The Warriors are your first-ever Las Vegas Summer League champions. Golden State defeated Phoenix 91-77 at the Thomas & Mack Center on Monday night, completing a perfect 7-0 run over the last 11 days. SI.com

Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas was officially named All-NBA Las Vegas Summer League MVP on Monday. Valanciunas was The Point Forward’s pick for MVP earlier this week after he averaged 18.8 points and 10 rebounds for Toronto. Joining Valanciunas on the All-NBA Las Vegas Summer League team were Bazemore, Bobcats guard Jeff Taylor, Bobcats forward Cody Zeller and Bucks forward John Henson. SI.com

He looked so bored. Unlike other high lottery picks from years past, the Cavs' off-guard was kept in the lineup until tournament play, and he didn't seem thrilled about it. Having said that, Waiters wasn't awful. He shot only 37 percent from the floor, but his superior slashing and scoring was especially apparent in this setting. He also played with a snarl, which broke up the long days of watching several mediocre basketball games in a row; after not getting one call late in the week, Waiters stopped dead in his tracks, glared at the referee and then ran back into the play. ESPN.com

Porter should be graded on a curve given that his all-around, Uber-Glue Guy style isn't the best fit for the structure-less brand of basketball played here, but you'd still expect one of the Big East's top scorers and the highest 2013 draft pick playing in Vegas to average more points per game than Arinze Onuaku. He'll probably fare better with better talent around him, but his three games before a hamstring injury shut him down were total snoozefests. ESPN.com

July 22, 2013 Updates

They were impressed with Goodwin’s athleticism, sure, but not particularly wowed by his shooting. He shot 26.6 percent from the 3-point line and, though he got to the free-throw line 6.4 times per game, made only 63.7 percent of his attempts. “I know what people were saying, but I thought that going into the draft was the best thing to do for me and my family,” Goodwin said. “I think it is a matter of, I need to work on my game and get better at my game, so I might as well do that in the NBA where I can focus on that all the time.” Sporting News

July 21, 2013 Updates
July 20, 2013 Updates

Now, the 26-year-old is back with the Lakers, playing with their NBA Summer League team in Las Vegas. He’ll likely attend training camp with L.A. and have another shot at making their regular season roster. “I think they’re interested,” Douglas-Roberts said of the Lakers. “They were interested last year, but things happen. It was a numbers game, which I fully understand. But I definitely think this is good a fit and it’s why I’m back this summer. “I’ve gotten great feedback. We had a great week of work and practice. We were doing two-a-days for four days straight. I feel like I practiced well, making guys better and getting guys involved. So far, I haven’t gotten anything but positive feedback.” HoopsWorld

LeGarie has helped turn the Las Vegas summer league into an event that keeps the league in the headlines well into July. What started as a six-team gathering that was thrown together on the fly in 2004 has blossomed into a 22-team assembly that includes a tournament, owners’ meetings and one of the few chances for agents and representatives from all 30 teams to meet in one place to hash out contracts, discuss trades and lay the groundwork for future deals. “We want it so that people know that there’s great basketball, but there’s also a way to break down the walls so that people can reacquaint, develop new acquaintances or in some cases repair old acquaintances,” LeGarie said. “There was a lot of face to face. We created something like the winter baseball meetings, where people can come in, converse, do business, and then get down to the business of basketball.” New York Times

LeGarie had been lobbying the league to bring the summer league to Las Vegas for a centralized event. Several satellite leagues had been run in the past in places like Colorado and Boston and on the campus of Loyola Marymount in California. But the fractured nature of the meetings made it difficult for schedules to be coordinated, and the door opened for LeGarie in 2004. Boston hosted the Democratic National Convention, leaving a dearth of hotel rooms for the teams scheduled to participate in the summer league. New York Times

July 19, 2013 Updates
July 18, 2013 Updates

The Knicks are also evaluating Toure Murry, who's been their most likable point guard during summer league, according to a player source. They value his 6-5 height, defensive abilities, scoring and playmaking ability in transition, and his improvements in running the point. The Knicks brought in Murry to see how he would handle the transition from the 2 to the 1, according to a player source. And he has been impressing them, but he still needs to work on his pick-and-roll game and decision-making. ESPN.com

Former Syracuse star Scoop Jardine has been added to the Cavaliers' summer league roster and will be available for today's 4 p.m. EDT game against the San Antonio Spurs. Akron Beacon Journal

Whether Knicks owner James Dolan has forever soured on Iman Shumpert is unsubstantiated. What is crystal clear is Knicks coach Mike Woodson preferred Iman Shumpert had played more than just one game in the Las Vegas summer league. Shumpert arrived late and left early. The summer league was sandwiched between two non-Knick events. One was the basketball camp Shumpert runs in his hometown of Oak Park, Ill., which kids pay to attend. The second was an NBA-sponsored trip China to be a league ambassador. New York Post

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