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March 3, 2015 Updates

In the video, Gibson looks away wistfully as he recalls the slaying in 2010 of Charles Wynn on the porch of his Brooklyn home several months after Gibson finished his rookie season. "I thought about retaliation. I thought about it," Gibson says in the video. "It was right before training camp. My whole mind frame changed. I didn't care about anything. I was just so mad all the time. I was short-fused. "To this day I just sit in my room sometimes and I just think about it. I think about it every morning, every day. Even if I'm just daydreaming I just think about him." Chicago Tribune

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February 22, 2015 Updates

At the very least, Gibson, who revealed he has played through a grade-two ligament tear in his left hand for a month, reminded all about the passion and the purpose with which he plays, ingredients that the Bulls have lacked too often in a mostly joyless season despite their solid won-lost record. "There was a lot of speculation saying that I'm frustrated," Gibson said about his role behind Pau Gasol. "I'm not that kind of guy. Whatever team I'm on, whatever teammates I have, I'm team-first. I've never been a guy focused on shots. I've never been a guy focused on minutes. I'm about winning and trying to win a championship. Chicago Tribune

"It was severe," Gibson said. "Doctors didn't know what we could do. They put a big cast on my hand. Oh man, I don't wish that on anybody. But it's kind of almost healed up now. (Thibs) said, 'Never give a team any kind of uphill trigger point on you to try to slow your game down.' That's why I always remained quiet and whatever happens, whatever criticism I take, that's what I'm going to take." Chicago Tribune

February 6, 2015 Updates

After a Sporting News report surfaced that Chicago sixth man Taj Gibson had been “connected to much of the league the past few months” in trade talks, Yahoo Sports NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski told the Spiegel and Mannelly Show on Friday morning that he’d heard nothing of that sort in his discussions. “I have not heard anything involving Taj,” Wojnarowski said. “I haven’t heard that in my conversations with team executives. I’ve heard about a lot of names coming up in trade talks. His has not been one of them. Going forward for the Bulls, do they have a decision to make on Taj? Let’s say Jimmy Butler is going to get a max offer sheet (next offseason) or they have to get in front of a max offer sheet and offer a deal close to the max. CBS Chicago

Taj Gibson, however, he does. Especially when they regard the reserve big man possibly changing addresses by the Feb. 19 trade deadline. “Nah, I really can’t do that because I’ve been here for a while, and my name is always brought up in trade rumors throughout my career here in Chicago,’’ Gibson said on Friday, when asked if he was concerned enough to ask the front office about the talk. “It’s just one of those things that you have to put in the back of your mind, and continue to do your job. Of course things like that are going to happen when you look how our team has been playing, [rumors] are going to happen.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

February 5, 2015 Updates

The Raptors are one of several teams sniffing around for a roster upgrade, specifically at the power forward spot. A few names continue to surface around league sources when talking about Toronto, the biggest being Indiana’s David West, the next is Chicago’s Taj Gibson, then Denver’s Kenneth Faried and then there is a long list of B and C tier names that Toronto might consider at the deadline if all else fails. The Raptors are not offering much and that’s likely why there has been so little traction. There has been a long running joke among hoop heads that when Raptors president Masai Ujiri calls, you should say you are busy as you are about to get fleeced. Basketball Insiders

February 4, 2015 Updates

Gibson’s name has been connected to much of the league over the last few months, from Los Angeles to Toronto to Phoenix to Detroit to Portland. In recent weeks, he has not played with the type of energy for which he has been known, and there has been speculation that he is frustrated with the addition of Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol (though his playing time has not changed much). Gibson still has two years and $17.4 million on his deal, which is a problem in moving him. Sporting News

January 24, 2015 Updates

The Bulls’ front line of Gasol, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson helped Chicago outrebound Dallas 47-30. While the Mavericks got solid games from its starting big men — Tyson Chandler had his 19th double-double of the season and Dirk Nowitzki scored 24 points on 10-of-15 shooting — the rest of the Mavericks accounted for only 11 rebounds. “We needed to be tougher,” Carlisle said. “We need to be more hit-first.” Dallas Morning News

January 21, 2015 Updates

"It comes from within," Gibson said. "There's nothing more you can say. It's all about how much heart you have and how determined you're going to be. Like Thibs said before, we got to practice harder. We can't take days off. "Like Thibs said, everybody's got to put a little bit more into the jar." ESPN.com

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December 3, 2014 Updates

Nick Friedell: Bulls injury release says Gibson is out tonight. McDermott is questionable. No mention of Rose, Noah, Gasol. Good sign for Bulls. Twitter @NickFriedell

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November 29, 2014 Updates

KC Johnson: Bulls officially list Taj Gibson as out for Sunday. Gibson said as much Friday. Grew up blocks from Barclays Center so tough one to miss. Twitter @KCJHoop

November 28, 2014 Updates

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