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November 10, 2014 Updates

In an obvious attempt to make sure folks with the Oklahoma City Thunder have to answer questions about the subject, Cuban wondered aloud if the perennial contender would consider junking this season after injuries to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook put them on the sidelines for another month. "The question I don't think anybody's asked is why they don't try to pull a David Robinson and try to get Tim Duncan?" Cuban said. He insisted he wasn't suggesting anything inappropriate. He was just curious why the question hasn't been asked. And no, he wouldn't say whether he would consider tanking the season if he were in the Thunder's position. Dallas Morning News

"I don't know; it would be a tough call," he said. "When Dirk [Nowitzki in 2012-13] got hurt, we didn't. But it's a little different, because I had a lot of one-year guys, and we had to see who we wanted to keep. And I never thought he [Nowitzki] would be out that long. Honestly. I thought he'd be back at the start of the season. … It kept dragging on. "He never would have sat out the whole year. So I'm glad we did it the way we did because I like the fact I've never had a losing season." Dallas Morning News

September 13, 2014 Updates
August 26, 2014 Updates

Salary cap expert Larry Coon, whose Q&A website offers a thorough explanation for the complicated collective bargaining agreement, says that if the Sixers can’t (and they probably won’t) spend another $32.6 million on players by the time the season ends, that money will be handed over to the the National Basketball Players Association for distribution. Who gets it? Anyone who played for the 76ers. Coon explains: The shortfall is based on the team salary as of the team’s last regular season game, but the distribution comes after the league’s audit in July The union informs the league of its proposed distribution within 30 days after the audit, and the team has 10 days after receiving the proposal to distribute the money. There is no set rule for how the money is distributed – the CBA just says “…pro rata or in accordance with such other formula as may be reasonably determined by the Players Association.” For The Win

April 28, 2014 Updates
April 20, 2014 Updates

Sixers owner Josh Harris told reporters Friday that he's proud of what the 19-63 Philadelphia 76ers accomplished this season despite losing 26 in a row. "I think the season has been a huge success for us," Harris said in an Associated Press story on Friday. Give Harris credit for his honesty. The Sixers hold two lottery picks (one via a trade) and never were shy about admitting they had to tank -- make that, rebuild -- this season in order to start their hopeful championship track. "We don't use that word," Harris said of tanking. CBSSports.com

April 3, 2014 Updates

Kings principal owner Vivek Ranadive, who is always looking to be at the forefront of new-age thinking, has a plan to keep front offices from doing all they can to pile up losses. Ranadive calls it the “V-Plan” and believes it would change how teams approach the season and the rebuilding process. “Part one is that we freeze the draft lottery order at the All-Star break,” Ranadive said. The rationale is if the lottery order is set then, teams would not have incentive to dump players at the trade deadline simply for the purpose of tanking. Sacramento Bee

Ranadive’s plan also would feature a way to keep every team engaged to the season’s end by keeping them all eligible for the postseason. “Then part two is at the end of the season the top seven teams in the East and the top seven teams in the West make the playoffs,” Ranadive said. “And then for the eighth spot, the remaining eight teams (in each conference) have a college-style sudden-death playoff at a neutral place.” Sacramento Bee

March 27, 2014 Updates

"When you have so many teams tank, that creates a problem, because they all have to play each other," Cuban said. "You're going to have bad teams beating bad teams that make the playoffs with good records and are not going to get the draft pick they expect." FOXSports.com

March 26, 2014 Updates

The NBA's stance on the issue is clear. It eschews the word "tanking" and prefers not only a more palatable term but one it believes is more accurate, "rebuilding." "When you're talking about tanking, you're intimating teams are losing games on purpose, and that just isn't true," Rod Thorn, the NBA's president of basketball operations, told USA TODAY Sports. "Every player, every coach is trying to do everything he can to win as many games as he can and to play as well as he possibly he can, because in both instances, your livelihood depends on how you do. "We've got some teams every year — and it's been that way forever — who are rebuilding, and that can manifest itself in a bunch of different ways." USA Today Sports

March 23, 2014 Updates

The game went into one overtime, then another. It seemed as if it might never end. Or that Madsen might never stop shooting. He hoisted his first three-point attempt early in the first overtime. It missed, but he didn't stop there. He took another in the first overtime and five more in the second, with two of the shots coming in try-try-again fashion after a teammate rebounded his miss and fed him the ball for another shot. None of them went in. Madsen finished 0 for 7 from behind the arc (one for 15 overall) during the Timberwolves' 102-92 loss. Not surprisingly, he doesn't recall the experience fondly. "Imagine being out there, catching the ball at the three-point line and the whole arena is yelling, 'Shoot,'" Madsen said this week. "It doesn't make me feel good. So in my mind, I'm like, you know what, I've worked hard on my game. I'm going to go out there and knock these down." Los Angeles Times

March 16, 2014 Updates

David Wesley, a 14-year NBA veteran (New Jersey, Boston, Charlotte/New Orleans, Houston, Cleveland), and current color commentator for the New Orleans Pelicans on FOX Sports New Orleans made it a point to discuss the perceived tanking epidemic that seems to be running rampant amongst the league's bottom feeders. Appearing on the Celtics Beat podcast on Saturday, March 15th, Wesley was ready to sign out before asking the hosts of the show, Rich Conte and Dr. Andre Snellings, if he could discuss tanking. “I was listening to Brent Barry [on the 3/8 edition of the Celtics Beat podcast], and he was talking about Chicago, and the guys that didn’t play on the team the next year...the year they were tanking [1999]. My last year [in Boston], and I heard M.L. Carr come out and talk we were tanking back then. We had...Frank Brickowski, Stacey King, Alton Lister...And then we had Michael Hawkins...Nate Driggers, Junior Burrough, Steve Hamer, Brett Szabo -- all their last years...And that’s who we were going to war with. And of course there were Eric Williams, Antoine Walker, Rick Fox, Pervis [Ellison], Todd [Day], Dee Brown" Wesley told CLNS Radio. CLNS Radio

Wesley feels that tanking is not something that is apart of a grand scheme where the players are involved. Rather he feels that it comes from above, where the front office deliberately fields a team that is incapable of competing on a night-in-and-night-out basis, similar to what the Philadelphia 76ers have done during this season. In the extreme case of the infamous 1996-97 Celtics, M.L. Carr was not only head of Celtics' personnel decisions, but he was the team's coach -- being able to execute his plan from above to the Celtics' bench. “Each and every night I thought we were trying to go out there and win. I couldn’t understand why I’m having an awesome quarter why I’m sitting the whole next quarter. It never even occurred to me. CLNS Radio

March 3, 2014 Updates

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive was also on the panel and he and Grousbeck engaged in a rather interesting back-and-forth. It began with a reference to NBA commissioner Adam Silver being asked earlier in the conference about the New York Knicks not paying property tax on Madison Square Garden. Grousbeck was asked what he thought of that question, and he gave a politically correct response: “I guess I would say whatever Adam said was correct.” Ranadive leaned over and said to Grousbeck, “He said that you guys were tanking.” Grousbeck laughed, then shot back, “And what are you doing?” Boston Globe

March 1, 2014 Updates

“I don’t agree with coach Van Gundy at all,” Silver said. “I just came for locker room spoke to the coach (Brett Brown). It is an insult to the entire league to suggest these guys are going out on the floor and aren’t doing their very best to win games.” Nobody is saying the Sixers aren’t trying to win once on the court. Even Van Gundy didn’t say that. He said the way they gutted the team gives the Sixers little chance to win. So Silver tried to address that issue. “Now if what Stan Van Gundy is addressing is what appropriate rebuilding, which every organization goes though and it’s not just sports,” Silver said. Philadelphia Inquirer

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