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Gibson took a cortisone shot at halftime, and there’s no real concern about him missing Game 1 on Saturday night. Rose’s status doesn’t appear to be up in the air, either, but with this Bulls team for this season, nobody’s taking anything for granted from an availability standpoint. “I took that at halftime so I’d be feeling a lot better come Saturday,” Gibson said. “I’m OK going forward. Got the shot, looking forward to feeling a lot better tomorrow. Another day of rest, practice, should be fine. “I was in a lot of pain all yesterday, even in Brooklyn I was in a lot of pain, but I just kept playing, trying to be tough, just trying to go after it and put my body first, put my body before the team, no excuses, gotta keep being tough. It’s that time of the year. Gotta push out all the excuses, all the negativity, and it’s time to go.” CSN Chicago

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Maybe it was Nazr Mohammed’s halftime speech, a stem winder after the Bulls trailed Miami 51-32 and shot three of 24 in the second quarter. “Nazr, he really chewed us out,” said Taj Gibson, who had all three second quarter scores. Maybe it was Derrick Rose in his second game back from knee surgery with a dozen points and drawing the defense with drives. “I think I attacked the basket a little bit more. I pushed myself to attack the rim,” said Rose. Bulls.com

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Taj Gibson thought about getting even when his longtime friend was shot in the head. Derrick Rose also lost a childhood friend to a gun, but he never wanted condolences. He and Gibson were simply talking about friends they've lost to violence. So did Bulls reserve Nazr Mohammed and former teammate Luol Deng. And so did several friends and siblings of Chicago teens who have been killed in recent years. They all appear in "You're Not Alone," an anti-violence video produced by Bulls center Joakim Noah and directed by award-winning author and documentarian Alex Kotlowitz. The video also serves as an invitation for people to talk candidly about the emotional toll of gun violence, much like several interview subjects did during the 8-minute film. Chicago Tribune

In the video, Gibson looks away wistfully as he recalls the slaying in 2010 of Charles Wynn on the porch of his Brooklyn home several months after Gibson finished his rookie season. "I thought about retaliation. I thought about it," Gibson says in the video. "It was right before training camp. My whole mind frame changed. I didn't care about anything. I was just so mad all the time. I was short-fused. "To this day I just sit in my room sometimes and I just think about it. I think about it every morning, every day. Even if I'm just daydreaming I just think about him." Chicago Tribune

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At the very least, Gibson, who revealed he has played through a grade-two ligament tear in his left hand for a month, reminded all about the passion and the purpose with which he plays, ingredients that the Bulls have lacked too often in a mostly joyless season despite their solid won-lost record. "There was a lot of speculation saying that I'm frustrated," Gibson said about his role behind Pau Gasol. "I'm not that kind of guy. Whatever team I'm on, whatever teammates I have, I'm team-first. I've never been a guy focused on shots. I've never been a guy focused on minutes. I'm about winning and trying to win a championship. Chicago Tribune

"It was severe," Gibson said. "Doctors didn't know what we could do. They put a big cast on my hand. Oh man, I don't wish that on anybody. But it's kind of almost healed up now. (Thibs) said, 'Never give a team any kind of uphill trigger point on you to try to slow your game down.' That's why I always remained quiet and whatever happens, whatever criticism I take, that's what I'm going to take." Chicago Tribune

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