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January 30, 2013 Updates
January 22, 2013 Updates

Tayshaun Prince smiled when asked about Lindsey Hunter. The former Piston was named interim coach of the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, and Prince recalled the vital role Hunter played in 2004 when the Pistons won their last NBA title. The move was surprising because Hunter has no coaching experience. He was promoted from the team's player development area. But Prince said Hunter, whom he called a "player-coach" when he played, has what it takes to succeed. "Obviously taking over a team that's been struggling is going to be difficult," Prince said after the Pistons' victory over the Celtics Sunday. "I'm definitely anxious and excited to see it because I know what type of guy Lindsey is, so I want to see how his plan (works)." Detroit Free Press

January 16, 2013 Updates

And rumors. And more questions and rumors for a six-week period, until the trade deadline in late February. He's so used to it, it almost feels like he has been traded, although he's never gotten that call from Bill Duffy, his agent, or Pistons president Joe Dumars, the man who drafted him more than a decade ago. "Look at Corey Maggette, they probably feel like I feel and I haven't been traded," said Prince of his teammate, who's been traded five times since 1999. "They're like, 'I know what time it is, I know the situation', and I feel the same way because I've been through this in the last five years. It's a 'been there done that' thing." Detroit News

Instead of getting upset when the questions come, Prince, who has been surly during his time in Detroit, displays a different side — amusement. "The reason why I'm always positive and upbeat is because around the same time all the time, people always ask me and expect the answer to change and it's not," Prince said. "The first time I was on the trading block it was my sixth or seventh year, and you asked me that, my answer might be different. I was a younger player, I would've been like 'trade me, you can't come tell me?' I didn't know the nature of the business about rumors." Detroit News

January 14, 2013 Updates

“I know there are a lot of contending teams that I can help,” Prince told RealGM. “But right now, this is the team I have to help. Everybody wants to be in the position where they have a chance of winning a championship every year, but obviously it doesn’t work that way.” RealGM

December 18, 2012 Updates

Prince's face when queried about it — one of surprise — told his thoughts. "This time around, playing more consistent in the fourth quarter, that's the thing," he said. "We have to do a better job of executing. If we can do that, it'll be a tremendous step from last season." "I didn't even know that before today it was the same record. But it's tough to swallow. You want to improve, you want it to show in the (win) column but it's not showing and we have to do something about it. It's tough but we have to get through it." Detroit News

November 23, 2012 Updates

But Tayshaun Prince openly wondered afterward why Frank didn’t respond quicker with substitutions when it was obvious Prince and the rest of the starting five didn’t have it. "If I was coach, I would have made the decision sooner than what he did," Prince said in the Amway Center visitors’ locker room. Know what I mean? Detroit Free Press

September 17, 2012 Updates

Even though the small forward position is crowded with Tayshaun Prince and Corey Maggette, it'll be hard to keep Singler on the bench because of his ability to hit threes and his basketball IQ. "He makes us more athletic," Pistons big man Greg Monroe said. "He's a smart player." Singler said: "I'm here getting to know my teammates." Detroit Free Press

June 14, 2012 Updates
May 3, 2012 Updates

Pistons veteran small forward Tayshaun Prince dropped by the NBATV studio in Atlanta this week to provide analysis for the NBA playoffs. But first he had to answer the No. 1 question for national analysts when it comes to the Pistons: Was this the final season for his longtime teammate Ben Wallace? Prince didn't break any news but provided some insight. "I think it is a situation where he is still thinking about it," Prince said. "One side is telling him it is time to spend time with the family and relax a little bit, and then the other side is saying I still have more left in the tank." Detroit Free Press

April 29, 2012 Updates

As he walked out of the Pistons' locker room Thursday night following the season-ending victory over the 76ers, Prince first spoke of the need for an inside presence. Then, he offered an interesting observation. "Brandon Knight is our starting point guard and will continue to be, but hopefully we can get a veteran point guard to kind of mentor him a little bit," Prince said. "There can be times that me and Ben Wallace can mentor and help him out and whatnot, but I think if you have a point guard that's been through the wars, he can help him out a little bit better than we can." Detroit Free Press

March 15, 2012 Updates

Jeff Zillgitt: Pistons took calls (Tayshaun Prince, Rodney Stuckey, Austin Daye) & made calls but person w/knowledge says deal unlikely at trade deadline. Twitter

March 6, 2012 Updates

Tayshaun Prince admitted Monday he wishes he would have handled some things differently under former Pistons coach John Kuester. He also wishes he could take back some situations under former coaches Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown and Flip Saunders. He was making the point that while he has some regrets when it comes to the previous two seasons under Kuester, who returns to the Palace tonight as an assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers, the competitive nature of players makes it hard to be level-headed when they are in the moment. Detroit Free Press

"Everybody wishes they would have done something different," Prince said. "Not just going on when Kuester was the coach, but what was going on when everybody was our coach. "You always did something and said, 'Man, I wish I would have did something differently.' Even with the one good year I had with Carlisle, the two good years I had with Larry, the three good years I had with Flip. Those years I had times where I wish I could have done something different." Detroit Free Press

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