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November 19, 2013 Updates

Tell us what you are doing business-wise these days. Terrell Brandon: I have owned a barber shop for 21 years, The Terrell Brandon Barber Shop. I also have a dog grooming business called Show Dogs. I have also promoted old-school shows such as hip-hop and jazz for a number of years. Do you ever cut hair in the barber shop? Terrell Brandon: People ask me all the time if I cut hair but I only did it one time, during the grand opening. Otherwise I do everything else such as sweeping hair off the floor, taking out the garbage and answering phones and I love talking to the young people who come in. It’s funny but owning a barbershop is something I always wanted to do as a kid. HoopsHype

Your first All-Star Game in 1995-96, the starters for your Eastern Conference team were Penny Hardaway, Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. What was that experience like? Terrell Brandon: You are trying to be cool, but I was in awe every second that I was in the locker room. The times we practiced and also the times I was on the bus with these great players I cherished every second. It was like being a rookie all over again and I was doing rookie chores and it was fun. I was trying to figure out if I really fit in. HoopsHype

November 10, 2011 Updates

Former NBA player and Portland native, Terrell Brandon expressed interest in July in becoming the Blazers next GM only to receive a rash of criticism and jokes about a barbershop owner becoming a GM of an NBA franchise. Brandon explains why it’s not a stretch. “First of all, I’m not your typical barbershop owner,” Brandon told CSNNW. “There are not many barbershop owners who have done the things I’ve done such as playing in the NBA and having an understanding and relationships with owners and general managers.” CSNNW.com

Either way, there was a disconnect between management and owner and Brandon believes that won’t be a problem if Allen brought him on board. “The main thing is regardless of my inexperience, which I know I can learn, is that I know how to manage and get along with people,” Brandon said. “That’s what’s been lacking with the recent GMs. They couldn’t get along with the owner or the president. Getting along with people is not my weakness it’s my strong point.” CSNNW.com

October 25, 2011 Updates
July 18, 2011 Updates
June 3, 2011 Updates

Portland native and former NBA All-Star, Terrell Brandon, would like some consideration from Allen and the Blazers organization. “I'm definitely interested in the GM position with the Blazers,” Brandon said. “I may not have the experience in management at that capacity, but knowing the game and being a point guard for many years in the league, I pretty much have ran a franchise before.” Haynes Hoops

Brandon has been running his barbershop “Terrell Brandon's Barbershop” for over 20 years, he's in real estate, and he's the CEO of his company “T.B. Enterprises” which specializes in promoting shows and concerts. “All the management skills I've had personally with these enterprises, the corporate offices, and the real estate that I'm involved in, I feel like I'm definitely ready to take on that next level,” said Brandon. Haynes Hoops

“If I could get the job, I could come from a former player position,” said Brandon. “I can get into the minds and faces of the players and come at them with experience and knowledge. I can come at them with the understanding of what they’re going through.” Haynes Hoops

March 22, 2011 Updates

It’s been ten years since Brandon retired from the NBA, but that doesn’t mean he is done with basketball just yet. “The more I think about, the more I want to get back in it. I haven't been asked yet, but I know the game and unfortunately injuries ended my career,” admitted Brandon, who said he plans to reach out to teams at the end of the season including the Blazers. A future in coaching, community-team outreach, or even TV or radio could be part of the plan. “I've been around so many coaches who taught me the game that I think I could help a franchise and help players develop.” Beyond The Beat

Twenty minutes later, Terrell Brandon walked through the side door and apologized for running late. His smile combined with a welcoming handshake and embrace made it all worth the wait. It’s all good coming from Brandon. After a quick photo shoot in front of the red-brick building that’s boasted his name for the past twenty years, the former NBA point guard can’t help but wonder how time has flown by. “People see me in here. They just don’t see the name on the outside,” said Brandon, who is ‘at home in his barbershop’. Beyond The Beat

This is the rest of the story. “When I purchased my land, I had many calls and letters from people trying to persuade me not to open a business and that I was making a mistake because of how dangerous the neighborhood was. I countered that by saying, ‘if this is one of the more dangerous and drug infested neighborhoods, if we throw something positive here that maybe we can help get rid of those things’,” he continued. “I knew whatever it was and I had the opportunity, that I wouldn't leave North or Northeast Portland. I wanted to spearhead that and be a leader that would bring back positive things to the neighborhood you grew up in.” A dream and some drive. Beyond The Beat

March 21, 2011 Updates

Take a peek into a barbershop in northeast Portland and you'll see an unlikely site: Two-time NBA All-Star Terrell Brandon sweeping up hair clippings and taking out the trash. Such is life when you own your own shop. "A normal day for me, I'm usually in the barbershop chilling out and taking care of business just like any other barbershop," said Brandon, who spent 10 years with Cleveland, Milwaukee and Minnesota. "It makes people feel comfortable that they can come in and get a haircut -- and some people just want to come in and hang out. "I like that atmosphere." ESPN.com

Brandon's desire to open a business started when he was at Harriet Tubman Middle School in northeast Portland , when he was trying to perfect his autograph. "I used to write my name over and over again, and that led me to thinking about what I wanted to do with my life," he said. "I knew I wanted to own something of my own one day. It really is a dream come true." ESPN.com

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