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The Chicago Tribune reports from Bulls practice that forward Taj Gibson was sent home from practice after suffering an ankle injury over the weekend. But the good news is that Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol, who have been out for over a week with injuries, did practice, which means they could return to action for the Bulls' Monday-Tuesday back-to-back against Utah, and Denver, or at least one of the games. CBSSports.com

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KC Johnson: Noah is out and will meet team in Milwaukee tomorrow. Gibson a go. Rose will warm up and should be a go. Twitter @KCJHoop

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Privately, Gibson isn’t too thrilled with the prospect of continuing to be a reserve, according to multiple people familiar with the situation, but the upbeat, team-first player values winning and chemistry too much to make it an issue or distraction. Furthermore, being an underdog his entire basketball career, it could serve as motivation and help him thrive, building upon last year’s bounce-back campaign and improvement as a scorer, which came after a disappointing, injury-riddled season immediately following a long-term contract extension with the Bulls on Halloween 2012. CSN Chicago

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Taj Gibson: I had a good morning workout and we waited until about 1 p.m. to go to the gym. I knew it was a big day because they said all week they were going to make cuts. But I didn’t anticipate the intensity of it. When I got there the kids were all smiles until the names were being called. They had to make the cuts for the big final 20 and after the 20 they were going to make another cut to the final 10 to14. It was tough. As the guys were calling out the names, I was just sitting back. I was watching the reaction on these kids’ faces. A lot were really disappointed; a lot of them were crying. That kind of took me back to when I was little because of never making a team, going through that heartache and pain. But it was a good heartache and pain because it makes you work harder, to want you to fuel your fire that you want to be successful. I kind of did that with a lot of the kids. NBA.com

Taj Gibson: The trip was very humbling for me. Going around and seeing everybody throughout the city, seeing the workers, all these people working crappy jobs, out there on their knees building buildings, fixing pavement. But every time they see you they smile, they show you respect, they bow their head no matter what. Any time of day. You can be the richest guy, the poorest guy. Everybody bows their head and shows respect no matter what. It was real humbling for me to see that. I can take some of that back to the states and also use it for my own benefit. I had a great time. All the sightseeing, going to the mall, learning new dialects, learning a new language. One of my favorite words is sa-wat-dee, like hello, good morning. The people. They smile so hard when I say it. They are so happy I know a little bit of Thai. It was a real humbling experience. I’m looking forward to coming back in the future. I met so many different Americans who moved over here and are so happy and appreciative of the way people are here.” NBA.com

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Taj Gibson: “I worked out this morning. I stayed with my regimen of weights. Then we had the tip off ceremony for the National Training Camp, which was great. We went back for our first day and got to meet and be with all the kids. They were great kids. I talked to a lot of them and it was a lot of fun and interesting because so many spoke multiple languages. There really were a lot of kids there with a lot of talent. One kid caught my eye; plays exactly like Jeremy Lin. Had a great jump shot, very smart on the court. I think there’s a lot of talent here and they are just learning. Then we got a chance to walk around Bangkok, which is the capital. Walking around and seeing the sites and enjoying some good and different food was fun. We got to meet some great local people. There’s a lot of respect (for the NBA). I did go get a foot massage; that was great. I really needed it really bad (with all the coaching and walking around). It was an amazing experience. We got to see some of the nightlife. NBA.com

We went to the Sky Box (63rd floor bar in the Sirocco restaurant in the lebua all suite luxury hotel). It’s where they (filmed scenes) from the movie Hangover Part II. It was an amazing view. Then we went to the U.S. ambassador’s house for a reception. The ambassador’s house was a big, old school, great kind of mansion. Ambassador Kristie (Kenney) is a Washington Wizards fan. But she knows all about sports and was really nice to me and my family. We talked all night and she really knows the game even for a lady. It was great. It was just a great day around the Thai people.” NBA.com

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